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Freebie Friday! True Princess

Are you living like a princess or a daughter of the King?
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Drawing Close to Christ

Most of us desire to know God more than we currently do. We sense our need for more of His presence and power in our daily lives. And yet we often balk at doing the one thing that would bring us closer to Him—spending time in His presence.
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Cheeseburgers and Closet Sins

Eating a cheeseburger in secret? Probably not such a big deal. But real, closet sins? That's a huge deal.
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Why You Need to Know the Rule of Three

If you're lucky, you've got a few more lazy days of summer left, but it won't be long before nothing-to-do turns into how-will-I get-it-all-done. As you look ahead to the new school year, you need to know about the Rule of Three.
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How I Know You Will Get Married

Maybe you will get married some day and maybe you won't, but that craving? The desire you have to pledge your life to someone else in the name of love? That craving is about something bigger, and I know for a fact that it will be satisfied.
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