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Why Do We Need Guys Anyway

To hear the world tell it, men are a dying breed. Books have been written, articles have been circulated, TED talks have been developed around the big idea that men are on their way out. But when you look at God's Word, it becomes pretty obvious that's not true.
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What Christian Guys Think of Flirting

What do guys—particularly Christian guys—think of flirting? I asked some godly guys I know, and here’s what they had to say.
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Why Barbie Made Me Mad

It was a regular Wednesday morning at work when the mail arrived. I started scanning through the letters when I noticed a big hot pink magazine. "Barbie" was the only thing written on the front cover. The magazine was filled with perfect images of plastic dolls dressed in slinky, seductive outfits. The pages were loaded with the latest Barbie everything. Every doll was done up to perfection from head to toe. Every outfit perfectly styled. Every face perfectly made up. Perfect figures. Perfect hair. Perfect, perfect, perfect.
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Best Week Ever!

I don't know about you, but the resurrection, the crucifixion, and God's plan for my redemption can sometimes soar right over my head. I know that they matter, but I can't seem to wrap my little brain around the bigness of it all.
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Stop Holding the Sign

I suppose it's possible for shame to be so humiliating that it would prevent the guilty person from ever making the same mistake again. But just like a pill designed to cure one ailment can result in debilitating side effects, shame may stop a bad behavior—but a nasty side effect is often sickness of the heart.
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