Freebie Friday! Double Giveaway!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Freebie Friday on the blog. We’ve missed it! Haven’t you? That’s why we’re thrilled to be giving away two (yes, two!) great books this week.

First up is a book written by one of our very own bloggers, Sarah Garrett. Her book, So, You Think You’re Ready To Date?, released this month. (Way to go, Sarah!) You can snag your copy here or keep reading for your chance to win this book for free.

We’re also giving away a copy of Choosing Gratitude by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Consider it your must-have guide for entering the Thanksgiving season with your heart set on giving thanks for all God has given you. Grab your copy here.

Let’s get the Gratitude Train rolling a little early. Log on to the giveaway widget below, and then leave us a comment sharing something (or lots of somethings!) you’re grateful for. We’ll randomly select one of you to win both books.

We’ll start. We are grateful for the readers of this blog, and we are grateful for great books! What are you grateful for? Tell us all about it.

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Erin is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker and blogger to women of all ages. Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, you can find her herding goats, chickens, and children.

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  • Tera V.

    I’m grateful for God’s guidance. I wouldn’t have a clue about what I should do otherwise. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’ ” Isaiah 30:21

  • Rachel Lee

    I’m grateful for my family, Bible, church, good health, a nice home to keep me warm, school and Jesus!

  • Lillian French

    My family, my friends, and Jesus!

  • Little Csaszar

    I’m grateful that I live in a country that allows me to get an education and freely worships. Instead of having to live in fear of being in trouble with the law for that.

  • Susanna

    I’m thankful for Gods faithfulness in my life… His mercies are new every morning.

  • Emily Anderson

    I am so thankful and grateful for this ministry, my church family, my mom and dad, my family, my friends, Christmas lights, and cold Saturday mornings when you can stay in bed and cozy up to read a good Christian book!

  • Hannah Ewing

    I’m so thankful for my family and all the good times we have! Also for the cold weather, good books, cozy blankets and beautiful lights, sweet little brothers…oh so much!

  • mm

    I’m grateful for my family! And definitely books!

  • Today, I am thankful for coffee and that it is women’s Bible study group day!!

  • Anna

    I’m grateful for my immediate family and church family. Also for God’s faithfulness.

  • Naomi

    I’m grateful for both the godly friends and the lost friends God has provided for me so far in college.

  • Jeffrey Garrett

    I’m thankful for a beautiful wife, a 2 year old son, Joshua…and a 2.5 month old daughter, Hallie Pearl! So blessed to have such a great family!

  • Hannah B

    I’m sooo grateful for the family we are staying with till we can find a permanent home !

  • Catrina June Medley

    I’m incredibly grateful for my firstborn daughter God blessed me with a month ago, but I am so much more grateful for our Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who Heals, for healing her!

  • Cici

    I am grateful for God, my mom, and my education. God is so faithful to me. He provides everything I need to live in this life, like water, food, and friends. So God is the first thing I am grateful for. Second, I am grateful for my mom. She sacrifaces her time, life in China, and everyone she knew to come to accompany with me in a foreign country. She just wants to take care of me. I am grateful for her. The last but not the least, I am grateful for my education. I can get the best education in this world. I enjoy my time as a student.

  • Victoria

    What am I grateful for?! So much! GRACE, my amazing family, the sunshine, good friends, church families, warm fall days, ETC. ❤

  • Abigail V.

    I’m so thankful for all the wonderful, godly friends that God has blessed me with.

  • Tiana

    I’m grateful for my youth pastor, my parents/family, and God’s amazing grace that covers all sins.
    I would love to receive the books! I really wanted to buy them, but I don’t have the money
    🙁 I would love to win!

  • Emma Mueller

    I am grateful for the four years I spent away from home at my Lutheran high school and all the many Christian friends that I made there, especially my boyfriend, but I am also so thankful that I am now able to live back at home with my parents and attend church at my home congregation again. In the past year, I have realized how greatly the LORD has blessed me in putting so many wonderful people in my life! He has given me a talented group of classmates that became like family, brothers who care about me and whom I am proud of, the most amazing high school roommate a girl could ask for, a godparent who has set such a beautiful example of faith and love, parents who knew my greatest need and brought me up in the Word, family friends who are more like family, a supportive church family, and a boyfriend who is so patient and hard-working and who daily displays a love for his Savior. I’ve learned that after my relationship with the LORD, the relationships with the people in my life are the most important and most deserving of my time and effort. After all loving and serving my neighbor is the second of the two great commandments.

  • Shepherd’s Handmaiden

    I am grateful for the troops that serve our country. Especially in this generation where so many of our citizens are against police, the army, and the people that literally give their lives to protect us. I am thankful that we have heroes that are still willing to save even the people who don’t respect them. I’m thankful for the strength of the pastors in America that preach the true Gospel, even when it looks like they could get in serious trouble for doing just that. I’m thankful for the people who give their lives for God and their country.

  • I am grateful for my family and the church we attend as well as my pastor and his wife for everything they’ve done for me in disciplining me and helping me grow more in my Christian walk. I’m grateful for friends who encourage me to be more Christ-like everyday and for the younger girls I get to mentor.

  • Emily

    I’m so grateful for Jesus, His grace to us, His Word, godly friends, family & church family, cool weather, good books, and so, so much more!

  • Natasha

    I am grateful for the security that is found in Jesus; and that my confidence is not my own, but found in Him.

  • I thankful for God’s grace. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to walk with the Lord like I do.

  • Bailey

    Goodness I’m just so blessed!! There’s so many things I am thankful for. I’m thankful for my salvation in Christ. I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for God’s grace. I’m thankful for this blog- it truly helps me in some way each and every day. I’m thankful for my church family. I’m just blessed beyond measure!! I would love win these books!! 💗💗💗

  • Audrey

    I’m so grateful for the creativity of God! I look at the world around me and am always stunned by the beauty and complexity of what I see. All of it screams, “Glory be to God, who is the Creator and Inspiration of all good things.” Isn’t it so wonderful to always be surrounded by the signature of the God we serve?

  • Janette Peggins

    I’m grateful for the hard times God has given me to show me He is in control and I don’t need to worry. I’m also grateful for my one of my professors this semester who is really relaxed with deadlines. I think God knew I needed that this semester. I’m also grateful for the changing leaves. I’m also grateful for sleep and that I get to sleep in tomorrow. Just being honest. 😉

  • Danielle

    I am grateful for every day, I have with my dad who has early-onset Alzheimers. I try to treasure every moment with him, whether he knows my name or not. Because like God, I know he will always love me!

  • Hannah

    I am thankful for my sweet little baby brother Luke who was born earlier this month, and MANY more things! I am the oldest of 8 siblings and am SO SO vary greatful for all of them!!! I LOVE reading so this would be great!!!

  • Leanna

    I am grateful for my country the USA. Thankful for the people behind the scenes that we don’t hear much about that fight for our freedoms. Thankful for our troops that leave their home and family to fight for us. Thankful that here in America we have the freedom to read this blog and freely talk about our faith.

  • Hannah

    I am grateful for the opportunities God has given me and for His everlasting goodness.

  • Stephanie

    I am grateful that God keeps me safe at night. I realize I take that for granted a lot. There are many children out there who don’t feel safe enough to sleep at night.

  • Sarah

    I am so grateful for my best friend Jesus, my family, music, my wonderful church, education, animals, and many more things, the list goes on and on.

  • Sally Gearhart

    I am grateful for God’s grace first and foremost! I’m especially grateful for my momma, her wisdom is once again helping me through a ruff patch. Her love for God’s word is amazing and she never misses an opportunity to tell someone about it.

  • Melanie

    I am thankful for my little sister. She is so sweet. I am in a family of 9 people and I am so glad God gave me such a wonderful family.

  • Brittania

    I’m grateful for the fact that God has delivered me from a vicious strand of insecurity. I hope He keeps helping me each day to get over the rest.

  • shalome

    I am grateful for my wonderful godly friends. And my big sister who just moved out a few months ago. She is so encouraging to me and really good Christ like example to me and to everyone else around her.

  • equI82

    I am grateful that God is with me through trials too hard to bear. I’m grateful for the strength and grace he gives me when I need it the most.

  • Noemi

    I’m grateful for God’s letting me be born in 2000. If I had been born a few years earlier I would have died because I needed a modern heart surgery.

  • Holly

    I’m extremely grateful for God’s amazing grace and faithfulness! No matter what, He always forgives and is always there for me!

  • Anna Baugham

    I am grateful for a good education and a wonderful family. I am thankful for all my friends who have become my role models for living a godly life. I’m thankful that I have so many teachers and older women who have illustrated what a true godly woman looks like. I’m thankful for this country and the freedom that we are granted. Thank you God!!!

  • Dana Bureac

    I’m grateful for all of the blessings-in-disguise that God has allowed me to experience. Some of the seemingly “bad” situations and “worst” circumstances turn out to be the best learning experiences and bring out the strongest realizations of how blessed we are!

  • Morgan Harrell

    I’m grateful for breath in my body. The opportunities that I have been given have not come from anyone but the Lord. What a great feeling it is to be chosen by Him. I am still working on obeying ALL the time and getting rid of things, but I’m trying! I’m so blessed truly!

  • Jenny

    I’m thankful for Jesus Christ and the blessings of salvation and forgiveness that only come through Him!

  • Rebecca

    We could all use more gratitude. When things are rosy, we seem to forget all that we are blessed with….

  • Heather Moses

    I am so grateful for my VERY large family (I have eleven siblings); for my biblical education; for my friend and mentor, Jen; for beautiful Fall weather; for music; for God’s daily, sufficient grace; and for so many more wonderful things God has given me. I often don’t stop and write these things out, so thank you for doing this! You are greatly appreciated!

    Heather Moses (Yes, like the Moses in the Bible.) 🙂
    “The most valuable thing in your relationship with God is prayer.”
    -Jennifer McKenna

  • JaLynn Rae Atnip

    I’m soo grateful for all my amazing supporting friends. Even the ones I don’t know very well in my home school group are so fun and awesome.

  • Bliss

    I am grateful for my family, and my church family, the support and friendship from both. I am also grateful for Christ and all He has done in my life, the ways He provides for me and continues to guide and protect me.

  • Teresa

    I’m grateful for friends who pray for me, for answers to prayer, for new friends from countries all over the world, for my amazing siblings, for God’s provision for my daily needs, for an awesome roommate, for God’s love, for God’s Word, for prayer, for sermon jams, for fall, for the anticipation of going home for Thanksgiving, for homework almost completed for the week, for the unchangable truth of the Gospel!

  • Sonja Brow

    I am grateful for my family.

  • Sarah Wiggins

    I am grateful for my family, friends, home, school, and church.

  • Kayla Bergen

    I am grateful for friends who stick with me through thick and thin. 🙂

  • Ash B

    I am so very grateful for all the people God has been placing in my life over these past few months, as I have been struggling with finding my joy in God instead of a bo, who I’ve wanted to date. I have been having health issues also and God is just so good, I know He has a plan for me. I am also grateful for my dad, who is helping with disaster relief and spreading the gospel to these hurting people. I’m grateful that God is just so loving and merciful to me, that I will never face my fears alone and I can share this great love with others. Thank you liesyoungwomenbelieve!!! Your blog posts really bless me and I am so thankfull!!

  • Spring Huang

    I am grateful for my close friends for being so supportive and trustworthy that we can share life together as we follow Jesus day by day.

  • Rebekka

    I am grateful for the God who cares and protects my family. Through thick and thin he has been there for us, and I just can’t thank him enough!

  • Cheryl

    I am grateful for friends who are like family!

  • Lauren

    I am thankful for Jesus, my family, and my best friend. I’m also thankful for the hard times in my life, as they have helped me to grow in my walk with the Lord.

  • Carissa

    I am thankful for God and all that he has done in a through me and all that he continues to do. I am so thankful for the opportunities he has given me to grow in my talents and I am thankful that my relationship with him continues to deepen. I am thankful for my family and for my friends and mentors who are always supporting me and encouraging as I run the race set before me.

  • Mandi

    I’m grateful for munch friends and family who have continued to support me!!

  • Frances

    I am grateful for my country of Aotearoa New Zealand, where adventure is never far away and God’s greatness is displayed in the nature that constantly surrounds me. New Zealand is such a beautiful, peaceful country and God has placed me here for a reason <3

  • rebeccavanmiddelkoop

    I’m thankful that Christ has died and risen and we may be comforted during a time of grieving.

  • abigail brizuela

    I’m thankful for celebration. Even when life seems hard, when I keep my eyes set on Jesus and see past the pain, I can celebrate his faithfulness.

  • Adaline Griffiths

    I’m so grateful for my family! They always support me and love me!
    I am so grateful for my Lord my God, who sacrificed His own son for me!

  • Sarah

    I’m so grateful for the MERCY and GRACE of God in my life in every real way. Through the trials and difficulties He has been SO GOOD! I’m grateful for the amazing fall weather, for a wonderful godly guy in my life, for a job and means to earn money, and for godly mentors in my life! I’m grateful that my heavenly Father perfectly meets my needs in perfect time.

  • Natalie B

    I am super grateful for revive our hearts’ ministry because it’s been such a great encouragement to my life. I’ve been able to grow and learn so many things about God’s character, his will for me and others and just being a better encouragement to others with His grace. I’m so blessed by this ministry!

  • Hannah

    I’m thankful for my sister, a drop of joy sent from God, she always manages to cheer me up and cares for me so thoughtfully!

  • Blessed Beauty

    I am thankful for Jesus,For dying on the cross.Im also thankful for my awesome family and friends.Lastly I’m thankful for Books(LOL)!!

  • Emily

    I am so grateful for my Dad! He is a wonderful Christ-like example to me.

  • Nathan-Amy Harmer

    I’m grateful God is providing us a home come December.

  • Tere

    I am thankful, that Jesus paid my penalty of eternal hell. I am also thankful for the fellowship we can have with Him and also other believers.

  • Esther Sentosa

    I’m very thankful for my family, friends, and most of all, Jesus Christ. He has been there for me whenever and wherever and I’m blessed to be his daughter.

  • blessed life

    Thank you Lord for the Tweety Birds, The green grass, the smile on my face, the sound of laughter, the blue skies, the butterflies, and thank you most of all for this beautiful day that you have made!

  • Dolly

    Thankful for my family. My job. My church. My friends. These are things that God has taught me many things through (along with many others) but especially thankful for these ones. This past year they have supported me, challenged me, taking me through some of the toughest things yet and just drawn me closer to the Lord.

  • lexi

    I am so thankful for my family, especially my sister and my mom. I’m thankful for my God, who always reminds me how much he loves me. I am thankful for all that I have.

  • lexi

    I’m thankful for God, and my family, especially my sister and my mom. I am thankful for all the good relationships I am blessed to have in my life as well.

  • Vino

    I am grateful to have a merciful Heavenly Father who so lovingly sanctifies us so we can be more like Jesus. His love is so deep!

  • Allison

    I am very grateful that God never gives up on me and is weaving a story with my life that is a thousand times more amazing that anything I can imagine. I’m thankful that I don’t have to have this whole life figured out, but can just trust Him and cling ever so tightly to Him. I’m grateful for encouragement and comfort provided by His Word. I’m thankful that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way. I’m thankful that He is a refuge for the oppressed in times of trouble! God is so good!

  • Carolyn H.

    I am grateful that God gives grace. I know it sounds cliche, but seriously, in my effort to live this Christian life, I fail every single day. But God is so good. He encourages me to get back up again and continue pursuing Him. I am so thankful for His grace that allows me to do this.

  • Katie

    I am grateful for the ministry of Revive Our Hearts! The Lord has used the podcasts and blogs to change my life and draw me closer to Him!

  • lolaramirez

    I am thankful for family, friends, and of course Christ!!! Where would I be without Him?! I am also thankful for a warm place to stay (out of the cold weather and snow that we are currently getting). 😀

  • Michelle Hernandez

    I’m thankful for this ministry, but I’m thankful with my mom, because she cares about my spiritual live, she is always checking that I have done my quiet time, and I love her so much.

  • Emily

    I am so grateful for my friend Maya who is pushing me to be a better Christian, and who is striving to do better in her own walk with God, so that she can build up her roommates, myself, and the church. She is such an inspiration and I thank God for her every time I remember her.

  • Hannah Sangalang

    This is going to sound funny but I’m grateful for my bedroom! It’s my own and it’s peaceful and a place I can find quiet and solace to meditate or relax!

  • Grace Sentosa

    Gratitude.. You can never be done with it, seriously! There are so many things to be grateful for. I am grateful for many things, and some of them are the amazing family and environment I grew up in, the truly valuable resources, education, and opportunities that I may have, and especially for those things which I am not aware of. Above all, however, I am most grateful for God saving me, for His grace and salvation. That is truly the one thing that I may never obtain with myself or have life without.

  • I’m most grateful for my two kids <3

  • hannnah

    I’m grateful that Juses saved me and I can live in him.

    • hannah


  • Emily Yang

    I am beyond grateful for college. This “freedom” I have now I want to use it for His Kingdom, and cherish my studying time because in all honesty it is so much fun reading and writing.

  • nga daniele

    I am grateful for salvation. Each morning when I wake up I thank the Lord for the privilege members of knowing Him. I am grateful for Revive our Hearts, a ministry that has helped me grow in my walk with Christ. I am grateful for my family members and church family for their encouragements when school was tough.

  • Grace Phillips

    I am grateful for education. My mom stayed home from to homeschool me. I’m a junior this year. Time goes so fast. I am grateful for salvation in Him as well! There is nothing like knowing your are His and His alone! 🙂

  • hannah

    who won? and how do u know if u won?

    • erinleedavis

      Hi Hannah! If you win our team will contact you via email.


      Erin Davis

      • hannah

        Ok thanks.