How Boy-Crazy Are You?

Don’t think you’re boy-crazy? You just might be surprised.

Take the Boy-Crazy Quiz

Take the Boy-Crazy Quiz to find out where your focus is. Simply answer “yes” or “no” to these thirteen questions.

  1. In a room full of people, do you always know where “he” is? (yes/no)
  2. Are boys your number-one favorite topic of conversation with your friends? (yes/no)
  3. Do you often dress to catch a guy’s attention? (yes/no)
  4. Do you replace one crush with another almost as soon as you realize the first relationship is not going anywhere? (yes/no)
  5. Have you asked a guy out? (yes/no)
  6. Do you have your eye on more than one guy at a time? (yes/no)
  7. Do you believe you’d finally be completely happy if you had a boyfriend? (yes/no)
  8. Do you change your schedule or plans in order to bump into him? (yes/no)
  9. Do you tend to have more guy friends than girlfriends? (yes/no)
  10. When you’re relaxing with a good book, movie, or song, do you pick those that are filled with ooey-gooey romance? (yes/no)
  11. If you journal or pray, are your pages or prayers filled with thoughts and requests about guys? (yes/no)
  12. Are you always trying to figure out which guys like you? (yes/no)
  13. Would you be willing to get a total makeover for a guy? Not the hair, make-up, and new-clothes kind, but the “I’ll change who I am at my core if that’s what it takes to get you” kind? (yes/no)

Where to Go from Here

If you answered “yes” to several or all of these questions, that says something important about your heart. It clues you in to what your heart loves. What your heart fears, even. Do your answers point to you being more crazy about your Creator God or about guys?

Speaking from experience, boy-craziness is a road that will ultimately lead to heartache and loss (Ps. 16:4). True joy and freedom, on the other hand, are found in God’s presence (Ps. 16:11).

If you haven’t yet read my book, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom, I encourage you to order your copy today. If God can transform me, there’s hope for you for sure!

We’re giving away three copies of Confessions today. To enter to win one, log on to the giveaway widget then leave a comment below by Valentine’s Day, and let me know what you learned from taking this quiz.

In the meantime, let’s continue this conversation. Over the next couple of days, we’re going to explore two questions:

  1. Is being boy-crazy really all that bad?
  2. I feel like boy-craziness is taking over. What can I do about it?

Stick with me as we journey together from neediness to freedom!

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Paula Marsteller

Paula no longer tries to catch guys' attention by swallowing live goldfish, arm wrestling, and jumping down flights of stairs. (She's married to a wonderful man now!) She spends her days caring for her son, Iren, and writing for Revive Our Hearts. She's the author of Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom, and she and her family live in New York. You can catch all her writing on

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  • Ry

    I feel like sometimes I flirt with every single guy I talk to. It’s my personality to be funny and joke around with others. But then I also am always thinking: that guy likes me. I feel like boy craziness is taking over! How can I stop it???!!!!

  • Michaela Miller

    I’m 22 and I want it to stop. It’s like a bad habit or cycle.
    It’s so old.

  • Jessa 0925

    Only 4 yeses! Last year, my answers would have been different.

  • Macayla Bycroft

    Only three yes’! And those are only kind of- did it once or twice kind of things!! And it’s about one guy- not multiple. A few years ago, tho, I would’ve had maybe one or two no’s..

  • A

    Interesting to consider….I never want to lose sight of God where my life revolves around a guy and I waste my single years.
    I’d love to read your book, Paula! 🙂

  • Tiana

    I only got 4 yes’!!! If this was last year, i probably would’ve gotten 9 or 10 yes’, but i’ve been praying for help with that, and God took away my boy-craziness!!

  • Emily

    What a thought provoking quiz!!

  • setapartforchrist

    All Girls should take this quiz! Very good questions to ask

  • Beth

    I think I got a five (maybe slightly more). The first time I went through, I said “no” to everything….then I went back through and really thought through recent scenarios…and…wow. I really base my value on other’s opinions. A ton.

  • Sveta Dunlap

    I’m more boy crazy than I thought, but also less so than I was a year ago. This saddens my heart as I want to seek Jesus as my true joy and love above all else!

    • Praise God for progress, Sveta! The good news is we can repent of our “little g gods” all day long, every day, and keep turning back to God. He welcomes us with open arms through Christ.

    • Husna

      Hey Sveta! Don’t be sad. As you’ve said, you’re less boy crazy than you were a year ago. That’s progress. With matters of the heart, little steps of progress wrapped in a whole lot of grace are what count. Keep going, sister! We’re all in this together.

  • Shae Zalenski

    I learned that it’s not worth it to be boy-crazy as many others are.

  • Alyssa Nicole

    I’m not as not crazy as I used to be. My focus is still on boys more than I want it to be though.

  • Co

    I got a four…😬🤔😬

  • For His glory

    I don’t think I did too badly on this test. I think I’ve improved over the years, and don’t dwell on guys a ton, but I’m sure there is room for improvement!

    • That’s great that you’ve improved over the years, FHG. I’m sure you’re right, though, as long as the goal is to keep the greatest commandment and love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Praying along those lines for us both now!

  • Priscilla

    I wish I wasn’t so boy crazed. I want to be completely and utterly in love with God and His word. I want to cling Him like he’s my next breath.

  • Emma Kauffman

    I still think about guys too much. I really want to learn to let God be my all in all.

  • Husna

    This piece hits a certain spot for sure. Personally, it has shown that there is still quite a long way to go when it comes to being boy-crazy. However, it is relieving to see how there has been tremendous growth especially in this sector. Glory to God that He has taught me to cling to Him even more and to love Him. Allowing me to face rejection so that He could redirect me to Him. I may have a long way to go, but for sure, i’m so glad thus far He has brought me.

    Thank you so much for this eye-opening albeit slightly short quiz. Be blessed.

  • Sarah

    I’ve been really concerned about this recently. I know that I’m boy crazy, and I really want to learn how to change my focus to be God-centered. Thanks for the quiz!

  • Dancer on tip toe

    I got a much higher answer than I thought I would! One thing have been doing the last year is just trying to surrender to God in this area of my life, so this came at a good time!

  • Olivia Vinson

    I only got one yes!! Last year, I would have gotten a completely different answer. I have been learning that Jesus should be my first love and no one should get in the way of that. Thank you for this article/quiz. It is always good to test ourselves and see what are motives are.

  • Eva Nelson

    I am personally pretty boy-crazy. I have asked God to help me exchange that from boy-crazy to God-crazy. These articles are very useful for me and I will be looking forward to reading more articles concerning boys. Thanks for the quiz!

  • Ash

    8 answers were yes and only 5 were no. I’m still dissappointed that I apparently am more boy crazy than I thought. I’ve never really thought about my feelings between God and guys.
    I thought it was a bit ironic when I saw the email because, I was literally just asking God to help me stop having love thoughts about this guy! I feel sooo nervous around my crush (es) and really want yo concentrate on God more than guys!!

  • Erika

    Not so long ago I used to be a boy-crazy girl. At that time I would have answered yes to most of those questions, but I’m happy to say that right now most of my answers where no… God has really worked in me and I’m thankful for that.

  • Crystal

    I never really considered my self boy-crazy, but not God crazy either (which is my goal) I want to focus all my time, thoughts and energy on Him and not that one guy Ive been interested in for so long. Even though I only answered yes to 3 questions on the quiz it made me realize I haven’t fully surrendered this area of my life completely to God, so Im glad I came across this today because it made me realize that there is still work that needs to be done and with God’s help and strength I know I will be able to trust him to take care of this area of my life, while I focus all my love on my Creator.

  • KayLee Kruger

    I have always considered girls to be more preferable (even being called a lesbian once) in terms of company, but I do notice guys, especially when they are attractive or considerate.

    • Dear KayLee,

      Just wanted to drop in and say that enjoying girls’ company more than guys’ company doesn’t make you a lesbian. Which you probably already know. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Martha

    I answered yes to 3 questions, but by the grace of God I want to come to a place of complete surrender of my love life to God. His plans for me will always far surpass any I could dream up for myself, even if that’s a life of singleness.

  • Chelsy Johnson

    I answered yes to a lot of the questions. I’ve known for awhile now that I’m pretty boy-crazy and sometimes I feel like it takes priority over my relationship with God. I’ve changed before for a guy (a pastor’s son nonetheless) and it didn’t work out because there were things like my purity that I wasn’t going to compromise. I have changed a lot since then but I still have a long way too go. I regret and I will never ever do/say the things I did back then. I really want to have a relationship with God that surpasses what I can get from anyone else. I want to tune into that love that no one (not even a guy) can give. I need that hole in my heart to be completely filled up and I know that it can only be filled up by God. Keep me in your prayers! And I would LOVE to read your book.

    • God is changing your desires and drawing you to Him, Chelsy. 🙂

      • Chelsy Johnson

        I know and sometimes even when I don’t feel God’s hands working in my life it’s so evident when I look back and see how I’ve changed. God’s so faithful 🙂

  • KT

    As someone who’s greatest desire is to be a wife and mother, it is even harder to not think about boys. Many of my friends are preparing for college and careers, but since I want to be pursued by my future husband, I feel very stagnant. Do you have any tips on focusing on God over focusing on boys? And how to approach the single years?

    • I do! My main answer to your question will be in Wednesday’s post.

      Also, have you checked out my book, “Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom”? My greatest dream was also being loved by a guy; I can relate. If God can free me, KT, He can do it for you, too.

      If you want more posts on approaching the single years, start with this one: Then, check out other posts on under the category “singleness.”

      Praying for you now, KT,


      • KT

        Thank you so much!!!

  • Makenna

    It’s amazing how faithful God is,

  • Makenna

    To complete the comment I accidentally posted too soon… 🙂
    It’s amazing how faithful God is, when I asked Him to help me focus on Him instead of boys, He immediately began changing my heart. It helps me a lot to replace thoughts I probably shouldn’t be thinking with a Bible verse, specifically Psalm 139:17, which says, “How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!” When I think about how God loves me, and He’s actually thinking about me right now, it gives me chills—and helps me fix my mind on Jesus. To think that Almighty God is so crazy about me that He would die… it kind of puts things in perspective. 🙂

    • Way to meditate on God’s Word throughout the day, Makenna. May God continue to change and align your desires with His.

  • Emily

    I currently like a guy from my church (this is going soemwhere, I promise) and the past few days, I’ve been thinking about him a lot and flirting with him some over text, and last night as I was settling down to read my Bible, my next few verses to study were in Isaiah 3. I was debating about whether I really wanted to read that, or if I wanted to go someplace else, but then my eyes fell on the two verses about the proud, flirtatious women of Jerusalem and I was really convicted.
    “The Lord says, ‘The women of Zion are haughty, walking along with outstretched necks, flirting with their eyes, strutting along with swaying hips, with ornaments jingling on their ankles. Therefore the Lord will bring sores on the heads of the women of Zion; the Lord will make their scalps bald.'” Isaiah 3:16-17
    These two verses tell us what the flirtatious woman looks like, and what their consequences are. Then I went to 1 Peter 3, and looked at what a godly woman was. They are soooo different and I was really convicted, but my heart is still really set on the guy, even though I know I shouldn’t flirt. I want to put God first, and I can tell he does too, but my sinful nature wants me to tell him I like him and all that.
    So I am struggling through that, and I am really grateful for these upcoming posts.

    • Thanks so much for your honesty, Emily. In addition to staying tuned to the next couple of posts, could I encourage you to check out my book, “Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl,” as well as Mary Kassian’s book, “Girls Gone Wise: In a World Gone Wild”? I think both will help, if you haven’t already read them. Praying for you now.

  • Heidi Hogan

    I know I’m a bit boy crazy but after reading an article by Lies Young Women Believe over Christmas, it was about the verse from Song of Songs, “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and deers of the forest, do not arousen or awaken until it so desires.” I’ve been reflecting on that a lot. Especially whenever my mind tries to go down the path of “what if…” With guys. I still pray for my future husband, I even write letters to him. But I’m learning to trust God with my whole heart and future.

  • Dom Boch

    I have mostly accepted that I am not in the right place for a boyfriend, and I think the questions above answer that.

  • Grace

    This list of questions really made me think. Am I boy crazy or God crazy? What is taking up my thoughts, boys or God? It’s had helped me to see my problem and I know I need to take a hold of this bit crazy problem and rein it in. Thanks for the great post!!!!!!!

  • RedeemedRachel

    Yes, I will admit along with everyone else, I answered yes to a couple of the questions…it made me think – are we looking for our satisfaction in an earthly prince, or are we looking unto our Heavenly and never failing KING? Thank you for your ministry!

  • I was kind of surprises but as I kept answering yes I realized there are some thought that I wasn’t taking captive and other thought that I wasn’t even aware of me thinking or action that I do. Its like you were in my head, its like you were my eyes, and my heart, or my body, or my actions. I answered yes to all of them I need to be free asap.

  • Elisabet Narvaez

    I admit that in a long time ago I was a boy crazy girl. While I was answering those questions, I remembered how I treated guys. Throughout the quiz I figured out that I was that kind of girl obsessed with guys and how much damaged I caused. I’m thankful that two years ago God changed my life; Now I
    can say I’am crazy for God.

  • Laci

    Hello! I do tend to have more guy friends then girl friends- but almost all of them have a deep and growing love for the Lord. I love getting to know them, and see their growth. While it would be nice to have a boyfriend, I am enjoying my season of singleness so that I am able to focus on God, my relationship, love and commitment to Him, and what that means for my life. Thank you for this refreshing quiz!!

  • Ash

    1. yes, shockingly and somewhat stocking sounding, I usually always know where “he” is, while in a room full of people.

    2. Yes, my gals and I tend to talk about guys A Lot.

    3. Sometimes I will dress to catch “his” attention, but not always.I am usually fighting with myself when it comes to clothes, about the fact that, if “he” is concerned about how I dress and my outer appearance more than “me”, then “he” doesn’t love me for who I am and isn’t worth my time. On the other hand, God loves me no matter what. That’s why He is the best guy to rely and trust in.
    4. I usually have several crushes at once, talking to each, and testing which ones are better, as in, closer to God. Which I don’t think is really wrong, it’s just the flirtatious junk that is wrong. Boys are human beings. Not toys. We need to see and know that they have feelings just like us, and we need to respect that, respect ourselves, and respect God.
    5. No, I have never asked a guy “out”, lol…that’s weird, tbh.
    6. yes, i tend to have several crushes, other times I concentrate on one.
    7. I know I would never be completely happy with or without a boyfriend. Only God can give us the love that we so desire.

    8. I might change my schedules and plans in order to bump into him, but I’m leaning more towards a “no” for that answer, since I know boys can’t make me happy.
    9. I’ve always gotten along with guys better. Girls tend to bore me, but I do have a few friends that are girls.
    10. I only listen to Christian music, not really into mushy romance movies and books.
    11. My journal prayers and stuff are usually asking God to help me stop thinking about guys and building a better relationship with Him.
    12. What girl doesn’t wanna know if a guy likes her? lol
    13. No, I wouldn’t change my entire self for a boy. I started once, and it ends in nothing but hurt,disappointment,and the realization that God has always been and will always be here for us.

    Boys? Haha, ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  • Most of those did not apply to me, thank goodness! Although a few did . . . maybe two or three. But I’m not super boy-crazy! I’m very loyal haha.

  • Nicole Miller

    I think I have a problem with the content of some of these questions. Having more guy friends than girl friends, liking chick flicks, being aware of your surroundings, including guys in what you pray about, and being confident enough to ask a guy out are not qualities I would attribute to being boy crazy. I’m interesting in having a dialogue about this!

    • Hey, Nicole, Sorry I’m just now responding–super behind on correspondence right now. 🙁

      Maybe I should’ve been more clear in this post. These were all autobiographical symptoms that I had as a boy-crazy girl; they pointed to my heart idolatry. I agree that not every girl may have the same “symptoms.” Boy-craziness can manifest itself in loud, outward ways or in quiet, silent ways. The key is discovering and repenting of heart idolatry.

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

  • Sarah Wiggins

    I learned that I need to focus on God more than boys.

  • Natasha

    I answered two or three with ‘Yes’, but if I had done that quiz a few months ago most of them would have been ‘Yes.’ I had a huge crush on a guy but thankfully it is over now, because neither of us was even ready for a relationship.

  • skye

    this book totally looks like a good book to read!

  • Joy

    I answered “yes” to a few of those questions. But if you had asked me a year ago…I think almost all of them would have been a “yes”. Being boy-crazy is something i used to struggle with like crazy. I would look at guys and think about how cute they looked. I would see a happy couple and be bubbling with jealousy. Wishing that I had a boyfriend and thinking that if I did my life would be so much better. But this year I’ve really learned to rely on God first in my life. And slowly but surly boys stopped consuming my life. I realized that God is the most important thing in my life above everything else.

  • CharLatte

    Ouch! I was guilty of more than I realized. Thanks for the eye-opener! Lord, help me!

  • Carrie-Grace

    I got Yes on around 3 or 4 and Sometimes on some of the others. 😉 Really looking forward to reading more blog posts on this! Usually I tend to ignore guys I like because I don’t know how to interact well with them.

  • Mack

    I’m 19 guys, and this problem doesn’t disappear or get better just with time. God has given me the grace to have been able to keep my boy-craziness under control for my teenage years, but I’ve come close to full-on boy-insanity many times!! We constantly have to keep ourselves in check- “Am I thinking only of myself?” “Is God’s opinion most important?” – or we’ll slip into a place we don’t want to be, where our cravings for guys’ attention take our eyes off the Lord.
    Love y’all 😘

  • Kylee M

    The only question I answered yes was number one…. and that pertains to my boyfriend soon to be my fiancé. 😉 I guess I am really blessed. I have never been boy crazy. Yes I have wanted relationships at times and sometimes cried over why I was still single, but I never had the problem of chasing after boys to get what I wanted or crushing on one boy after another. The only one I have ever loved is my boyfriend. 😉 But this is a great checklist. Thanks for the great articles, Paula!

  • marie

    Hi Paula,
    thank you for this post. Sometimes it is really hard to choose to wait and not be boy crazy when all the other girls around you are pinning for any boy who will look at them. This quiz is definitely a good heart check. Thank you!

  • Hannah B

    I love Passion and purity by Elisabeth Elliot it is a very convicting, helpful book related to this topic

  • Isabella Jo

    I definitely enjoy boys more than I’d like to. They can be such a distraction as I try to focus on Christ. Knowing how to handle my heart better, and be fully content with Christ’s love is something I crave.

  • Alfindy Agyputri

    There are only three questions that I would probably answer yes to, and I’m both relieved and worried. Relieved because at least I’m not that bad, but worried because I still have those three questions to think about. There are times, before taking this quiz, that I wonder who my priority is. God or the boy. It’s very easy and tempting to say God while live out as if boys are more important. I pray God helps us all to focus more on Jesus, the only man who can satisfy us.

  • Elizabeth

    I have to say, I’m pretty boy crazy. The problem is I tend to treat guys differently than girls. It’s probably because they treat me differently, but I still don’t like it. The other night one guy told me I’m condescending, which I don’t think I am. I try not to laugh too much because for one I don’t want them to think that I like them, and two I find overly giggly girls annoying (and I do tend to laugh a lot). I don’t want guys to see me as condescending, yet I am also not sure how to change myself to make my personality more approachable and less judgemental.

    • judah Haws

      elizabeth i totally get that!!! i really struggle with being condecending, so i definatly know what it’s like 2 b confronted. just pray about it and if you can, try to find an older girl who might have gone through it b4 . praying 4 ya!!

    • Hey, Elizabeth,

      My encouragement to you would be to be yourself around both guys and girls, around guys you’re attracted to and guys you’re not attracted to. Rather than pouring time and energy into trying to come across the way you think you should, throw yourself into loving God first and others as you’d love yourself. Relax and just enjoy others. 🙂

      Hope that helps a little,


  • Sarah

    The quiz was very convicting of the status of my hearts affections. I want my affections to be set above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Who is worthy of my awe and devoted affection save the Lord? Looking forward to growing and learning fro these upcoming articles!

  • Ruth

    How do you know if you wone ? How ?

    • Hey, Ruth,

      You should’ve received an email from us if you won. I just emailed someone asking if I can get the names of the winners to post here. More soon.

      Thanks for asking!


  • Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. The winners of “Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom” are:

    Skye Myer
    Jeslyn Andrews
    Anne-Ritchell Alexandre

    Thanks for posting!