The Best Kind of Girls’ Night In

I’m an introvert.

In high school, I wondered what was wrong with me when I just wanted to spend Friday nights at home with cookies in the oven and my dog on the couch beside me. Today, those kinds of evenings give me all the heart eyes. A cozy blanket, Pad Thai takeout, and the Barefoot Contessa make me one happy gal.

What’s more, as an introvert, it’s taken a long time for me to realize that I need Christian community. Our Father created us to thrive in life-on-life relationships with our sisters in Christ. The term life-on-life makes me squirm a little (sometimes a lot). You mean I’m supposed to lean on others, and they’re supposed to lean on me, in the midst of the nitty-gritty, messy, invasive stuff of life? The happy and sad, good and bad, confusing, awkward, and difficult things? Yup. We need each other.

So what do Friday nights in and Christian community have in common? (I’m going somewhere good with this, I promise.)

What if I told you that I knew of the perfect opportunity to combine a fun Friday night at home with other sisters in Christ?

It could seriously be the best kind of girls’ night in.

It’s Revive ’17 LIVE!

It’s Free. It’s for You!

Let me fill you in on the details.

Revive Our Hearts, our “big sister” ministry, is hosting Revive ’17 in Indianapolis next weekend, September 29–30. The conference sold out fast—almost in record time! So Revive Our Hearts is pulling out the stops to provide a conference experience for women all across the country and beyond.

Revive ’17 LIVE is a free Livestream of the entire conference, which is all about women living out the gospel together, in community, doing that life-on-life discipleship God calls us to.

If you’re already wondering if this conference will apply to you, a young woman, let me address those doubts for you. I seriously think this conference will blow your socks off!

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Dannah Gresh, Mary Kassian, Betsy Gomez, and more will be teaching, and the sessions are all based on Nancy’s new book, Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together.

We’ll be taking a deep dive into Titus 2:3–5, which provides instructions for living as Christian women—and don’t we all need help and encouragement to live out the calling God has given us?

So where does the girls’ night in come into play?

Make It a Livestream Party

Because Revive ’17 is all about women, younger and older, doing life together, I’m inviting you to take the Livestream to the next level.

Make plans to tune in to Revive ’17 LIVE with someone!

Make plans to tune in to Revive ’17 LIVE with someone! It could be your mom, your older sister, your younger sister, your best friend, or all the girls in your youth group.

Plus, you could turn this into a seriously fabulous party—a Revive ’17 Girls’ Night In!

Throw a slumber party, or invite your youth group over. Call up the squad and have them bring their favorite dessert or chips and salsa. Take a trip through your grocery store’s snack aisle or make homemade pizza or order Chinese takeout or snag a box of doughnuts at the nearest Dunkin’ and go for it!

You could get ultra creative and make brownie pops with homemade lattes, or you could keep it simple and throw some store-bought cookie dough into the oven. (Obviously, my ideal girls’ night includes food and coffee; but yours doesn’t have to!) It’s totally up to you!

Whatever you do, the whole idea is to make this a fun weekend of learning and growing together.

Start Making Plans

If you want to start making your Revive ’17 LIVE plans for next weekend, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • You can sign up here. All you need is to provide your email address. That signs you up to receive email updates and gives you the Livestream link.
  • If you’re all in and want to host a location where others can join you (make sure this is approved and supported by an adult first), you can register your event here.
  • If you want to see if there’s a Revive ’17 LIVE event happening near you, check out this map. (How cool is it to see locations in other countries? We see you, Nigeria and Bolivia!)
  • Get set up with technology. You can play the Livestream on a laptop, an iPad, or even your smartphone; but if you’re inviting a lot of girls to join you, it might be best to figure out how to play the Livestream on a large screen. I’d recommend recruiting someone techy who knows how to arrange those things.

Join Me—And Give a Shout Out!

I actually won’t be at the conference in Indianapolis; my brother is getting married next weekend (Congrats, Derek and Olivia!), and so I’ll be watching the Livestream, too.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I would be to hear about our LYWB readers gathering for Revive ’17 LIVE. And I would go nuts to see you girls giving us a shout out on social media! I’m the Revive Our Hearts social media manager, and though I won’t be at the conference, I’ll definitely be watching to see if our readers are saying “hey!”

Use the hashtag #Revive17Indy to share your photos or favorite quotes from the messages on Instagram and on Twitter. I might be inclined to send some goodies your way if you give us a shout out! (Wink.)

So to summarize:

  1. Girls Night In, next weekend. September 29–30. Mark it on your calendar.
  2. Invite friends! Keep it simple or go crazy.
  3. Watch the Livestream!
  4. Share the love on social media. We’re on Twitter and Instagram.

How simple is that?

Let me know if you plan to join me in watching Revive ’17 LIVE in the comments. And if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

About Author

Samantha Nieves

Samantha loves grammar, lazy lake days, iced green tea, and writing about the glorious gospel truths that transform our everyday lives. A northern Indiana native, Samantha now lives in South Carolina and serves as the social media manager on the Revive Our Hearts staff.

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  • Tiana

    Ill definitely be watching the lifestream with my mom, sister, and I’m planning on inviting a friend or 2!

    • Samantha Loucks Nieves

      YAY! Love to hear that!

  • Donna

    How exciting and how very thankful I am for this opportunity. I will definitely be listening. However, I would ask that you check that my signup did go thru properly. God bless you!! Donna

  • Evenstar

    My mom and I are doing a little book study with some friends on Adorned, it is amazing!

    Hopefully we can tune in to Revive 17!!

    Is it another thing like last year’s Cry Out event?

    • Samantha Loucks Nieves

      That’s awesome to hear!
      Revive ’17 is a weekend-long conference similar to True Woman ’16 (Cry Out), but it’s a slightly shorter conference, and this year we’re focusing on the theme of “Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together.” The session will be based on the main themes in Adorned, but it is going to be SO much more than simply walking through the book. 🙂 It’s going to be an awesome dive into Titus 2:3-5 with TONS of practical and applicable takeaways that you can apply to your own life!
      Hope this helps, and I hope you can join us!

      • Evenstar

        Thank you Samantha, that was really helpful!
        Just one more question 😊 Is the conference going to be avalible to listen to afterwards?

        • Samantha Loucks Nieves

          Yes, it will! The livestream will be available on-demand for a few weeks after the conference, and we’ll post the messages soon after the conference as well!

          • Evenstar


            thank you for your time to answer me!

  • hannah

    The lady I do lywb is going to there i’m going to do the live strem hopefully if I do it will be me my mom sister and maybe best friend can’t wait.

    • Samantha Loucks Nieves

      Excited to hear that! Thanks for sharing, Hannah! 🙂

  • Samantha Loucks Nieves

    If you’re curious, here’s a glimpse into Revive ’17!

  • Rebekah DeVall

    Now THIS is something I really wish my internet would allow me to watch.

    • Samantha Loucks Nieves

      The conference will be recorded and posted on the Revive Our Hearts website later, if that’s something you’re able to watch!

  • Mariz Jane Pilapil

    Cause I never want to go back to my old life 😔