4 Ways to Fight the Ooze

The other day I was helping a friend make a batch of delicious brownies. As we talked about what was going on in our lives, she added the sugar and flour and cocoa. The batter looked perfect, ready to be poured into a pan and put in the oven. My mouth was watering just thinking about our dessert. Right before she poured the batter into the pan though, my friend pulled out this disgusting green slime from the refrigerator and started to put it into the brownies.

“WHAT are you doing?!” I yelled.

“No one’s going to know,” she replied. “It’s a filler that I just slip into my baking. It’s going to blend in, the color will be disguised by the brown batter, and there’s hardly any smell to it.”

I couldn’t believe it. There was no way I was eating those (slimy) brownies! Would you?

A (Not So) Little Secret

My friend really didn’t try to slip green slime into her brownies (thankfully!). But what would your reaction be if you were baking with someone and they tried to slip something gross into the batter? I’m pretty sure all of us would be disgusted.

Let me share with you a secret: The world is like that green slime. It oozes into our lives quietly, looking innocent. Often we don’t even notice it’s there. But its effect is way more disgusting than any green slime ever could be.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind (Rom. 12:2).

What do you do when you realize that all of a sudden you’re “conforming” to the world and allowing it to influence your behavior, thoughts, and actions? How do we renew and transform our minds? Here are four ways I’ve found helpful in fighting the world’s influence in my life.

1. Watch and Pray

“Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matt. 26:41).

The power of prayer can’t be highlighted enough. Pray that the Lord will begin to clean out the world’s views and ideas from your mind and heart and replace that with truth. Here are a few more verses that talk about the power of prayer:

James 5:16
Ephesians 6:18
Luke 18:1
Colossians 4:2
Romans 12:12

2. Read Your Bible

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Ps. 119:105).

Nothing will train you to spot the slime this world has to offer like reading your Bible consistently. I know that when I start my day reading the Bible, I have an entirely different outlook on life. The difficult things don’t seem quite as hard, and it’s easier to keep things in perspective.

These verses will inspire you to read your Bible:

2 Timothy 3:16–17
Matthew 4:4
Romans 15:4
Psalm 1:2

3. Make It Your Mission to Memorize

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you (Ps. 119:11).

If you’re looking for a way to fight the voice of the world, memorize Scripture. Move beyond simply reading your Bible and commit passages to memory so they are always with you. God’s Word is a voice that gives wisdom and guidance. And it’s wisdom and encouragement we can share with others more easily when it is locked in our brains.

Here are my top three verses to memorize:

Romans 8:28
James 1:2–4
1 John 2:15–17

4. Surround Yourself with Friends Who Are Pursuing Jesus

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing (1 Thess. 5:11).

You become like the friends you’re with. If you don’t want to be overly influenced by the world, don’t hang out with worldly friends. Guard your friendships, and make sure you surround yourself with close friends who are pursuing Jesus.

Check these verses out for more wisdom:

1 Corinthians 15:33
1 Peter 4:8–10
Ecclesiastes 4:9–10

Let’s link arms, pray for each other, and fight the world’s influence in our lives. Don’t let the slime sneak in!

I want to know, what’s one way you fight the world’s influence in your life? Where have you seen the Lord’s hand working in your life and helping you fight the world?

About Author

Beecher Proch

Beecher Proch calls the Hill Country of Texas home. When he’s not writing, performing with his three siblings in their band, or attempting to get a smile out of someone, you’ll probably find him working on a new entrepreneurial venture. Beecher is passionate about influencing the world for Christ’s Kingdom through stories, be that blogging, writing meaningful music, or going about it the old-fashioned way and taking a pen to the page.

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  • Erika

    Thanks so much for this post! I loved the brownie story XD
    One verse I love and have memorized is Philippians 1:9-11 and I think it kind of goes with this post, that you have to be watchful (“discerning”) and not become like the world: “And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.”

  • Emily Anderson

    Oh. My. Word.
    At first when I glanced at the title of this article in my inbox, I didn’t think it would apply much to me.
    Boy, was I wrong!
    Thank you for this compelling and wisdom-filled post!! I found it highly encouraging and motivating for my walk in Christ and daily life.

    • That’s great Emily! Thanks for reading it – isn’t it cool how God uses things we don’t think will be useful to us? Happens to me all the time. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

  • Bonnie

    Thank you for this. But what do you do when you don’t want to? What I mean is, I’ve grown up in church. I know the importance of praying and reading the Bible. I used to do it every day, but slowly I stopped, and now I hardly ever do it at all. I have tried more times than I can count to restart a consistent daily devotion time with God, but they fail. I will go days or even weeks consistently reading my Bible and praying, but slowly it fizzles out again. I want to be a passionate Christian, but I can never seem to find the willpower. I feel like I have lost something very important in my walk with God. I’ve lost the joy in the relationship, the hunger to know Him. And I don’t know how to get it back. Can anyone help/relate?

    • I hear your heart, Bonnie, and I’m so thankful that you are yearning to return to your time with the Lord again. I think Satan loves to keep us out of God’s Word because he knows that is where our power and our purpose is. So he will do all he can to discourage us, distract us and defeat us in this area!

      Pray and ask God to forgive you for not keeping your time with Him as a priority. Ask Him to draw you to His heart. And then put it on your calendar and make the choice to spend time reading and praying. I have battled in this area, as well, Bonnie. For me, journalling became a life saver. I read a passage of Scripture and then journal a “letter to God” about what I read, what I was thinking and feeling. I don’t know if that will work for you or not, but you might give it a try. It has really been beneficial to me. I’ve found that I need to be more “active” in my quiet time.

      Here are some other resources that address this question. Please know I’m praying for you today, Bonnie! God has a way through this. He LOVES to spend time with His children!

      “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)

      Tell Your Spirit to Shut Up

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      10 Tips for Devotional Reading

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      Pursuing the King as Your First Priority

      Daily Devotions: Duty or Delight

    • Hey Bonnie!

      I couldn’t agree more with Lorree – whatever we put on our calendar, that’s usually what we get done!

      I just wanted to add a couple ideas. First, just read a Psalm a day, and pray. It won’t take long. Then make a goal to read for 5 minutes and pray. Gradually increase that time to 10 minutes, 15 minutes… and however long you want to make it!

      Second idea – turn off your phone, and don’t check it before your time in the Word in the mornings. My phone can be SUPER distracting, so I don’t check it before reading/praying (in fact, I don’t even get on social media before noon just to keep my mind focused on what I need to be doing).

      Final idea – who are your friends? We become like the friends we hang with, and if there are no friends around us who are pursuing Jesus, then it’ll be hard to do it ourselves (trust me, I know from experience). Even if you can find ONE friend who loves Jesus, that’s a great place to start!

      Hope this helps. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • Sina Hernandez Zaragoza

    You are totally right, but what can I do, if the only friends I have are not cristians? I Often feel quite alone in my walk with Jesus, and some things of the world are getting to me. What can I do?

    • Sarah @ Revive Our Hearts

      Sina…sounds like #1 is happening in your life and you are aware that your friends have a love for this world and not Jesus., and things of the world are getting to you. That is a good place because it causes you to focus on your relationship with Jesus and pursue Him! Start working on #2, #3, #4 above. They are your answer for what to do. It is not an easy place–loneliness–but Jesus is worthy of your time and focus. Trust Him to provide that fulfillment in Himself as well as seeking Him to find new friends. Blessings to you!

      • Sina Hernandez Zaragoza

        Thank you so much! I know he is worth everything, because he gave me everything! Blessings from Mexico!