So Long Hollywood Man

Bethany Baird 11/27/12 | Twitter: @girl_defined
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so longHollywood has been cramming lies down our throats for a long time. It's time we stood up and said, "No more!" I personally am sick of the self-centered, sex-crazy, girl-obsessed guys that Hollywood offers me. I often wonder why we as young women are accepting this low standard of masculinity. Is there anything else out there besides the Hollywood male? Do mighty warriors and honorable gentleman still exist?

In the very beginning God created Adam to work in the garden. He tended the garden and animals by providing for the basic needs of his home. God then gave him a beautiful woman to love and cherish, to lead and protect as his most valued creature that God had given him.

Then the LORD God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him."... But for Adam there was not found a helper fit for him. So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man (Gen. 2:18, 20–22).

Before sin entered the world, man was created to tend the garden, take care of the animals, love and take care of his wife, and live in fellowship with God. The woman was created to help the man serve God. Eve was designed to help Adam fulfill his responsibilities. She was there to love and nurture him. After sin entered the world, things changed dramatically. Selfishness and pride became rampant. Women rebelled against God's design as helper and starting fighting against the man instead of working with him. Fortunately, God gave us some more advice on how to relate to one another in a sinful world.

For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its savior.... Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (Eph. 5:23, 25).

The typical Hollywood guy is self-focused, pleasure-seeking, crude, wimpy, irresponsible, lust-driven, immature, and vain.

God's guy chooses to be pure, noble, honorable, trustworthy, moral, generous, reliable, dependable, chaste, a protector, a provider, a leader, and selfless.

The world tells us that if we follow the biblical pattern for the male and female relationships, we will be trampled by men. Not true! In comparison to a Hollywood, sex-crazed male, a biblical man is sounding a whole lot better to me. If a guy chooses to follow God's design for how a man should live, he will treat women with respect, honor, dignity, and purity. He won't trample on you, but love and cherish you, as Christ loves the Church. God is the original Creator and Designer of men, so He would know best as to what the male's position should be. God's desire is that all men honor Him and strive to protect the safety and honor of a woman.

Jesus was the perfect man who displayed all of those wonderful characteristics. Although no man can reach perfection until heaven, we are still commanded to pursue this standard: "that you may become blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world" (Phil. 2:15).

When you compare God's man to Hollywood's man, he really does shine like a star in a crooked and depraved generation.

There are definitely young men out in the world who see God's original design and realize that they are to be imitators of Christ. They have that vision and are actively pursing a pure and holy lifestyle. 

I personally know several young men striving after that vision to be pure, honorable, trustworthy etc. There are young men scattered around the country who have tried Hollywood's formula for macho maleness and have fallen flat on their faces. They've finally realized that happiness lies in Jesus and true masculinity is a man willing to fight for the truth of God's Word. A godly man is a fighter for truth—not a fighter for conquest but a fighter for purity and honor. Just talking about such a noble man makes me excited!

It's time. Watch out Hollywood, we are done with you and your macho men. We have seen the truth, and we are no longer accepting that watered-down version of males. We know there are men in the world who are willing to strive for holiness. Those are the true mighty men!



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    a person
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 2:28 am
    I have a prob.

    Okay. Whew.

    Alright in school we have to watch these shakespear [sp?] plays and they guys always wear these tights and well, okay, it's REALLY distracting. I used to never think about 'that', but then I heard them mention it in jokes on TV and in books [even Christian books] and so I stopped those things. But now in school, I have to put up with this? I can't get out of watching the plays. But is it a sin for me to be noticing this? Like, am I a pervert? I'm not enjoying it. I'm mad they aren't wearing regular pants. Like, is it inapropriot for guys to dress like that? I also notice girls chests more now, not like I'm attracted or anything, eww, no I mean, like it's weird, I used to not care, bodies were just bodies, whatever, But now I notice this stuff all the time, and I feel like I'm really sinnful. Is it sin to think of body stuff like that? Life was so much easier when I was a little kid and everyone looked the same and we weren't all afraid of this stuff all the time. If this is at all how guys feel about girls when they dress imodestly, my hearts breakin' for them, cause this is awful. I don't like thinking about this stuff. I don't know... I read a lot of books about waiting and saving sex for your husband by Dannah Gresh and I never thought about sex stuff until I read those. I thought it would be good for me cause they were Christian books, but now I feel like a pervert cause I think about it a lot more, and I care a lot about how I look too.

    Do I have a massive problem? I dunno, maybe it's all in my head. But I'm not really sure about this being lust; it doesn't seem like lust to me. Like, when I see a guy and think he's 'very' attractive, it's cause of his face and style, and I'd prob call that lust [ya know, like crushing on him or whatever], but not because of his body. So what's up with me thinking about the body stuff so much? It's not like I'm thinking about it cause I ENJOY thinking about it. It just seems to keep popping up. Is this normal, or am I sinning? Is it a sin to think about the body or notice this stuff? I'm afraid I'm really messed up. Is God mad at these thoughts?

    Dunno if I said that very well. It's hard to explain I guess.

    So when we watch those plays, should I hold my hand in front of my face so I can only see their faces? I've done this but it sort of makes me think about it more. What should I do?

    Also, on a lighter note, what do I do about when I see a guy that's really attractive in the face and I start thinking "wow look at him!"? How can I stop being sooo excited over a guys looks [not every guy, but sometimes it hits me like a brick and I'm like 'look at that THAT SMILE!'], but also, how do I find my future husband someday? I know I wait for him to come into my life, and I'm not dating or anything like that, but how do I know when it's not a sin to like a guy? People say to like guys for the right reasons, but then in marrage, they say looks are important. Is it okay to start thinking 'okay, he's cute' like, after he proposes or what? I don't wanna lust over a guy who's not my husband.

    Just to make it clear, I DON'T like thinking or noticeing guys bodies or anything, and I'm sure I don't do it lustfully [is that a word?]. Like, I'd waaay rather look at their smile or something, it's no contest. But how can I STOP noticing the body?
    Re: a person
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 3:47 am
    Hey girl! I feel your pain!!! Sometimes I have bits of lustful or innappropriate thoughts concerning guys, I have OCD, so I deal with really weird bad thoughts on an everyday basis. Let me start by saying that you are perfectly normal. You may just be a more physically wired girl, like me. Having a bad thought is not a sin, you can't help what pops into your head. It's what you do with that bad thought. If you let it linger and entertain it, then you've sinned. I know it's hard, but the best advice I ever really heard on this subject is to just simply acknowledge that you had that thought, but don't entertain it. Just move on. Do the next thing, no matter how many times it comes back. Ignore it! Maybe you can find something to pray about when those thoughts come, the devil will be less likely to bring those thoughts to your attention if it means you'll pray. I hope this helps! And again, don't worry! You are not a pervert for having sexual thoughts about guys. You are perfectly normal! Another piece of advice would be to share your troubles with your parents or a trusted wise friend, they probably have way better advice than I do. I hope this helps!
    My boyfriend is wonderful...but...
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 4:05 am
    I am dating a guy I knew for awhile. We took things very slowly, getting to know each other and staying physically distant, and we begun dating recently. He is a great guy, a strong Christian, a complete gentleman, and he respects my boundaries and knows my limits physically and emotionally. There is just one problem.

    His past isn't so .... clean. He is not a virgin and has had several partners, one of which he was in a relationship with and some which were flings. He is completely remorseful about it, and regrets it. He has mentioned how he constantly prays to God, asking him to remove the 'soul ties' that occurred in such intimate relationships. He has rededicated himself to abstaining from sex until marriage, and is pursuing a relationship with God (and secondarily, me lol) in the meantime.

    Here's my personal problem: I am incredibly insecure about his past. I am a virgin and inexperienced in that way. For some reason, even though he has promised me and told me countlessly otherwise, I am afraid that (if the time comes in marriage) he will compare me to them and what they did for him/how they looked/ how they acted, and find me inferior. Or even in the meantime. He has known them so intimately that I feel insecure compared to them and bashful at my own appearance, or even at the window of thought that he may miss them and wish to return to them.

    Even though he as countlessly said otherwise, promising to prove himself that he is committed to me, I feel that the ties that he had with them are strong enough to be influential to him. I am hopelessly afraid of being hurt again and treated as inferior to other girls (ex's, etc) which I have been in past (stupid) relationships. I feel as if this battle I'm having is with myself, he's aware of it and comforts me but I can't get it off my mind. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? But regardless, as I continue in prayer myself, please just say a quick prayer that I may overcome this. Thank you xo
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 7:56 am
    Marielle... if he keeps telling you that he is commited to you and that he will prove it to you then you need to trust him and trust that he is doing what God wants him to do. And you need to stop worrying and put the whole matter into God's hands and let him take care of it. The only thing you can do right now is pray and you need to surrender... Trust that God will take care of it and that he WILL do what he thinks is best.
    Great!-@ aperson
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 9:36 am
    I really liked this post. Biblical fimininity and masculinity have been almost lost nowadays. Be encouraged y'all, there's plenty of pockets of Godly guys! Maybe it's because I was raised conservative homschooled but almost all the guys I know are seriouse Godly guys.
    A Person, I don't know if this is an option for you but have you ever thought about asking your parents to pull you out of school? This would definately not solve all problems like that but it would definately down size it. Often times you can get plugged in with other Christian homeschoolers in the area. It's really much easier than most people think.
    Just a thought.
    C.Jazzy 101
    A Challenge-Let's Pray 4 Hollywood Instead!
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 9:52 am
    I have a challenge for all of you.

    What if instead of stepping away from Hollywood, we begin to pray for the celebrity men and women in Hollywood? Have you heard of the Hollywood Prayer Network?

    I have been to Hollywood three times, and ever since I was ten I've had a desire to see a revival in Hollywood. Yes, we need more men to be Godly men, but what if those outside of Hollywood pray, instead of step away? Imagine what God can do!
    He did that for my school!

    I agree, that some men don't exactly see the way we think, but not all men. I have a desire to see these men come to know the Lord and women in my life-time.

    I challenge, each and everyone of you beautiful young ladies to take a step up in your church to pray for Hollywood and the leading men, such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, MIley Cyrus, and those who we watch on our scree ever day. WIll you join me?
    If God can change the heart of a KIng HE can change the heart of Hollywood!

    And I ask the leaders of the this blog will you pray instead of suggesting if I understood correctly to side-step Hollywood? They are God's children as well! I've been in Hollywood, and hope to live there the rest of my life some-day!
    Let's pray for those who are staring in Big TIme Rush etc! Let's turn them into men and women being men and women after God's own heart!

    It's a challenge!
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 11:30 am
    I know your answer to "a person" wasn't directed to me, but I wanted to say thank you anyway. I struggle so much with bad thoughts that flare up. Thank you for the advice!
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:15 pm
    So, last night, my parents had a yelling match, with the end result that my dad left us. I don't think I've grasped the reality of it yet. I don't feel anything yet. So what am I gonna do? I don't make enough to be on my own. I don't want to choose sides and I'm stuck in the middle. I rather think my mom drove dad off, she idolizes our pastor and dad isn't good enough. But I also know that my dad does porn and he doesn't go to church anymore.
    I don't what more to say. Maybe dad will come back.
    Thanks for being there to listen... I feel like such a loser.
    Swim 4Ever 99
    @ C. Jazzy 101
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:15 pm
    That is an awesome idea!!! I have wanted to be a actress or singer for the past 3 years, mainly so I could minister and witness to all of the Hollywood people. I totally agree with it and i think it would be awesome to pray for them
    Off Topic
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:21 pm
    I have a question for y'all. This may seem like its not that big of a deal for some of you, but its really an issue in my life.
    There is a guy in my class who has liked me for 6 and a half years. Ever since we met. He told me that he liked me, and said i was the most beautiful girl he'd ever met. One of my friends told me he liked me for 6 years, and I was completely shocked. Its really been bothering me, because I don't like him at ALL! I'm praying he won't ask me anything about how i feel about him, because I would have to say i don't like him. And that would probably break his heart. My friends that know about it have been pressuring me to sit next to him.
    I know its not as big as some things I could say, but I'm really having a problem with it. Any advice on how i should act towards him?
    a person
    Re: to those who responded to my post
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:58 pm
    Thank you for all of your help! I feel a lot better now. I actually AM homeschooled, but we have to watch the plays to get credit for the class, and it's too far in to change it. I'm trying to just 'devert' my eyes when the need arises.... since I can still hear the play, I don't need to watch it every momment. And I think God will help me in this, since He knows I don't want to sin in it.

    Again, thank you for your advice! I will def try my best to fight the thoughts, and think on good things insted.
    RE: Gracer
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 1:13 pm
    You're NOT a looser. Not at all. You're just in the middle of some really unfortunet circumstances right now. I'll be praying for your parents both, and you also. Hope things take a turn for the better. Remember, no matter what horrible things may happen, our response should always be worship to God. When Job suffered the loss of his children and all he had and was struck with horrible phisical pain, he worshiped God in return. God is always good no matter what. Trust Him in everything, and pray a lot. Prayin' for ya!

    There are some programs on Revive our Hearts by Nancy Leigh Demoss that your mom may want to listen to, for those who are considering divorce or think they can't live with their husband anymore because he's 'too sinnful'.

    No marrage is too far gone for God to fix-- but the people must be willing to submit to God, and to eachother also.

    Has your mom considered the 'Love Dare'? The book used in the movie 'Fireproof'? Maybe she could try that.

    Love is what keeps a marrage together. And love isn't a feeling, it's a comitment one makes to another-- weather the other stays true to that has nothing to do with their own comitmet. They promised to love, 'FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE'.

    PLEASE listen to this song by Warren Barfield called "Love is not a fight". It's AMAZING. Maybe have your mom listen to it. It's about fighting to keep a marrage together.

    I don't know if you're in the place where you can sugjest anything to her or not, but if you are, I sugjest you mention to her that, you realize what she's going through right now is really hard, but that you believe there's still hope for their marrage. Because there is hope-- if they're willing.

    Praying your parents will find truth and not separate afterall.
    Speaking of Hollywood Guys....
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 2:32 pm
    Did you hear about the kid from Two and a Half Men? Apparently he just became a Christian and is telling everyone NOT to watch the show because its depraved. I thought that was pretty amazing!
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ a person
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 4:59 pm
    You ask some very good questions and I am thankful that you feel comfortable enough to ask them with us! You are not a pervert, but are a very normal girl, my friend. God wired some of us to be more visual than others. And God is already using this in a good way in your life as you are beginning to empathize with what guys deal with every day of their lives as God definitely wired them to be visual. In our world they rarely get a break from the sensual input around them.

    I encourage you to make the choice to look away when the scenes you are uncomfortable with come on screen. You can still listen to the script and get the crux of what Shakespeare is communicating. Be sure to let your mom know how you are feeling, too, my friend, and Iím sure she will understand and may let you just listen.

    The thoughts in your mind are not sinful. But when we make the choice to dwell on them and then begin to lust and crave more, thatís when they become sin. Pour your heart out to God, sweet friend, and let Him know of your struggle. When a visual picture enters your mind, you can walk your thoughts through the grid of Phil. 4:8 until the visual thought passes. You can do this, too, when you are enamored by the beautiful smile of a young man. Praying for him and his future mate will help you to keep your mind on the right track, too.

    It is very normal to be attracted to guys. Check out one of Erinís blogs on crushes:

    Iím praying for you, sweet friend, and asking God to give you wisdom as you seek to maintain your purity and your heart for Him.
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Marielle
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 5:33 pm
    Iím sorry you are struggling so with trusting your boyfriend. It sounds as if he has repented of his sins and is choosing to follow Godís ways going forward. I wonderÖhave you ever made the conscious choice to forgive him for the bad choices he made in his pastófor those sins he committed? The fears that you are expressing could quickly lead to bondage in your personal life and has the potential to drive a huge wedge between you and this young man.

    God tells us in Eph. 5:33 to forgive others in the same way that God through Christ forgives us. He tells us in Ps. 103:12 that He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west. I encourage you to pray and ask God to give you the grace to forgive this young man the sins he made before he met you. The love you demonstrate through forgiveness will cover a multitude of sins (1 Pet. 4:8).

    And then I encourage you, Marielle, to ask the Lord to help you find your security in God alone. As you become more secure in God, His love for you and His plan for your life, you will find that your insecurities lessen and you can begin to trust not only in Godís love for you, but the love of others, as well. Iím praying for you, Marielle, and asking God to free you from these fears and replace them with His peace and the ability to trust Him and His plan.
    re: a person....Not just a guy problem
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 6:14 pm
    I just wanted to say thank you for posting that comment. Now I know I am not the only one!!! I sometimes get so hard on myself for having thoughts like that(sometimes really weird) and feel like a sicko. Something that helps me sometimes is to instantly pray for someone the minute I have thoughts like that.
    Re: Gracer
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 6:16 pm
    Hey there sweetheart. I just wanted to say I read your comment and I will pray for you. I know the feeling of parents fighting and being pressured to choose sides. Stay with God and pray for both of them. You are NOT a loser - none of this is your fault. <3
    Lindsey xxxx
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 6:35 pm
    Thank you "a Person" for your post, it really made sense, and thank you everyone who replied!
    Dear Gracer, my heart goes out to you. You are a precious child of God, and I will be praying for you.
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 7:01 pm
    Praying for you
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 7:29 pm
    My friend and I were just talking about this kind of thing yesterday! Thankyou so much!

    On another note, there is this guy in our youth group(who is older than me) that likes( I mean REALLY likes) to touch girls and it's super annoying! I've told him to stop when he does it but he still does. I've told my parents about it but there isn't much that they can do. What should I do?
    Re: a person
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 7:37 pm
    a person, I just wanted to say thanks so much for asking those questions. I've had times where I totally struggle in the same area, but I'm uncomfortable about bringing the topic up. Noticing some of the others' reactions to it as well, thank you for your courage!

    Thanks Lorree for answering it, as well, and Bethany for posting in the first place. :)
    Yes!!! and @ Snow2012
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 8:24 pm
    I'm so grateful for the godly guys in my life....and actually a little side note....I know of groups from OR that go down evry once in a while to witness in Hollywood, and LA. Maybe you should pray for them too, Jazz. =)

    @Snow2102....oh, girl, I'm feeling for you, because I know how scary and horrible that feels. I don't think there's any reason for you to give into pressure to sit by him. However, try if at all possible to treat just as you would any other guy, and try to love him by I Cor 13. Are there specific reasons you don't like him? Are they reasons that God would not want you to go with him?? Then, if that's the case, know why you shouldn't marry him, so that if he ever ask you, you can explain why. I will pray for you girl, and him too!!
    Re: Gracer
    on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 10:25 pm
    You're not a loser. You are worth so much to God that He sent his perfect son to die for you while you were still a sinner.

    Also, I kind of know how you feel about your dad leaving. When I was little, my mom would always talk about leaving us or killing herself, and once, she did leave. She didn't get very far, my sister and I chased her out of the garage, and I don't really remember how it happened, but she came back. For years afterwards, I would get this awful feeling whenever the garage door closed behind my mom when she left the house, even though I'd suppressed the actual memory. Your struggles are probably pretty different, since you're grown up, but whatever you do, don't blame yourself, because trust me, it will destroy you. It is not your job to hold your family together. My sister did that throughout our whole childhood, and now there's nothing left of who she used to be: for a while she was even suicidal.

    Hang in there, I'm praying for you.
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 5:08 am
    thankx for the gr8t post and to u "a person"...i wud lyk to knw whether are christian gals nd guys who are saved allowed to kiss each other-both being in a relationship or is it just safe to only hug each other nd where cud they do it lyk can they hug at church?!or by the way they have both promised to get married at some stage-when they are both working and done with school!plz answer asap:)
    God Bless
    oh ps-wht shud a gal do whn the guy whom she iz dating demands a kiss from her whn she does not want to?!plz respond asap
    *will be waiting for the reply*
    Re: Twinny
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 7:46 am
    It's not about what you can and can't do, when it comes to guys, but about keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus. That being said, if you are in a relationship with some one else, definitely not.

    If you're being pressured to kiss, and don't want to, be honest, tell him you don't want to, and if he keeps pressuring you, dump him.
    Off Topic
    Off Topic
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 10:38 am
    Hi Amythyst!
    Thank-you for letting me know! That's awesome!!!!! Praise God for that!!!

    And, I believe there are good men out there, it's just so hard to find!!!! I like my friend, but it's not good for me to totally focus on him, that's why I'm letting God heal me. We need to pray for the men in Hollywood that God will turn their hearts around.

    I have a question, rand off topic, what if two or three people tell you: "give your friend a chance," when he comes home. He's a Godly guy! '
    @ Beka
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 11:17 am
    Thank you so much! That really encouraged me. I'm only 13 so I won't need to worry about marrying him yet, but still thank you so much!
    God bless you!
    Erin Davis
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 11:21 am
    My dad left our family when I was 10 years old. I can so relate to the shock you are experiencing. Let me strongly encourage you to reach out to a wise, older woman in your church who can walk through this difficult season with you. There is going to be a lot to process and your parents are going to have their own challenges to deal with (not that they can't be there for you). It will be a lifesaver to have someone to talk through as you work through what's happening and have someone (or lots of people) to pray with you.

    Also, I want you to know that what happened between your parents is not a reflection on you. It is between the two of them and about their relationship, not about you.

    Can I encourage you to pray for your parents every day for at least the next 30 days. Even if the situation seems hopeless, it is not hopeless to God. He is a God of reconciliation. Pray for His intervention.

    I will be praying for you.

    re: to everyone
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 12:28 pm
    Thanks everyone for praying for me -- I couldn't make it without you.
    Erin, I am going to start praying for my parents like you said, but I don't have anyone in the "church" to go to -- it's a home church and its just the pastor and his wife, my mom and I. I'm not sure who I can trust. But I'll figure something out.
    I've got to go or I'll be late for work!
    Godly Guys
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 12:46 pm
    I know several really great Christian guys. I have known them for three or four years and see them a few times a week at school. my friends and i have a great community and we all hang out and are kinda close. Anyway, finding a godly guy isn't my problem, its just that I doubt anyone will ever ask me out! I feel like I shouldn't be wanting romance since I am only fifteen, but my guyfriends aren't very agressive and so I probably won't have a date until I am twenty and out of highschool.. I just feel depressed since none of them really like me and I am not very pretty. Any advice on dealing with it?
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Snow2012
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm
    You should not treat this guy any differently than you do any other guy. Be nice to him and treat him with respect. Guys are wired differently than girls. They like to know the bottom line and their emotions donít get caught up like ours do. So you can kindly tell the young man that while you appreciate his interest, and you like him as a person, you are not interested in anything deeper than that. He will appreciate your kindness and your honesty with him.

    I encourage you to not give in to the pressure of your friends, Snow2012, to go sit by any guy. Focus on your friendships with your girlfriends and your relationship with God. When the time is right, God will lead a young man to pursue you. Iím praying for your wisdom, Snow2012.
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Caitlin
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 1:13 pm
    I am so glad you spoke with your parents about this, Caitlin! I also encourage you to speak with your youth leader or another adult leader in your youth group and let them know what you have experienced and how you are feeling. Perhaps they can approach this young man and help him to establish some healthy boundaries in his relationships. And pray for him, that his heart would be open to learning whatís appropriate and whatís not as a young man of God. Keep standing your ground in letting him know whatís appropriate with you, Caitlin. Iím praying for you right now.
    @Snow212 and Beka!
    From: C.Jazzy 101
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 2:13 pm
    Hi Beka and Snow2012,
    Thank-you Beka for the encouragement! I'm beginning to pray again! And Snow212, keep pursuing your dream and I would definetly take Beka's advice!

    I could use advice as well. I had a couple people tell me, I should just tell my friend I liked him. Llike three people, and I sent my friend a message, I didn't say I liked him, but asked him what were his thoughts about being reunited after not talking to each for a long time. He hasn't responded back yet.

    Was that a good idea? To send a message to my friend, who I like, but not ask him if he likes me, but to wonder why we met after 7 years?

    He hasn't responded back yet, he's on an adventure, so I'm not going to say anything else.
    Sarah, with the LYWB team
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 5:01 pm
    I join you in prayer this day for Revival in Hollywood. Indeed God can work; nothing is too difficult for Him. (Jer. 32:17)
    C.Jazzy 101
    Thank-you Sarah
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 6:55 pm
    Thank-you Sarah!!!
    It means a lot! I have a friend whose in the industry! I don't want to give her name away, but would you pray with me as God uses her in the Industry?

    Thank-you for commenting!! :) I'll look up the verse:) Maybe we can get more people to pray!

    You can check out the Hollywood Prayer Network! :) I even put pictures of celebrities on my wall to remind myself to pray for them every-day! And if God can change the heart of a king, couldn't he change the heart of a HOLLYWOOD MAN?
    Blessing and @a few ppl lol
    on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 10:13 pm
    Wow... This was an AMAZING post, but the comments and feedback has been phenomenal too!!
    A Person: I know, it's been said, but sweetie, ur NOT alone! I struggled with that for a while earlier this year and then by Gods grace it tapered off... Then today it was like "wow! I haven't struggled with tha for a while!!!"
    ... Guess what happened after that?? :/ lol I struggled. So Lord willing, as I do or as I remember u, ull be in my prayers.

    Gracer... Omisoul!!! :-( :-( U and ur parents and any brothers/ sisters u have shall be in my prayers as well!

    The Hollywood prayer thin is a GREAT idea, and WHOA!!!!!!!!!! One of the guys in that show came to CHRIST!!!! That is PHENOMENAL!!!

    This was a blessing in my inbox today y'all. Praise God and thanx! <3
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Lissa
    on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 2:27 pm
    I encourage you to choose to be content with the friendships that God has given you through this community, Lissa! Having great guys to hang with and have the support of is a wonderful gift. There will come a time that ďromanceĒ will move to the forefront of your relationships. But for now, enjoy what you have and make the choice not to worry about the future. Check out Erinís blogs on guy friends:

    ē Can guys and girls be just friends?
    ē Can guys and girls be just friends? Part 2

    When you get to feeling depressed, it would be good for you to talk to your mom or another wise woman about how you are feeling so they can support you, encourage you and pray for you. Iíve prayed for you today, Lissa, and have asked God to comfort your heart and keep your eyes focused on your relationship with Him for this time; Iíve asked that He give you wisdom in how to solidify your friendships with the guys you know; and Iíve asked God to give you the heart to pray for them and encourage them in their walk with the Lord.
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Off Topic
    on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 2:29 pm
    Friends have the ability to encourage us to follow the Lordís path for our lives or they can take our focus off what God wants for us. So, I encourage you to pray and wait for Godís timing. Let a guy approach you and be the pursuer rather than you setting up times where you are together. Itís always good to keep your parents in the loop so they can advise you in this critical area of your life. Iím praying for your wisdom, my friend!
    on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 7:14 pm
    i go to a christian school; don't get me wrong, i love it! the teachers are great, and everyone knows each other. it's just that the guys are....not Christian-ly. some of them say perverted stuff and even swear sometimes. i have met decent guys, but i'm just worried that my generation might be very lax in good and decent Christian guys. i know i'm only in 8th grade and it sounds silly, but it's really hard for guys out there, and i'm not sure if they'll "make it"
    kind of an awkward way to put it
    but yeah.
    on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 11:10 pm
    Oh, dear, I apologize, I guess I assumed that you were older!! =$ You're right, at 13, one shouldn't worry about marriage yet. =)

    I think Lorree gave you good advice. I keep thinking about what she said"...Focus on your friendships with girlfriends and your relationship with God.", and I wonder if I had at least tried to do that when I was younger (I'm in my upper teens now), I wouldn't stuggle so much now with unhealthy and wrong thought patterns. I know it's not's maddening that there's so much pressure for guy/girl relationships. (sigh) I can't wait for Jesus to make right all the wrong in this world...

    Praying for u!! =)
    @ Beka
    on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 11:13 am
    Hey! No you don't need to apologize! Its totally fine, I probably would have done the same thing! Thank you so much for the prayers, I really appreciate it! Is there anything you want me to pray for you?
    Thank you!
    on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 4:50 pm
    Aw, that's sweet of you to offer!! =) If you really want to, you could pray for me in facing my unhealthy thought patterns, that I would want to halt them when I catch myself in them. Because sometimes I still want to think like that anyway, even though I know it's wrong or bad for me, know what I mean?? My mom says that I need to exchange my will for God's, and she's so right, but sometimes its hard to even want God's will, much less embrace it.

    Thank-you, Snow! You're an encouragement to me!! =) May God bless u richly.
    @a person + Twinny
    on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 4:51 pm
    A person,
    I can also relate to your problem . I remember getting distracted by the men in tights when I had to watch a shakespeare movie in school . I think around that time I really had trouble with looking at the right things. But it was just like you said- I didn't desire it in a lustful way, I was just so aware of what I say that I could disgust myself. I have a friend who had the same type of problem too.
    Everything we do should be pleasing to God, even our thoughts. So continually pray to God and I'll try to pray with you that he will lead your eyes and heart to the holy and beautiful things in His world. "He makes all things new" and "a bruised reed He will not crush and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out" (Isaiah 42:3). It means that God is gentle and merciful in dealing with our weakness. He will be patient and merciful to you too, just as He has been to me and every other Christian that has ever been. He will heal you, daughter of God.

    Twinny, the Bible dosn't give us specific rules for how much physical contact unmarried people are allowed to have. He does say, however, that "hints of sexual immorality' (Eph 5:3) It's not about how far you can push the limit, but what should I do to honor God the most. Read this article on lywb to get the full scoop:
    and she has a follow-up article for going to far
    Read the first one for some good guidelines. I hope this helps!! Remember, always keep in mind that our actions shouldn't just be "neutral," but should truly honor God. I'll pray for you, sweet friend! It's really good that you want to know how to do the right thing! You're on the right track!
    a person
    Re: Christen and all others who responded
    on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 2:00 am
    Christen: Thank you for your prayers and wise words! They're very appriciated!! I like that verse you quoted too! God bless!

    Everyone who responded to my prob: THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO HELP ME OUT! IT MEANS A TON! It's so sweet of you all! GOD BLESS YOU!
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Madge
    on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 3:43 pm
    I appreciate your concern, Madge, for the guys in your generation. It can be difficult for a Christian guy to have a solid Christian walk. Itís important to remember that we are all a work in progress (Phil. 1:6). One of the best things you can do for your guy friends is to pray for them to have a passionate walk with the Lord. The closer we are to the Lord, the less likely the world will have an influence in our walk. And then when you see them doing the right things, being a good leader, standing up for the Lord, fighting/winning over temptation, encourage them to continue on in the fight by telling them how much you appreciate their willingness to walk according to Godís ways. Guys need your prayers, your support and your encouragement. Will you do that, Madge?
    on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 4:06 pm
    Is it a sin not to get married? I want to, but is it a sin not to? And if it is a sin, is it just a sin for girls not to or for girls and guys?
    Lorree, with the LYWB team
    @ Jordan
    on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 12:05 pm
    It is not a sin to be unmarried. Jesus never married. When the disciples asked Him if it is better not to marry, He said Matt. 19:12-13 that some choose to remain single so they can devote themselves to the work of Godís kingdom. Paul was also single. 1 Cor. 7:8-9 says: ďTo the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am. But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion.Ē It doesn't matter if the person is male or female. It is not a sin to not get married.
    Kayla Ellis
    @ Gracer
    on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 12:35 pm
    Definitely praying for you girly!
    on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 6:30 pm
    I know a perfectly honorable, gentle, sweet, loyal, respectful, everything you can think of Christian guy that is completely in love with me. So what's the problem? Problem is, I'm not as pure and spiritually focused on God. There have been moments in my life I felt God was just sitting, watching my life fold out, and laughing as I stumbled through issues such as rape, abuse, abandonment, drugs, alcohol, and self-injury. So I don't feel like I'm good enough for him. I'm what many people would call the popular girl --- the "hot" one I guess. But despite all that and being stereotyped perfect by everyone, I'm still not good enough for him. Thoughts?
    Carrie, with the LYWB team
    on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 11:27 am
    Godís heart is grieved by the suffering and heartache that sin has caused in your life, B<3. ďIn all their suffering He also suffered, and He personally rescued them. In His love and mercy He redeemed them. He lifted them up and carried them through all the years (Isaiah 63:9). NLTĒ

    None of us can ever be ďgood enoughĒ for God. He asks only that we admit our desperate need and place our faith and trust in what Jesus has done for us through His life, death and resurrection.
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    on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 8:16 pm
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