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The Good Thing About Being Out of Control

As a fifteen-year-old, not-yet-licensed-driver, the feeling of being behind the wheel of a car was exhilarating. I got to choose where we went. How far the needle climbed up the speedometer was up to me. I was in control. Well … kind of.
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When a Guy Looks at Me, He Sees...

When I was working on a book, I interviewed many godly young men to get their perspective on young women today. One of my questions was, "How can girls help guys become the men God created them to be?" Without hesitation, each of the young men responded, "By dressing more modestly!"
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But How Will He Notice Me If I Don't Flirt?

Last week on the blog I shared what Christian guys think about flirting. After reading that, I anticipate a lot of you wondering, Yeah, but if I don't flirt, how's a guy ever gonna notice me? So I asked the same guys to answer that question for you in advance.
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Warning: Certain Death Lies Ahead

Age is no factor when it comes to death. Disease does not discriminate between the young and the old. You and I are a breath away from eternity at every moment. Unless Jesus comes for me, physical helplessness is in my future—and yours.
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Nineteen Reasons Why Easter Matters

Easter is right around the corner. Here are nineteen reasons why that matters. Can you add to the list and make it twenty?
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