Announcing Our Summer Book Club!

Check out this vlog announcing our Summer Book Club pick, then scroll through to find out how to snag your copy and see our other recommendations for great summer reads.

How to Get Your Copy

Our 2017 summer book club pick is This Changes Everything by Jaquelle Crowe. You can snag your copy here and learn more about Jaquelle here.

Other Great Reads

Maybe you’re compiling a list of books you’d like to read this summer (us too!). Be sure to check out our full list of recommended reads in tomorrow’s post, but here are some past Lies Young Women Believe Summer Book Club selections to get you started

Uncompromising: A Heart Claimed By Radical Love by Hannah Farver
True Woman 201: Interior Design by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Mary Kassian
Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

Your Chance for Freebies!

We’ll be giving away lots of copies of this book throughout the study, starting today. Leave us a comment below telling us you plan to join us in reading This Changes Everything this summer. I’ll select ten of you to read a free copy.

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About Author

Erin Davis

Erin is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker and blogger to women of all ages. Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, you can find her herding goats, chickens, and children.

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  • Olivia

    Signed up for the giveaway! The book looks good!

    • Olivia

      Guess I should say that I’m joining too!

  • Kristen P

    I’m in 😀

  • Rose

    I look forward to joining the reading team! Thank you so much for recommending such great books!

  • Yay! I just had a feeling you would be doing this book! It’s so awesome, as is the author 🙂 Some girls from my church are doing a This Changes Everything book study, but I think I’ll join this one too!

  • I’d love to join this! SO excited:) I’ve been wanting to read this book, it sounds SO good! I’m going to try to get my friend to join too, this is gonna be great!

  • Tiana

    I look forward to reading the book!!! It looks like a really good book, can’t wait!

  • This book looks so good!!

  • Alyssa Nicole

    I’m in! 😁❤

  • setapartforchrist

    I would love to join this!! Never heard of it before lookks so good!!

  • Kendra DeAun Rose Smith

    Looks like a good read! I’m hoping to get through a lot of my backed up devotionals and such this summer, always glad to add another to the list

  • Katie Macturk

    I’d love to join the book club!

  • Crystal Pereira

    I’d love for my son and I to read this!

  • Hannah Doering

    I would really like to do this with my mom, it would be a fun book to read together! (and also get a little break from my 6 soon to be 7 siblings) I love them all SO much, but it’s always nice to get away for a few minutes to read an encouraging book with my mom!😃

    Thank you all so much for all that you do!!!

  • Natalia Vázquez

    Hi! Though I am not a teenager any more (well, I’m only 29 lol) I would like to read the book. I am sure it will have useful ideas for my life too. Also, to help the teenagers at church. It’s good to have a teenager’s point of view and learn what they are facing these days.
    I am from Argentina! Could I have a kindle edition if I am one of the giveaway winners??

  • Julianna Yap

    I’d love to join in and read along!

  • Chelsy Johnson

    I’d love to join the summer book club!

  • Sara Turcotte

    I am exited about doing this and, even if I do not win a free book, I would be willing to buy the book myself. I have never read this book before, but I would like to read it.

  • Keren

    It would be so amazing to join in to read this season! Id love the opportunity to read this book

  • Nina

    Hope I am able to join in on this!! Sounds super awesome!

  • Tiffany

    I would love the opportunity to connect with other women and share in the journey of readership and sisterhood.

  • Olivia Vinson

    I would consider it a great joy to read the book! Count me in. 🙂

  • Estefania Pirela

    I really want to make this summer count.I want it to be a productive summer and be able to say that i did it for the Lord.So i would LOOOVEEE to join 🙂

  • Ryely

    Can’t wait to get this book but when ever we do give-always, I never know who wone do you send out a email?

  • Renee Pennings

    This sounds like a great book! The book club also soufs like a lot of fun.

  • rebeccavanmiddelkoop

    Oohhh… Sounds really interesting!

  • I recently read this on Kindle for review. Excellent choice!!

  • Colleen

    I’ll be reading this book as soon as I receive it!! Thank you for the other book ideas as well. I am ready to get reading!!

  • Sydney

    I will definitely be joining you all in reading “This Changes Everything” this summer! I’m especially excited to participate since a recent bible study of mine ended in May. Now I have an opportunity to continue learning and growing in Christ with fellow Christian girls throughout summer!

  • Suzanne Greene Jones

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll be joining you

  • Katelyn

    Would love to join! This sounds like a great book!

  • Esther Sentosa

    I would love to join but I don’t have the money for a book and I live in Indonesia. 🙁

    • Lollypop

      I’m having a problem with finding the money too!

  • LexingtonS

    I would definitely like to read this book! May get it at the library through an inner- library loan. Thanks so much for recommending it!!

  • Pam

    Would love to join!

  • Lollypop

    i will totally read this book it seems really good!!!! so excited to read it can’t wait to get started!!!!

  • Marissa

    This seems like a really good book! I would definitely love to join in with you guys~

  • Beth

    I love this idea!

  • Adora

    I love this book and would love to read through it again this summer! 🙂

  • Hannah

    This book sounds really neat. I would definitely read it especially since so many of you guys have said that it’s really good. Plus it would be interesting to read a book written by someone close to my own age.

  • GRR

    I haven’t really seen any books written for teens to encourage them through their struggling years. I’d really like to read this book

  • Stephanie Bredlow Simpson

    I have a teen who is struggling to fit in and with self doubt. I am really looking for encouragement for her and plan to have her and I read your blog together this summer. I’d love to have this book as a resource. Thx.

  • Anna

    I’d love to read this book this summer. It sounds like it would be a good study.

  • I absolutely love This Changes Everything! I bought a copy when it came out and have marked up the pages in it so much. Jaquelle is such a great writer and a great example to other teens in our culture!

  • Jodi Taylor

    Sounds like a great book to read over the summer.

  • Sue

    I’m in!! Can’t wait to dig into this book with You as well. I’m an educator and also a leader of teens through my church. This sounds like a guide and a passionate way for me to get guidance for myself and others…..What a great way to incorporate new ways for teens and women in general to find their place with GOD at their side.

  • Aubree Emmett

    I’m going through Lies Young Women Believe right now, but would love to do something with others as well!

  • Rochelle

    This book would be an excellent read. I’m ready to follow along this summer

  • Brenda Veinotte

    I will be reading along this summer.

  • clairelovejohnson

    I’m joining! Got a little behind, oops!