An Encounter with Power

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Pop quiz! Which of the following medical mysteries actually occurred? (No Googling!)

A case of hiccups lasting more than two years.
A disorder that makes people’s skin turn blue.
A syndrome that gives people the appearance of a werewolf due to excessive hair growth. (Growl!)
A condition that keeps people from feeling physical pain of any kind.

Answer? All of the above.

Imagine what life would be like if you had any of those issues. Or all of them! “Excuse me, doctor, I seem to be a blue werewolf with a bad case of the hiccups and a knife in my foot!”

Strange medical conditions can make for a good laugh, but when our bodies don’t function properly, even for one day, we can quickly feel discouraged, desperate, weak, and needy. That’s exactly how the two women we meet in Luke 8 likely felt. One was a medical mystery. Her condition stumped doctors for more than a decade. The second girl may have been just a little bit younger than you, and she was on death’s door.

But then hope stepped in.


Grab your Bible or go to an online Bible source like biblegateway.com, and read Luke 8:40–42.

For he had an only daughter, about twelve years of age, and she was dying (v. 42).

We don’t need to know much more than this, do we? Jarius was a man of power and influence; he was likely wealthy, too. None of that amounted to a hill of beans because he couldn’t stop death from taking his girl. But Jesus could! And He would. But first . . .


Read Luke 8:42–48.

This woman had suffered for more than a decade. I imagine she felt pretty hopeless. It makes me wonder . . .

Is there an issue or problem in your life that you’ve been dealing with for a long time? How does it make you feel when you can’t find relief? The thread that binds these two girls together extends to you: Their neediness blazed a path for Christ’s power.

The lives of Jarius’ daughter and the woman with the issue of blood collided when their desperation led them to Jesus. One was too weak to ask for help herself. She died from her sickness while Jesus was still on His way. And yet even death was not beyond Jesus’ healing touch. The other had been sick as long as Jarius’ daughter had been alive. She had sought healing and found disappointment over and over until she had an encounter with Jesus. (To read the rest of the story, hustle on over to Luke 8:49–56.)

Beyond the Miracle

I am sure there are things in your life you want God to heal right now. Me too! But it’s important that we look beyond the need.

Fast forward from the day Jesus healed Jarius’ daughter and the bleeding woman. What do you think their lives were like the next day?

A year later?
Five years later?
Ten years later?

The truth is both of these ladies went on to face challenges after their encounter with Jesus. They probably got sick again. Eventually Jarius’ daughter faced death a second time. The woman with the issue of blood may have faced another chronic condition. Eventually she also died because of weakness in her body.

So why did Jesus bother to heal them? He healed their bodies so He could heal their hearts.

The reason He displays His power by healing is to increase our faith in Him and show us just how big He is.

Miracles get our attention, but physical healing is ultimately not God’s most powerful work in our lives. The reason He displays His power by healing is to increase our faith in Him and show us just how big He is.

Think about the areas of your life where you’d like to see Jesus work. Do you just want Him to make the problem go away or do you want His glory to be displayed in your circumstances? Leave me a comment with your honest answer below. I’ll choose one of you to win free signed copies of A Beautiful Story and Beautiful Encounters.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s study! We’ll meet a woman who had a radical encounter with compassion.

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  • isabella loiola castelo branco

    I’ve been asking God to heal me in my love life area. Sometimes it looks like he’s not solving my problems, but changing the way I see His glorious work in my life. The Holy Spirit has teaching me how to respond graciously even when I’m hurt and upset. His cure is deeper than I realize and it takes time, patience and trust. It’s not so fast as I’d like to. So what I do now is wait. Wait to see my mind completely healed,because He promised me he will finish what he’s begun.

  • mm

    Well to be honest I have some temptations that i wish Jesus would just take away! But then i’m sure He is trying to teach me something thru them. And i do wanna glorify God too. I like the verses in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10. When Paul wanted his thorn in the flesh to leave God said to him that His grace was sufficient for him. And we can all claim that promise too. For when we are weak than are we truly strong. Erin, thanks so much for these devotionals!

  • Rose

    I just love this Bible study and don’t want it to end, is their anyway we could continue having one maybe one week out of the month? I’ve been asking God to heal me of my bitterness towards my birth family. I have never met any of them but I have been scarred by what I know my birth mother did to me. It has really surfaced here lately and I know I need to forgive them, but I find that what my heart needs to do my mind doesn’t want to. So I’m laying it down every day at the feet of the Father, while trying to embrace His peace over me. It’s hard but I need to it.

  • Esther Sentosa

    I really would like Jesus to take away all my idols because a lot of times I am with my friends a lot and busy with school work and God ends up in the back burner and no longer my priority. I also want God to take away my pride because I have many earthly rewards and lots of applauses but then pride gets in the way.

  • Duskflower

    There’s so many things that I wish God would take away – my stomach problems that can leave me doubled over in pain (and severely limit my and to, the constant temptations that plague me and the instability of my moods (-sigh-) and even something that hurts and confuses me so much but I have to entirely trust God for – my lack of ability to go out into the world, on mission trips and even the lack of people in my life to share the Good News with. I used to be someone who stayed in their comfort zone and in those times I felt like I was challenged a lot. Now that I would do nearly anything to leave it, God is giving me an even bigger trust exercise by living for Him in the mundane and never losing that passion and fervency (which I do realize that people who o on frequent mission trips can seem to lose when they return to ‘normal’ life). I know God can use my unglamorous times when I’m camped out in the bathroom to glorify Him and my cravings for foods that I love that will hurt me to teach me that He is the only one that satisfies, to teach me self control and show me that, just like some things I love to eat but can ruin my entire day, sin isn’t worth it (in hindsight, that’s what He’s been showing me all along). He can (and does) use the sporadic nature of my emotions to teach me to be persistent and faithful no matter what and even my lack of opportunities to go OUT to learn and grow in my faith, to bless my family and to encourage my peers to look out as well. Thanks for the article, sister. It really was an encouragement to trust my King and be patient (another virtue I desperately need) in the long haul. This Bible Study has been a blessing.

  • hannah

    For me to be showing Gods love for everybody to see.

  • Coral Vásquez

    I have to admit that sometimes i want Him to make the problem go away. It’s hard to understand how something bad can work for our good. Having faith in those kind of moments is just too hard. But i want to learn to wait for His help and to be grateful whatever His answer is. If it’s healing, Thanks God! If it’s not, Thanks God! But everything will work for something good because He has the control of all things that happens to us.

  • Rose P

    In the past, I’ve been wanting God to just take all my trials away. I kept thinking “Why me God? Why do I have to go through these aches and pains?” Or “Why do I have to struggle financially?” He’s been teaching me that He is glorified through my trials and that life is not all about me. I’m learning that God has plans for me and that He’s in control – sovereign.

  • Brittany

    I’d love it if God removed my struggle with lust and replaced it with instant innocence. I’m getting there, but it’s a long process. Even though it is a process, it is Jesus who is renewing my mind. . .not me.

    • mm

      thanks for that brittany! Just hearing that you think your getting there makes me feel a little hope for me!

  • Kayla Stewart

    I have really been asking the Lord to take away my desire for earthly things and instead, replace it with a greater desire for Him and His Word. I want to know the Lord personally. Thanks for this wonderful post, Erin!

  • Nina

    A few months ago I would’ve answered that I would want God to remove my problems, my struggles, my mountains. But after climbing a mountain the past month or two, I can honestly say that I would want and still want, His glory to show through my circumstances. He is worth every step, every backslide, and I am nothing without His staff to help me climb!

  • Faith M. Borres

    Last night I was too anxious about a specific problem that kept bothering me for months. I didn’t know what I wanted, whether I want God to remove that problem or that I would let His glory be displayed in this problem. Thank you for this post! God used you to remind me that I shouldn’t be too anxious about these problems, I should focus on how I would see God work in my life during trials and most of all, how His glory may be displayed. Thank you! ❤️


    This is such an amazing post. God has so much power! Right now I am not the one who needs to receive His power but my dad does. He has been in a wheelchair for over two years because of an accident. God uses these bad times as an eye-opener for every single member of my family, to show how faithful and loving He truly is. God is SOOOOO good and I can’t wait to see His power and glory fall!

  • Erin S.

    I have a few circumstances in my life that I have been in constant prayer over. I realize it is my flesh and pride that are ultimately behind the reasoning that I take these request to God, when it should be my desire for Him to be glorified. Forgive me Father and help my desires for my life to be Your desires!