She covered her face with her hands.

The officials pushed her out the door and onto the street. The passersby drew back and crossed to walk on the other side of the road, looking back with disgust. But she didn’t notice. She couldn’t. All she could think of was what would happen next.

She had done the unimaginable: She had slept with a man who was not her husband. She felt dirty, exposed. She might as well have signed her own death warrant. There was no question what would happen now. She would be thrown before the guys in charge, there would be a few words of condemnation, the people would scatter to find the sharpest, biggest stones they could, and the rocks would fly in her direction. She would die shamed and disgraced, her name only used as an example of what happens to women “like her.”

As they reached the middle of town, the crowd seemed restless, as if something new was in the air. She felt their judgment. It hurt as much as she knew the rocks would. But it was not the Pharisees who rose to judge her. A man she had never seen but only heard of stepped up to the judgment seat—Jesus.

The crowd jeered at her. The Pharisees talked among themselves, speculating about what Jesus would do. How would He punish her? What would He say? Then He began to speak:

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her” (John 8:7).

The crowd murmured. Stones slipped out of tightly clenched fists and dropped to the dirt, forgotten. The people slowly dispersed until it was just the two of them. He pulled her up by the hand, looked into her anguished face, and spoke.

“Has no one condemned you?”

“No one, Lord.”

“Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more” (vv. 10–11).

Love Redefined

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day created to celebrate love. But candy hearts and red roses aren’t the symbols of true love. The love our culture celebrates on Valentine’s Day is a feeling, a fluttering sensation you get for someone else. That’s not Jesus love. Yes, He created those emotions and they’re a gift, but true love is loving when you least feel like it. Loving when someone is the most unlovable. On this day of love (and every day), here are a few ways to show others crazy-Jesus-love.

Go out of your way to serve.

Jesus didn’t have to wash the disciples’ feet (John 13:1–19). It was never expected of Him, but He went above and beyond, showing love in a way that was completely incredible. We can do the same. Serve others when they don’t expect it. Make sacrifices. They’ll be shocked. They might give you a look like you’re crazy. But that’s how Jesus loved. Honestly, it’s crazy love.

Make it a point to encourage.

Do you ever think up a perfectly snarky comeback to a comment someone makes? I have to confess that I’m guilty of it way too often, but that’s not what Jesus did. He made people feel loved with His words; He told the truth. Let’s do the same.

Show love to someone who is really hard to love.

We all have that one person in our life who is just difficult to love. Sometimes they probably feel the exact same way about us. But Jesus, the Son of God, showed unconditional love to an adulterous woman, a woman others wanted to get rid of. He showed her compassion. He showed her grace. We can follow His example and do the same for the hard-to-love people in our world.

So with Valentine’s Day on our hearts and chocolate on our minds, let’s spread a different kind of love. Not the love of the culture that fades with feelings, but the love that Jesus gave.

What ways have you found to show crazy-Jesus-love? Let’s chat in the comments!

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  • Proverbs 31 girl in Training

    I really liked this post. I assume that no one can ever find me unlovable, yet I find myself unlovable at times. Surely, no one else could feel that way. 😉 WRONG!! I really liked that one line in there about we might be unlovable to others. I just don’t think of it that way.

  • Casey Halbert

    On this day, of all days, I am going to spend it with my Creator, who has shown me more love and mercy than anyone on this earth. He is good!

  • Alla Lyu

    Good points. Especially loving the difficult people.

  • Duskflower

    Yes, this is so good!! The love of Christ is far more difficult but far more beautiful than the love of the world, that ebbs and flows. The love of Christ redeems, it heals, it forgives and it brings light, life and beauty back to dark and broken places (can a simple feeling do that?) This story is one of my favorites because it shows firsthand how Jesus cares for the sinners, for the scorned, for the people who deserve to die and how His forgiveness and redemption gives them life. That is the love I’m choosing to celebrate today!

  • Saedy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE this!! so much truth in every word!

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much. I love the practical challenges.

  • Brynna Rice

    Jesus’ love is the greatest love one could ever feel. Because He lives in me, I can show His love to others, even those who are difficult to even think of in a loving way. Today, I will treat others with the same loving compassion Jesus gave to sinners like each of us.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Christi-Anne

    Thank you for this post- It’s something I really needed a reminder of (especially the ‘difficult’ part).
    Awesome how God works, reminding us in unexpected ways.
    So, thanks again.

  • Maria-Simona C.

    Wow, I’m crying. This article was simple, so beautifully written. My heart has definitely been put in check this Valentine’s Day.

    One of the ways we can put Crazy-Jesus-Love into practice, is to love unconditionally. Whether a friend has acted selfish, a parent has treated you unkindly, or a classmate’s negativity is wearing down on your soul & ears—just remember, you don’t need to condone what the person has done to you. But in your heart, forgive them and pray for them. And treat them–love them–the way you want to be treated.
    I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and it has helped me a ton.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! God bless!

  • Char Latte

    Loved the way this story was told <3 My pastor once preached this passage "That such" — the way the version we read referred to the woman caught in adultery. He said it's almost like they spat out those word "that such" (should be stoned) — like she was trash. But Jesus came for "such" — and I am one of them!

  • So beautiful! Thank you!
    He has forgiven us so much, we´ll never get what we truly deserve.
    Because He loves us…

  • Brenda

    Sometimes it is just coming alongside someone who feels rejected, overlooked, or invisible. A smile, a kind word can do wonders for a person. offerring hope to the forgotten.

  • If this ever happened in real life, our sins being exposed to the city, and being placed at Jesus’ feet, I think there would be a lot less of sexual and cruel sins happening.

    • Jesus saves, he saved me after everything. Glad he is part of your lives too. Amen.

  • Grace Sentosa

    I’m moved to be conscious and intentional of my words and fueling it out of true, selfless, and caring, Jesus-love. “He made people feel loved with His words; He told the truth. Let’s do the same.” (<– those words got to me.) It's so easy to fall back into old, worldly habits when it's around you constantly, and it's refreshing to be reminded again of how we should live and act: in God's ways, not the world's.

  • Loved

    Amen, I really think that was a great representation of what true love should be. I encourage you to all take a look at 1 Corinthians 13, I recently read it and it is such a good reminder of what true love, whether with another girl or with a guy, should be. Love should be always, not just on February 14th.

  • Ruthie

    This was beautiful… Thanks, you guys! That was a completely different take on Mary than I have ever head before.

  • La Princessa

    I’ve found ways to show crazy Jesus love by being there for others and putting others before myself. At times, I’ll find myself having conversations with people I would never thought to have chatted with, because they seemed so different or unlike me. But, in those moments, especially when I see they need a listening ear, I stay and listen and chat. Through this, God has shown me that I can connect to many people simply through His kindness and love.

  • MidnightCity

    I so needed this today. I have been feeling like my sister betrayed me. I need to let go of my needs, and put her first because I love her. Thank you so much for this post!

  • Bethlie Stephens

    This is so good! Love it!

  • Bliss

    One thing for me to show Jesus love to others is serving them, being willing to go outside myself and focus on someone else, and a great “side effect” to this is that often this will help me to realize that my problems really aren’t that big and I shouldn’t be complaining. 😉
    Like some others have said, it’s really just focusing on others – just like Christ did, He came to minister not, be ministered to.

  • Mary Farmer

    This serves as such a great reminder that even if we are single on valentines day, it doesn’t mean we are alone and unloved; we have the love of the only one that really matters, and because he gave us this love, it overflows within us and we can give it to those around us as well.

  • Leah

    Wow. Thank you for this!

  • Hannah B

    Very good post and a reminder to bask in Jesus love.

  • Paige

    Thanks for this reminder. Funny, I was just thinking about Jesus washing feet early this morning!

  • Kendra DeAun Rose Smith

    Great post, love the practical applications!


    Ways that I show love is just… smiling. It is hard for someone to respond negatively to a smile. Most times a smile is returned as well. I love this awesome story of Jesus’ grace. He is so AWESOME!! Thanks!

  • Erika

    Thank you for this post!
    (I also really liked how you told the story so dramatically. So often we just read these stories and don’t really think about them.)

  • Jasmine

    Just an hour ago I was condemning myself for eating so much chocolate! Then, I see this about not condemning! Such a blessing to see this! Thank you!
    I would love a copy of your book!

  • Jessica

    Thank you sooo much!! This was such an encouragement. It’s been something I’ve been trying to work on in my own life and this just helped to confirm that I’m doing the right thing. Thank you!!💜

  • God’s Girl

    Thank you for this post Liza 🙂

  • Sarah

    Would love to read the book and have it as a resource for other girls as well!

  • This is a great post – thanks for sharing! I love what you said about roses and candy not being the symbol of true love – because you are SO right! True love it about commitment and sacrifice not frilly, fleeting feelings. Our world has it so backwards. Roses are beautiful but they cannot compare to the beauty of true, Christ-like love. Thanks for reminding us to reach out and love others (even those who are hard to love). I enjoyed this post!
    With Love,
    Rebekah Joy

    P.S. I love the new cover design! It looks GREAT! ♥

  • Isabel

    To know about the real love nowadays it’s refreshing.

  • Em

    I didn’t even think about this story’s for Valentine’s…that’s true, though! Thanks for this post!! Christ’s love for us is so great!

  • Claire Bear

    Thank you so much! Love ya Liza!

    <3 Claire Bear

  • Rebecca

    This is such a good reminder! I’ll admit i was feeling unloved and insignificant this Valentine’s Day and it’s so important to remind myself that I am fully known, yet loved with an everlasting unconditional love. Now my job is to reflect that to the world

  • Emma

    Thank you so much!! This is such a good reminder! I definitely want to apply this to my daily life

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    Hello, I’m from Russia, and it’s so cool that there is this blog in which young believing girls can communicate! Thank you and thank you for this article

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