A Beautiful Song

From the LYWB.com Team: We’re shaking things up a bit round here on the Lies blog. Instead of blog posts, we’ll be leading you through an online Bible study for the next two weeks. The study comes from Erin’s newest books, A Beautiful Story and Beautiful Encounters. You don’t need copies of the books to participate, just yourself and your Bible. We will return to regularly scheduled programming October 9. Grab your Bible (and maybe your journal and a pen), and join us as we look for the gospel in the lives of four Old Testament women. (Psst . . . be sure to keep reading for your chance to win signed copies of A Beautiful Story and Beautiful Encounters.)

Miriam is one of the very few people in Scripture whose story we get to see from beginning to end. We find her parents’ names in Numbers 26:59, and we find her brothers’ names in Exodus 6:20 and 1 Chronicles 6:3.

Go ahead and look those verses up. What did you find?

If you have a sibling whose shadow you always seem to be stuck in, you can likely relate to Miriam. She is the sister of the most famous Old Testament prophet of all time, Moses.

If I could sum up Moses’ story in just one word, I’d choose the word deliverance.

  • He was delivered from the river as a baby.
  • He was delivered from the desert by a burning bush.
  • He was delivered from the Egyptians through a series of miracles.
  • He delivered God’s people to the Promised Land.

Miriam’s story is forever tethered to her brother’s. Hers is a story about deliverance, too. Some of the details are the same. Some are different. One cord that binds these siblings together also connects them to us. We all need a deliverer.

Look up Psalm 18:2. This verse describes God as our deliverer. What does that mean? Another word for a deliverer is a rescuer or savior. Miriam’s story helps us see that we serve a God who rescues and saves. If we could sum up our own stories in one word, deliverance works for us, too.

Worship on the River Bank

Miriam was there when her brother Moses was pulled from the river in a basket made from bullrushes. We find her on the bank of another river in Exodus 15.

Read Exodus 15:1–21.

Nearly eighty years had passed between Moses’ birth and adoption and this moment. So much had happened! Moses, Miriam, and Aaron grew up. Sure, Moses’ rescue from the river as a baby was dramatic, but this was a showstopper! Miriam’s people were being chased by an army of chariots led by an enraged ruler. They had nowhere to turn and no way to save themselves, but God intervened.

Look up Exodus 15:20–21. Miriam watched her enemies drown, and her people were miraculously saved. How did she respond? She busted out her tambourine and worshiped!

Miriam shows us that worship is the right response to God’s deliverance. You don’t have to have rhythm or a superstar voice to praise God for all He has saved you from. Simply declare what God has done!

The Bigger Story

Jesus is never mentioned in Exodus 15, yet this story points to the higher story, the gospel story.

Just like Moses, Jesus was born under an edict of death.

Grab your Bible, and read Matthew 2:1–18.

More than a thousand years had passed since Moses’ birth. Jesus, our Savior, had just been born in Bethlehem when Herod did something unthinkable.

Revisit Matthew 2:16.

If you know all of Moses’ story, this will sound familiar. Pharaoh tried to stop God’s people by killing their baby boys. Herod tried to stop God Himself by doing the same. But Moses and Miriam teach us that nothing can stop the plans of God.

Moses was born in Egypt under an edict of death, yet he fled to the Promised Land. God used him to deliver numerous people from slavery in Egypt. That’s the lower story.

Read John 3:16 (or say it out loud if you have it memorized).

Who did God send Jesus to save?

The world!

Jesus was born in the Promised Land under an edict of death, yet fled to Egypt. God used Him to deliver all of His people from bondage to sin, death, and darkness. Herod was only the first in a long line of rulers who tried to stop Jesus, but nothing can stop the plans of God. Moses and Miriam’s story of deliverance is a beautiful foreshadowing of the gospel.

As we end our time together today, spend some time reading and considering Romans 6:6–8. Thank Jesus for freeing you from slavery to sin so that you can live with Him in the promised land of heaven.

Your Song

Miriam thanked God for delivering her by singing with a tambourine. How do you worship Him? (For more about what worship means, check out this post.) Leave me a comment below with your response. I will choose one commenter each day to receive signed copies of A Beautiful Story and Beautiful Encounters.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post! Together, we will open our Bibles look for the gospel in the story of Abigail.

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  • Tera V.

    I worship God by serving those around me. I like to let my actions speak louder than my words.

  • Miriam

    Thank you! I loved this, especially because I’m named after her.

  • Rose

    I wish you would continue with the Bible study for a long time! The way I worship God is by using the gifts He has given me to bring glory to His name.

  • Lisa Yabra

    I worship God by offering my body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. This is my spiritual act of worship. Romans 12:1

  • Lisa Yabra

    You should always do bible studies! I love them… please never stop

    • Brittania

      I agree this is cool!

  • Lisa Yabra

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post

  • Amy Cook

    The last verse you used in the post really hit home because I have been studying that exact thing…not just knowing ..(.6 knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin. 7 For he who has died has been freed from sin. 8 Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him,) Not just knowing this but really believing it with all my heart, asking God to remove the doubt that comes against me. I have also learned how it is so important to put on the full armor everyday. When the enemy comes against me, I begin to sing and shout to the Lord and he flees!!! When we worship in spirit and truth the enemy must go!! <3

  • Duskflower

    I worship God by dance – I’ve always loved dancing but been super self-conscious since I’m one of those clumsy, gangly sorts. Dancing for my Father is a way of thanking Him for how He created me and, since I don’t like to dance in front of anyone it’s quite personal to me. Other times I praise Him by bowing before Him or even just quietly throughout my day by thanking Him and declaring that He is Lord of my life. Sometimes the joy and hope I have in Him is so overwhelming so that I can only dance while other times I realize how fearfully beautiful and holy and just He is and I can only bow before Him. No matter how I do it, I use worship to make God the focus of my day.

  • hannah

    I worship God by doing anything pleasing to him if that is singing reading my bible or maybe helping at the church anything that is pleasing to him is worshiping him.

  • Grace Swain

    My favorite form of worship is through my voice. I love to sing praises to him as well as playing my guitar locked in my room alone where just Jesus is listening. I also enjoy dancing and letting myself feel close to God! I also worship God by using my gifts of working with children, encouraging people, and theater to bring worship to the lord!

  • Nina

    I have two favorite forms of worship, both of them very different from each other yet equally fulfilling 🙂 The first one is through singing, God gave me the gift of music and I love to give that gift right back to Him! The other is through silence, listening for Him and to Him is a great form of worship and praise 🙂

  • Brittania

    I worship through encouraging people, my art, writing, and singing too…(even if my voice is ehh lol) My favorite place to talk to God is outside when I’m alone. . .something about nature points to God all the time. Sometimes I like to just enjoy the beauty of my surroundings and it makes me stand in awe…


  • Adaline Griffiths

    I worship God through my writing, and when I sing. I worship Him when I am doing things than glorify Him!

  • Faith M. Borres

    Thank you for this post! I worship God through music. I sing in the choir and I am currently having violin lessons so that I would be able to play in the orchestra. I thank God for the opportunity to worship Him through these simple ways. I praise and worship Him for everything that He has done in my life. Truly, He is worthy of our worship & praise!

    As I read this post, I remebered the song “Worthy of Worship”
    oh, how I hope we can all sing this together like we’re really having bible study! Thank you once again!

  • Alissa

    Another amazing study! My favourite way of worship is through singing or listening to music that glorifies Christ. Singing is something that is quite treasured at my school and church so it’s beautiful that we can all worship our Creator together. Its such a rewarding experience to hear how people are moved to Christ through singing and worshipping him.
    Thanks again!

  • Carolyn Yoder

    I love these studies!! I’m the type of person that has a hard time just sitting and worshipping! If I have something to go by it helps! Is that wrong?? God bless u Erin for taking time for us! And please pray me as I’m going through a hard time in my personal life.

  • Erin S.

    I worship God in all He has called me to do. Yes, worshipping in song and dance is great, but I feel I best worship Him when I am maintaining the home He has blessed me with or by the continued obedience of homeschooling our son. So much of our every day lives can be made into worship if we do it to glorify Him and not please others. Of course, I’m not saying I’m excel in this daily. There are days when I just don’t want to fold another shirt or mop the floors again! But those are the days when my focus is on myself and my desires, not His. But remembering where my blessings flow from helps me to worship and praise Him as I do another load of laundry.

  • abigail brizuela

    What a great story on how we should react to every single plan God has for our life. In the midst of pain, sorrow, and joy, my life should be a living worship for God.

  • Esther Sentosa

    This is an amazing encouragement. Its amazing to know that we have a personal God who is unstoppable. God is truly amazing.

  • Coral Vásquez

    I’m learning to worship God with everything I do every day. Not only with my prayers or my bible study, but also with my thoughts, my actions, my words, my work, my grades at university… With everything!

  • Mah

    I certainly don’t have a good voice, so I am content with musical instruments – which God was kind to make me learn easily x)
    I really liked this relation between Moses and Jesus’ birth. I had not thought about it this way.

  • Kayla Stewart

    I love singing! But I don’t necessarily think that is the only way we can worship God. We can worship with words and deeds. Or even talents that He has given us. I also love how you drew the comparison between Moses and Jesus. Interesting!