Don’t Break the Chain!

It’s a tradition that we dedicate the first month of the year to helping you run toward God’s Word. We’re convinced that nothing matters more as we step into a new year.

In 2016, I challenged the readers of this blog to start a chain to keep track of every day you’ve read God’s Word. Some of you have been adding to that chain daily ever since. (Check out the video of that challenge below.)

One reader wrote to me about that post with this suggestion.

Hi Erin,

Last year in January you did a post called “Start a Chain That Will Change Your Life.”

My sister and I started that and are still doing it. I was thinking it would be great to find out how many others are still doing it after a year. I would love it if in January you would make another post and see how many girls are still doing this.

Thanks so much for serving through the Lies Young Women Believe blog!

In Christ,


I love Leah and her sister’s commitment to open God’s Word every day. I wish I could take a peek at their paper chain with over 600 links on it now! What a remarkable reminder of the Bible’s unique ability to transform us from the inside out.

Whether you’re like Leah, and have been recording your time in God’s Word for a while now, or you’re looking for a way to stay motivated in 2018, will you join us in starting (or continuing) a chain that can change your life?

Check out the video below and leave us a comment letting us know if you’ll start a chain in 2018.

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Erin Davis

Erin is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker and blogger to women of all ages. Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, you can find her herding goats, chickens, and children.

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  • Janna Baker

    I’m so excited to do this challenge with you! I have been having a hard time finding motivation because I just am so busy with school and extracurriculars lately. But I hope that this will help me! I love this idea and am so encouraged to keep this chain going!!

  • Beth

    This sounds like a great way to remind myself to remember. 😀 I’m in!

  • Kristen Paulson

    I’m in! I like both ideas. Thanks for the visual aids. I’m the same way. 🙂 Thanks so much for everything you do for us teens!

  • Mais

    I’m in!! 🙂 I’m just not the same when I don’t read His Word everyday.

  • Christiana

    Totally in!! Excited for this and I’m definitely gonna share this with my friends☺

  • Fran

    It also helps to right down your daily Godly goals. Read them in the morning and at night. Do the hardest first and everything else will be easier.

  • Julia M.

    I’m in! Even a few verses a day will add up. I believe that God’s Word is powerful! Thank you LYWB & Erin for this idea!

  • Grace

    I’m in!! These are awesome ideas!

  • Hannah

    I’m in! I’ve been reading the bible almost everyday in January but I love the idea of a visual. Thanks for the all the blogs post LYWB has written in January to stir a hunger for God’s word!

  • mirim

    I’m in! ^^ a great idea to motivate myself visually~!!!

  • Bayley

    I’m in

  • Annie

    Visuals always seem to help me out. Thanks for the great idea, Erin!

  • Kanah

    Hi Erin! Can I make a suggestion? Do you think that when you do videos you could also include a writtten post because it’s hard for those who have limited internet access to be able to watch the videos. Thanks1

    • Elizabeth Williams

      I totally agree! I love the videos but have limited internet, so I rarely watch them

    • erinleedavis

      Hi Kanah,

      Thanks for the input. We offer all kinds of content: blogs, vlogs, tweets, etc. There is no way we can make sure every reader can see every thing, but we do our best to give plenty of options. We can’t always do a written post and a vlog, just because that requires double work for us. But we do offer lots of written posts every week, so there is plenty you can access.

      Thanks for reading. We appreciate readers like you!

      Grace & Peace!

      Erin Davis

      • Kanah


  • Becca<3

    I’ll give it a shot! At the beginning of the school year, I joined AWANA at my friend’s church. I haven’t been in it since 6th grade (since we’ve moved so much, we hadn’t found another church for it). It’s been a little slow going trying to get back into the memorization (I want to finish all my books from 6th grade through 12th!), but I want to work at it! hopefully this will help me stay focused:)

  • Leah

    I’m in! My sister and I each made a “counter” and we’ll see how far we get :). Thanks for the challenge!

    • Leah

      Thanks for sharing Erin, like I suggested! My sister and I did do the challenge to read our Bible daily, and we are still doing it (although we did do the Bible reading part, we didn’t actually make a chain, but made a frame with numbers that we can change – mine is above) Because it’s been so many days now already, I actually put an app on my phone to keep count for me! I periodically update my frame :). Not entirely sure what I’m going to do if/when I reach a thousand days in a row though! Today my app shows 711 days :). Thanks for all you do here at the LYWB blog!

  • Addy G.

    I’m excited! I’m starting late since I wasn’t able to watch this video right away, but I am going to make a chain!

  • Nayree

    I really want to try. Thanks for the idea of the chains, it’s actually a really good idea. Thanks for being such a blessing.

  • VickyL Moore

    I’m in! Love this! Will encourage my friends as well

  • mel

    Dear Erin, I have been bothered by this thought for many days and decided to share it here. The widespread influence of kpop in the whole world especially in the West has been absolutely crazy, I see so many girls online commenting about how their idols are their life and that they couldn’t live without them, to the point that it is disturbing and very worrying. I am still battling with the urge to constantly see what my favourite group are doing on social media and thinking about them almost 24/7 even when deep down I don’t want them to control my life. No wonder they call them idols! Could you guys please write a post on how to combat this obsession with kpop stars and how to let them go? I feel that many girls would need it, not just me.

    • erinleedavis

      Hey Mel!

      It appreciate that your spiritual antenna are up on this issue and that you have a desire to seek God’s Word and to lead others to do the same. However, I know nothing about kpop (except what I just learned by Googling). I’d be more than willing to accept a guest post on this topic by someone who knows more about it or to reach out to another author who has addressed it. Do you have any insight about who that might be?

      Thanks again for putting this on my radar screen. Praying with you we can find a way to address this thoughtfully and Biblically.

      A fan,


  • Cait

    Hi! This is kind of off topic but I have a problem that I’ve been dealing with for a while and I need some advice. Some people (my friends) in my youth group have started to use swear words in front of me. It makes me uncomfortable because I know that it is wrong. I’d like to do something about it but I don’t know what. Please help!!!!!!

    • How my heart goes out to you, Cait! Thank you for being sensitive to the sin around you and thank you for the way you care for your friends.

      Be sure to be praying for your friends. Ask the Lord to open a window of opportunity where you can share with them what’s on your heart. Share how it hurts you to hear them not talking in ways that please the Father. See if you can get a conversation going about why they are swearing and what they could do differently; how our words need to reflect the reality of our relationship with the Father so that others are drawn into a relationship with Him.

      You might even share with your youth group leader. Perhaps it could be addressed to the entire group. We are all tempted by the world and tempted to want to be and look like the world. But God calls us to be different even in our speech. I’m praying for your wisdom and discernment as you speak to your friends and your leaders about this tender and very important situation.

  • hannah

    I will start my chain today.