Freebie Friday! Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

We’ve been blogging about the value of having a mentor figure in your life—an older, spiritually mature woman of God to guide you and encourage you in your Christian walk.

Having a mentor doesn’t mean you must meet once a week to talk about your strengths and weaknesses. More often than not, healthy friendships with older women flow naturally out of practical, everyday life interactions.

When I was in high school, and even before then, there were a number of women in my life who taught me life lessons without even realizing it. They were of varying personalities, ages, backgrounds, and churches, and I never formally asked any of them to mentor me. It just sort of happened.

As I had conversations with these ladies, worked alongside them on a project, or sat under their teaching, their habits, character, and faith rubbed off on me, little by little.

  • Mrs. P taught me how to be thrifty, hard-working, and responsible, always taking the hardest job herself and leaving my sister and me with the lighter load.
  • Mrs. L showed me the value of offering someone a listening ear or gentle words of wisdom and of spending the first part of your day in prayer.
  • Mrs. W pushed me to perform with a spirit of excellence—even just if dusting a house!
  • Mrs. S inspired me in fifth grade Sunday School to devote time to Scripture memory and gave me an appreciation for Psalm 139 that is with me still today.
  • Aunt B instilled in me the importance of caring for family, of loving on others’ kids when you have none, and not being afraid to get messy and have some fun!
  • And of course my mama was undoubtedly the most influential woman in my growing years. She taught me to love the Lord, to love His Word, and to love my neighbor (i.e. seven siblings!) as myself.

These and many others helped to shape and influence me. But the growing and learning doesn’t stop now that I’m a young adult. In fact, it’s only just begun!

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth talks about these kinds of woman-to-woman, life-on-life friendships in her new book, Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together. Though by most standards you’re considered in the “younger woman” category of the instructions in Titus 2, as I read this book I couldn’t help but think how both sides of the spectrum still apply. It’s good to remember that even as you seek to learn from the more mature and experienced who are ahead of you, there is always someone younger following in your shadow.

Now you have a chance to read this book for yourself to encourage you to find—or to be—a faith-building, truth-speaking friend. We’re giving away a copy of Adorned every Friday of this month!

To enter the giveaway, log on to the giveaway widget below, then share with us in a comment some practical lessons you’ve gleaned from an older woman who has influenced or shaped you.

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  • Tiana

    My great-grandmother (now deceased) taught me the importance of prayer. She would pray every single morning for every single person in the family by name. And i have a really big family! But she was such a strong Christian woman. She went through a lot in her 85 years, but she never stopped trusting God and following Him. She has inspired me to pray without ceasing, as the Bible says, and she has inspired me to always lean on God, especially when times are tough.

  • Victoria

    I have 4 older sisters and a church overflowing with beautiful young moms and older women, so I have been so blessed to have many women to look up to. One thing one woman in particular taught me was to be more open about my faith and not be afraid to say something when I feel it would benefit the person listening. Also, the example I have of wonderful moms of every different parenting styles has showed me that there is no 1 way to mother your children, everyone is doing their best for their children and everyone is different. I love the topic of mentorship!!

  • Emma

    I have never had a mentor, but I have godly women in my life. There is a lady at my church that taught a ladies bible study that I attended with my mom. She did a wonderful job. Last Sunday she taught a lessen in my Sunday school class. It was very helpful! You can tell that she really does love God and really cares for others. There is also another lady at my church that has also been a godly example. I’m so glad I have these godly ladies to look up to and glean from. I am so thankful that God has placed them in my life!

  • Makenna

    My mom has taught me a lot about the importance of abiding in God’s Word. She always points back to abiding in Christ as the most important thing you do, and she models it for me, both by spending time in the Word every morning and by going away for an “extended time” once or twice a year, where she reads her Bible and pray for several days on end. It is really encouraging to me to see this, and it inspires me to do the same.

  • Sana V

    My youth leader is the most influential for me, even though im no longer in youth thats were it all started 11 years ago and shes been likr my spiritual mother ever sense..shes has taught me so much from the basics of trusting God to full on war with the enemies of this world

  • Savannah

    My older sister is the most influential to me. She is a Godly young woman and follows God with her whole heart.

  • Savannah

    One question I have never entered these before how do you know if you win?

    • Ruth

      Yah how do you know who won ?

    • Leanna Shepard

      Great question, Savannah. After the giveaway ends the winners will be announced in the comment thread and sent an email with further details. So if you win you’ll get an email from us. 🙂

  • Beth

    My mother shows me how the practical side of caring for a family, like insurance, medical care, and money, are just as ministering as the cooking and cleaning that keeps the house running. A smart and godly wife and mother is indispensable to the thriving survival of a family!

  • Ruth

    Ohh I am so excited for evry Friday, I love your blog post they help me keep my girly feelings under control and help me witness to other girls

  • Elizabeth

    My Grandma has showed me many ways to care for your house and gardens. She has showed me a lot about cleaning and I will always remember her for that. Also when I was living with her for a couple mouths we memorized parts os the bible together and that was a huge blessing for me!

  • My mom has taught me so much, but the biggest lesson is how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This is a pivotal life lesson and changes the whole way you look at the world.

  • Rebekah Neely

    Linda Lanferman, a wonderful woman I look up to and admire so much, gave me some advice when my husband and I first started dating that I’ll never forget: “This is the simplest advice but oftentimes the hardest thing to do — keep your eyes focused on Jesus!” How true is that? Through all of life, the key is really keeping our eyes focused on Jesus despite our circumstances! Adorned is on my Amazon wish list and I very much want to read this book. Community is so important, especially learning from others who have gone before us!

    • Leanna Shepard

      Amen, Rebekah! Thanks for sharing.

  • Abby

    Hmm… Where do I start? The women in my life have taught me to depend on God in the good times and the bad, to sacrifice yourself for the people around you, and to be content in every season of life. That’s just the beginning! I am so thankful for the women God has placed in my life, and so thankful for the unique way He has designed His church to glorify Him and help each other grow.

  • Isabelle Rose Lumetta

    There have been many godly women in my life who have encouraged and counselled be through many different seasons of my life. First and foremost, my mother has been a huge influence in my life. From teaching me to be content in every situation that God has placed me in to teaching me how vital coffee is, she has been there and will continue to be.

  • Sarah Shaw

    My grandma has shown me what it means to be a sacrificial servant. She serves her family without complaining and with a heart of love. It’s inspiring to me as I think about how I want to be with my future family and even now as a single lady. 🙂

  • Allison Nagel

    Many older women in my life have taught me a lot of lessons about marriage. One of them being that marriage isn’t this “castle in the clouds” sort of existence, but a lot of self-sacrifice and hard work. Recently my mom and grandmother have been showing me that when I am married I will often do things that my husband will get the credit for. And I need to be okay with that, they have told me. I am very grateful for all their wisdom.

  • Pam Espinosa

    From my mom I have learned that the life of a wife is a life of service, selflessness and continually putting other before yourself.

    • Leanna Shepard

      Very true, Pam. That’s because a wife (or any believer!) should imitate Christ who lived a life of service, selflessness, and putting others before Himself. Thanks for sharing, Pam!

  • Vicki

    I’ve had a messed up day and now in the sick for 2 weeks and the person I turned to was my grandmother , she is my mentor for sure loved these blogs this week x

  • Natasha

    I’ve have learned that you don’t have to be supergifted to help out but just use what God has given you to help others and the church. My aunt is constantly doing that; she is co organzing a church lunch for this sunday, and even though it doesn’t take a lot of skill she is still giving her time and effort to do what she can. I want to be like that where I help out even if it’s something as simple.

  • Ixel

    I really agree! After ready Lies Young Women Believe, I started talking to my older sister about some struggles I was going through. I actually discovered that she was struggling with the very same thing! We keep each other accountable, and pray for each other too. We have grown a lot closer as a result, and it’s really wonderful to have someone to go through with your struggles!

    • Leanna Shepard

      Sisters can be a great mentor–older or younger! I’m blessed to have four who all challenge me in my walk with Christ. Thanks for sharing, Ixel!

  • Ruthie Wilson

    My dance teacher has taught me so much (obviously), but she has really helped me to understand worship and really giving my all to God – being unafraid to be expressive and worshiping with abandon. I honestly don’t know where I would be if she weren’t in my life.

  • Janice Manderson

    My mother was the most influential person in my life, she had a quite spirit and would instruct my sister and I with the truth of God’s word, and I had a special Sunday school teacher who taught us to memorize God’s word.

  • A.

    Well, this is a little backward, but… I never had anyone older that I could trust to be open and vulnerable with. It’s something I always longed for, especially because I had been abused when I was little and I desperately wanted to tell someone. So, because I didn’t have that, I was inspired to be there for the girls younger than I am, to give them something I never had.

    • Leanna Shepard

      A., that’s not backward, that’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing…and for investing in the younger girls around you!

  • GraceofGod

    My mom has been super influential to me over the last several years. She has taught me to pursue in seeking God, no matter how hard things get. I thank God every day for such an amazing influence in my life!!!

  • Anonymous

    My mentor has taught me so much and has helped me grow in the faith and love Christ even more. Challenging me and holding me accountable.

  • Asha Merkes

    I have currently my child at least 5 more girls that need mentoring. I would love to get a hold of this book

  • Sadie Boyett

    I am thirteen and am currently being mentored by an older woman about 24. She went through a lot of the same things I am going through when she was my age and now she has so much God-given wisdom to offer me. I learn so much from her and I absolutely love spending time with her! I do think that it is important to share with her, but go to my mom first or about the same time. She always makes sure she is in line with my parents and even though I might not appreciate it at the moment, I am super thankful for that! I am looking for and praying about someone to mentor also. I will say that being thirteen, not many people are looking to be committed to something like that younger than me. Still praying God will send someone in His precious timing though!!…. oh how I love this blog!!!!! ;))))

  • Anna

    Enjoy the little everyday moments! Even if it seems hard or purposeless now, no period of life will last forever.

  • Leanna Shepard

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for sharing some of the things you’ve learned from older women. I love reading how many of you give thanks for having a godly mother as your primary mentor! Praise the Lord for that gift!

    I’m here to announce this week’s winner of “Adorned”! Drum roll please . . . Tiana! You are our winner! Please check your inbox for more details. For everyone else, we still have three more opportunities in March for you to win a copy! Be sure to check back on Friday!