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Erin Davis
Erin is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker and blogger to women of all ages. Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, you can find her herding goats, chickens, and children. 

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Freebie Friday! True Princess

Posted on 23-Jul-14 16:37 by Erin Davis

Are you living like a princess or a daughter of the King?

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Why You Need to Know the Rule of Three

Posted on 21-Jul-14 15:53 by Erin Davis

If you're lucky, you've got a few more lazy days of summer left, but it won't be long before nothing-to-do turns into how-will-I get-it-all-done. As you look ahead to the new school year, you need to know about the Rule of Three.

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How I Know You Will Get Married

Posted on 20-Jul-14 17:29 by Erin Davis

Maybe you will get married some day and maybe you won't, but that craving? The desire you have to pledge your life to someone else in the name of love? That craving is about something bigger, and I know for a fact that it will be satisfied.

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Freebie Friday! Girls Gone Wise

Posted on 17-Jul-14 11:21 by Erin Davis

This week's Freebie Friday giveaway is Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild.

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Blood, Bread, and Remembering Your Rescue

Posted on 16-Jul-14 14:43 by Erin Davis

For someone like me who has grown up in the church, communion can seem ordinary because it's so common. I know it matters, and I know Jesus took it, but why?

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25 Rules for Strong Friendships

Posted on 12-Jul-14 12:48 by Erin Davis

We could all use a little help in the relationship department from time to time. Here are twenty-five “rules” for friendship, straight out of the book of Proverbs.

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Freebie Friday! Lies Young Women Believe

Posted on 08-Jul-14 16:31 by Erin Davis

At some level, we all experience negative emotions or harmful responses that are rooted in lies we’ve believed (though we may not even realize they are lies). That’s why you need the book in today’s giveaway!

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4 Good Reasons to be Baptized

Posted on 08-Jul-14 16:05 by Erin Davis

You don't have to be baptized to follow Jesus, but there are a lot of good reasons to be. Here are four of them.

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Freebie Friday! Connected

Posted on 03-Jul-14 23:17 by Erin Davis

If you’ve ever looked at your list of Facebook friends, and felt like none of them really know you…this book is for you.

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Is God an American?

Posted on 01-Jul-14 16:59 by Erin Davis

July 4th is set aside to celebrate the birth of our nation. It's one of my favorite days of the year. But this year I'm wondering how God feels about America. I dug into the Word for some answers, and here's what I found.

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Freebie Friday! Seeking Him

Posted on 26-Jun-14 17:09 by Erin Davis

Want a Bible study that will take you DEEP into God's truth? Here's how you can win a copy for yourself.

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Is God Mad at Me?

Posted on 25-Jun-14 15:43 by Erin Davis

I've spent most of my Christian life convinced God was mad at me and terrified of the punishment He would hand down. But lately I've been challenged to go to the Word for the answer to this big question: Is God mad at me? Here's what I've found.

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Freebie Friday! The Quiet Place

Posted on 19-Jun-14 22:18 by Erin Davis

In a world that seems to constantly be screaming at us, finding a quiet place to pray and read the Bible can be tough! That's why this week we're giving away The Quiet Place.

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Freebie Friday! A 30-Day Walk with God in the Psalms

Posted on 12-Jun-14 16:02 by Erin Davis

If you’re one of those girls who made a commitment to reading God’s Word more this summer, I know what you’re thinking . . . Now what? Here’s a chance to win a resource that will help you dig into God’s Word!

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A Godly Girl's Guide to Fighting

Posted on 11-Jun-14 18:34 by Erin Davis

Ever wonder how you should confront a friend? God gives us some very specific instructions.

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Four Questions to Ask Before You Confront a Friend

Posted on 10-Jun-14 14:13 by Erin Davis

Are you fighting mad at a friend? Here are four questions to answer before you go to her.

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Freebie Friday! Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl

Posted on 04-Jun-14 22:15 by Erin Davis

We all like free stuff. That's why I am so excited to announce Freebie Fridays!

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A Test You Don't Want to Flunk

Posted on 04-Jun-14 22:08 by Erin Davis

How well do you know God's Word? Take this quiz and find out.

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The Perfect Summer Internship

Posted on 03-Jun-14 09:10 by Erin Davis

Summer is great—swimming, fireworks, BBQs, telling the alarm clock to take a hike. But let's be honest, it's only possible to have so many movie marathons before we all start to feel a little . . . bored. You may not have hit the summer slump yet, but I've got an idea to keep summer boredom far, far away.

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The Best Friend a Girl Could Want

Posted on 26-May-14 18:57 by Erin Davis

Need a friend who prays for you, gives great advice, and is available 24/7? We've got someone to introduce you to.

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Why Doesn't God Speak Out Loud to Me?

Posted on 19-May-14 12:57 by Erin Davis

Ever wished God would give you a vision or speak to you out loud? Here are four ways you can hear the voice of God.

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Giving God the All-In Card

Posted on 16-May-14 11:51 by Erin Davis

I was traveling recently and met a young woman who was doing big things for God. When I asked her how she started down the radical path she was on, she said, "Simple. A few years ago, I gave God the all-in card."

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If Your Donkey Doesn't Talk, Does God?

Posted on 14-May-14 16:09 by Erin Davis

I don't know about you, but I've never heard the voice of God thunder from a burning bush or speak through a talking donkey. So if I want to hear the voice of God today, where should I be listening?

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My Husband Doesn't Make Me Happy

Posted on 12-May-14 22:51 by Erin Davis

I found my Prince Charming. But he doesn't make me happy.

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The Colander Effect

Posted on 07-May-14 12:03 by Erin Davis

Why am I blogging about colanders? Because too many of us don't know how to get filled up. As a result, our hearts are constantly leaking, like water from a colander.

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When God's Not On Your Team

Posted on 04-May-14 21:29 by Erin Davis

Did you ever read those choose-your-own-adventure books? After reading a scenario, you got to choose between two options. The plot unfolded based on the choices you made. Allow me to present a version of choose your own adventure.

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The Number One Lie Young Women Believe

Posted on 30-Apr-14 16:04 by Erin Davis

Because I work on a blog titled and because I often get the chance to speak to girls like you about lies and truth, people regularly ask me, "In your opinion, what's the number one lie young women believe?" While I've certainly seen plenty of girls tripped up by lies about guys or beauty or trying to fit in, I believe that the number one lie girls like you believe doesn't have to do with these areas. It has to do with God.

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Should You See Heaven Is For Real?

Posted on 28-Apr-14 20:03 by Erin Davis

Movies like Noah, God's Not Dead, and Heaven Is For Real are packing in millions of moviegoers (and raking in millions of dollars). While some of these movies admit to taking artistic license, they all point to the Bible as their primary screenwriter. Should you watch these movies? Here are four big ideas to keep in mind as you decide.

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The Good Thing About Being Out of Control

Posted on 19-Apr-14 16:31 by Erin Davis

As a fifteen-year-old, not-yet-licensed-driver, the feeling of being behind the wheel of a car was exhilarating. I got to choose where we went. How far the needle climbed up the speedometer was up to me. I was in control. Well … kind of.

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Nineteen Reasons Why Easter Matters

Posted on 16-Apr-14 15:15 by Erin Davis

Easter is right around the corner. Here are nineteen reasons why that matters. Can you add to the list and make it twenty?

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Why Do We Need Guys Anyway

Posted on 15-Apr-14 16:17 by Erin Davis

To hear the world tell it, men are a dying breed. Books have been written, articles have been circulated, TED talks have been developed around the big idea that men are on their way out. But when you look at God's Word, it becomes pretty obvious that's not true.

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Best Week Ever!

Posted on 09-Apr-14 12:24 by Erin Davis

I don't know about you, but the resurrection, the crucifixion, and God's plan for my redemption can sometimes soar right over my head. I know that they matter, but I can't seem to wrap my little brain around the bigness of it all.

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Stop Holding the Sign

Posted on 08-Apr-14 15:33 by Erin Davis

I suppose it's possible for shame to be so humiliating that it would prevent the guilty person from ever making the same mistake again. But just like a pill designed to cure one ailment can result in debilitating side effects, shame may stop a bad behavior—but a nasty side effect is often sickness of the heart.

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A Selfie Experiment

Posted on 29-Mar-14 20:00 by Erin Davis

Thirty percent of the pictures we're taking and posting are selfies. I wanted to better understand what's happening here and squeeze it through the filter of God's Word, so I came up with an idea for an experiment. The rules were simple . . . I would take a picture of myself every day for thirty days.

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Three Reasons Why the Trinity Matters

Posted on 12-Mar-14 15:09 by Erin Davis

Instead of running from the things about God that seem too complex or above my head, I've learned to run toward them, like a soldier training for battle. Because I want you to run toward God and His Word with your questions, I want us to tackle the tough stuff together. This week we're ripping off that Band-Aid with a biggie—the Trinity.

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Why I Invited Justin Bieber to Church

Posted on 08-Mar-14 15:33 by Erin Davis

Sure, you can live the Christian life without church. But there's a more important question: Why would you want to?

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Warning: You May Be Drinking Poison

Posted on 02-Mar-14 18:10 by Erin Davis

It seems to be part of the human condition that we hold on to offenses. It's almost never easy to "turn the other cheek." And yet over and over in His Word, God calls us to forgive others.

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Why It's Good to Fall Short

Posted on 26-Feb-14 15:31 by Erin Davis

Everywhere I look, I see evidence of my insufficiency. That's a fancy way of saying I don't have what it takes to meet my own needs or the needs of others completely. There are lots of days that are frustrating to me. But where I am insufficient, God is sufficient.

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Is Love Supposed to Hurt?

Posted on 24-Feb-14 22:31 by Erin Davis

Is love supposed to hurt? Yes it is, but not in the way you might think.

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What Does It Mean That "God Is Love"?

Posted on 12-Feb-14 11:30 by Erin Davis

Did you know "What is love?" was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012? When it comes to love, we're all looking for looking for answers. Thankfully, the Bible offers a very simple definition.

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How Can I Know If This Is Love?

Posted on 11-Feb-14 14:59 by Erin Davis

There are plenty of imposters that masquerade as love. Lust is one. Convenience might feel like love for a while. Infatuation might feel like love for a spell. So how's a girl to know when she's found true love?

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This Belt's Not For Looks

Posted on 05-Feb-14 15:25 by Erin Davis

Girls aren't usually big on armor and swords and battle talk. Tell that to the apostle Paul. His words in the book of Ephesians ooze testosterone, but I love this passage because I like to think there's a little bit of she-warrior in me! I bet you have a warrior side, too.

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What Should I Do With These Feelings?

Posted on 04-Feb-14 15:49 by Erin Davis

For all the girls who have ever tried to wrestle their romantic feelings to the ground and found themselves pinned to the mat, here's hope from God's Word.

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If Candy Hearts Make You Cringe

Posted on 29-Jan-14 15:31 by Erin Davis

Valentine's Day has a way of polarizing our hearts. While we may be content to wait for God's timing for love the rest of the year, February races in with a new batch of questions, anxieties, and regrets. We suddenly have an intense longing for the kind of romantic love the world seems to be selling in the form of candy hearts, overpriced roses, and candlelit dinners. So what's a girl to do?

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1,000 Trees (And Other Tall Tales)

Posted on 22-Jan-14 13:06 by Erin Davis

Maybe it's because I love to tell a good story. Maybe it's about one-upmanship. Maybe I worry I won't be interesting without it. For whatever reason, I have to fight the urge to constantly exaggerate. I overshoot the details of the story, overshare what happened, and build up the emotions to a crescendo. I'm in good company. Let's take a quick tour of some exaggerators in the Bible.

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Three More Ways to Sink Your Teeth Into Truth This Year

Posted on 15-Jan-14 14:12 by Erin Davis

I've been encouraging you to resolve to put God's truth into action in the New Year. Here are three more ways you can sink your teeth into truth!

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Four Ways to Change in 2014

Posted on 14-Jan-14 16:48 by Erin Davis

What is it about a new year that makes us all want to call for a massive "do-over"? We collectively vow to shed a few pounds, save a few pennies, and ditch the nasty habits that plagued us the year before. But year after year most of us fail to hit the marks we set for ourselves. Despite our best intentions, why do we so often fail at reshaping who we are?

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Ten Ways to Study the Bible

Posted on 08-Jan-14 12:15 by Erin Davis

In order to tap into the power of God's truth, you must find a way to get into the Word and get the Word into you! Here are ten ideas to get you started.

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Ten Reasons to Read the Bible

Posted on 07-Jan-14 14:10 by Erin Davis

Want to make Bible reading a priority this year? Here are ten reasons why you should!

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When God Calls a Snow Day

Posted on 06-Jan-14 16:54 by Erin Davis

Snow is more than just some cold, white stuff that keeps me stuck indoors. It is a reminder that God is in control of all things; His hand is involved in all things. Those teeny-tiny snowflakes were created by a very BIG God. When I know what the Bible says about snow, it becomes another reminder of the character of God.

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Taking Back Ground the Enemy Has Stolen

Posted on 01-Jan-14 16:14 by Erin Davis

I don't know what 2014 holds, but I know there will be spiritual skirmishes. The enemy will seek to distract, discourage, and dissuade me from God's purposes for my life, but God is able to reclaim any ground that the enemy sets his sights on.

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The Harvest Principle

Posted on 31-Dec-13 16:07 by Erin Davis

What you plant into your life this year is what you will reap from your life this year. What you invest the most in is where you will see the most growth. What you invest a little in will produce just a little bit of fruit. No exceptions.

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Five More Ways to Fill Your Free Time

Posted on 28-Dec-13 15:30 by Erin Davis

Looking for constructive ways to fill your free time? Here are five more ideas for filling downtime well.

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Five Ways to Fill All That Free Time

Posted on 28-Dec-13 15:08 by Erin Davis

If your house is like mine, the festivities are over, but the free time has just begun. With more than a week left in Christmas break, I've been looking for creative ways to fill the downtime. If you've found yourself with a lot of time to fill this week (or in the future), here are five ideas for using your free time well.

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Why There's No Room for You in the Inn Either

Posted on 23-Dec-13 12:13 by Erin Davis

From the moment He arrived, Jesus would always stick out like a sore thumb. He may have arrived humbly, but it was never about flying under the radar. He did not come to tow the line, fit in with the crowd, or maintain the status quo. Guess what? If you're His follower, you likely won't fit in either. But He's called you to something different . . .

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Pick Me, Pick Me!

Posted on 23-Dec-13 11:59 by Erin Davis

Do you ever feel like the shepherds may have before that close encounter with a choir of angels? Like somebody with nothing to offer? Do you ever think there's no way God could ever call you to something big because you don't have the skill set to carry it out anyway? God uses all kinds of people in His Word to carry out His mission, but they all had one thing in common—a willingness to obey.

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The Reason For All Those Twinkly Lights

Posted on 22-Dec-13 21:35 by Erin Davis

Those twinkly lights on your Christmas tree? They can be a reminder of a deeper truth if you'll let them.

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Sinking Your Teeth Into the Promises of God

Posted on 17-Dec-13 13:01 by Erin Davis

The Christmas story isn't really as simple as just a baby in a manger. But there is also a parallel plot line—a story that happens alongside Jesus' arrival with striking similarities and its own lessons to teach. It is the story of the arrival of Jesus' cousin, John (later known as John the Baptist). It was a birth filled with miracles and wonder, much like Jesus'. And it was a birth with lessons to teach all of us about sinking our teeth into the promises of God.

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The Original Grinch

Posted on 16-Dec-13 19:58 by Erin Davis

Did you know that the furry green character with the tiny heart who scorned the Christmas spirit found in Whoville is not the original Grinch? Nope. Not even close. The original Grinch was there at the very first Christmas. He didn't have green skin (that I know of). He didn't whip up a plan to steal presents from the good citizens of Whoville, but he did try to sabotage Christmas.

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What Should We Do For Jesus?

Posted on 15-Dec-13 16:26 by Erin Davis

With less than ten days until Christmas, life seems to be picking up speed. There are still presents to buy, cookies to bake, parties to attend... In the midst of it all, my heart keeps bringing up this question, But what should I do for Jesus?

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Because Immanuel Changes Everything

Posted on 11-Dec-13 14:13 by Erin Davis

As we celebrate Christmas this year, we need to take a minute to hone in on Immanuel. God left heaven and came to earth to be with us—that's a very big deal!

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A Closer Look at Mary's Dream Guy

Posted on 03-Dec-13 16:14 by Erin Davis

There's nothing wrong with having a list of what we want our future husband to be like. But sometimes our list tends to focus on all the wrong things. We want a guy with a certain personality or a certain look. Instead, let me encourage you to look for a guy whose profile resembles one of the characters from the Christmas story—Mary's dream guy, Joseph.

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The Bravest Sentence in the Bible

Posted on 03-Dec-13 15:52 by Erin Davis

Come with me on a treasure hunt through the Christmas story all month on the blog! We'll examine each of the key players involved in Jesus' birth and see if they can point our hearts toward the baby who changed everything.

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Tell Your Spirit to Shut Up

Posted on 01-Dec-13 21:37 by Erin Davis

I likely don't have to tell you that December can be an especially hectic month. There are parties to attend, programs to perform in, parties to go to, and gifts to buy. But what a tragedy it would be for any of us to miss out on time with the God whose birth we celebrate because we refuse to take the time to get quiet.

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When Gratitude is Gut-Wrenching

Posted on 25-Nov-13 20:55 by Erin Davis

Giving thanks comes easy when everything's coming up roses, but life is bound to serve up some thorns. But let me suggest something radical . . . the harder life gets, the more we should give thanks.

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Pass the Fat Jokes

Posted on 24-Nov-13 17:12 by Erin Davis

I love most of my family's Thanksgiving traditions. But I know there will most likely be more than food at our dining room table . . .

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Sick Hearts and Ten-Foot Poles

Posted on 20-Nov-13 22:31 by Erin Davis

One of the things I love about the readers of this blog is that you ask great questions! Here's an example: "Anonymous" recently brought up some great questions about our stance on guys. She really got me thinking . . .

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Rumor Has It

Posted on 12-Nov-13 15:07 by Erin Davis

Sooner or later people are going to be talking and the subject matter will turn to you. Maybe what they're saying is true. Maybe it isn't. Either way, it is no fun to be caught in the rumor mill. So how should you respond the next time rumors are being spread about you?

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When God Asks To Take You Skydiving

Posted on 01-Nov-13 14:00 by Erin Davis

God has asked me to go skydiving. Well . . . not literally. It's a metaphor for doing something really, really terrifying. Tomorrow I will step behind the microphone usually reserved for Lies Young Women Believe author Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She's a gifted Bible teacher who has recorded thousands of radio broadcasts. Me? I'm a momma and a goat farmer who has never taught a radio program in my life. But God presented the opportunity and asked me to jump. I've got butterflies in my stomach and that same shaky feeling that I imagine I'd have if I were really jumping out of a plane.

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From The Archives: A Lies Guide To Halloween

Posted on 30-Oct-13 15:03 by Erin Davis

Every year as fall hayrides and pumpkins melt into haunted houses and jack-o-lanterns, I feel a little torn. As a Christian, should I find a not-so-scary way to participate in Halloween festivities? Should I sideline myself because there are some spooky elements? Should I let this holiday's history as a Druid festival of the dead bother me or should I feel free to participate in the modern version of the holiday complete with fun costumes, hot apple cider, and my favorite treat, fun-sized Snickers?

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Are You Hanging Your Hopes On The Wrong Hook?

Posted on 24-Oct-13 14:35 by Erin Davis

What to do Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana have in common? These women were loved. Very, very loved. But their lives, and deaths, illustrate an important reality—there is a difference between being known and being loved. All too often we hang our hopes on the wrong hook.

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When We Feast On Fear

Posted on 24-Oct-13 14:14 by Erin Davis

I'll admit that there's something about a scary movie, book, or experience that appeals to me somehow. Maybe we like to get our blood pumping every once in a while. Maybe curiosity gets the best of us. Maybe all of the horror is worth the relief we feel as the credits roll or the last page is turned and everything is set right. Whatever the reason that fear pulls at us, it's important that we realize that fear is not God's plan for us. How do I know? Because He spells it out plainly in His Word.

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A Christian's Guide To Sci-Fi

Posted on 20-Oct-13 21:31 by Erin Davis

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I'm not a fan of sci-fi. It's just never been my thing. But I am a fan of young women like you. And since science fiction novels and movies seem to be dominating the affections of the young adult crowd, I wanted to help you think through the good, the bad, and the ugly side of sci-fi.

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Dear Huddle House Girl

Posted on 16-Oct-13 16:10 by Erin Davis

I'm sure that your boyfriend is a nice guy, but you need to send him on his way. He's got a lot to learn about what love is and how real men act. You don't have to worry that he's the last fish in the sea. There are great guys out there. The God who made you, who loves you, who values you, can bring one to you when the timing is right.

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When You're The Meanest Girl In School

Posted on 01-Oct-13 17:25 by Erin Davis

Power is what fuels the fire for most mean girls. We want others to like us. We want respect. We want to be in charge, and so we step on other girls to get it. But take it from someone who has been on the top of the mean girl food chain—it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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When Mean Girls Strike

Posted on 30-Sep-13 16:47 by Erin Davis

A sweet thing that sometimes babysits my kids was struggling last week. It seems she was smack-dab in the crosshairs of some mean girls at her school. My heart broke for her because I have so been there and done that. So what can you do when a mean girl (or a pack of mean girls) attack? Here are four strategies, straight from God's Word.

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Ditching Dead Fish

Posted on 28-Sep-13 15:39 by Erin Davis

Being a radical for Jesus will cost you. Don't ever let anyone tell you that it won't. There's a reason why lukewarm Christianity is so tempting—it requires so little from us. To keep water cold or hot, you have to work at it. You either need to keep adding ice or keep adding heat. For lukewarm water, you can just let your cup sit on the counter. It requires no effort, no time, no energy. Effortless faith may sound appealing, but think about what's really at stake. 

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When Being Still Gives You The Heebie-Jeeebies

Posted on 23-Sep-13 12:44 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I told you my hypothesis that the two biggest roadblocks to radical faith among young women are busyness and prayerlessness. Often, these two issues create a chicken-and-egg scenario in our lives. We're too busy, so we don't pray. We don't pray, so we don't know God's priorities for our day and we spend our time being uselessly busy. In a world that races at warp speed, it seems impossible to stop the madness.

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But I Still Have Math Homework!

Posted on 23-Sep-13 11:22 by Erin Davis

Is it possible that so many of you are living lukewarm because there are no margins in your life for radical faith? Are you so wrapped up in getting the usual stuff done that you don't have time for the radical stuff only God can assign?

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Can You Spot A Radical?

Posted on 23-Sep-13 10:27 by Erin Davis

What do "radicals" in the Bible have in common? It's a short list and a tall order, but basically it means that you can be a radical, too. There's nothing on that list that is impossible for you. There's nothing on that list that requires you to be older, more financially stable, or have a college degree. No matter who you are or where you live, you can have a radical faith.

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Are You Hot?

Posted on 22-Sep-13 21:49 by Erin Davis

What's your spiritual temperature? Are you hot? Are you cold? Or are you lukewarm?

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Will I See You At The Pole?

Posted on 18-Sep-13 12:29 by Erin Davis

We love to find ways to encourage you to practically live out your faith. And there's an opportunity to do just that next week at See You At The Pole 2013. If you're not familiar with See You At the Pole, here's a quick rundown.

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Is Your iPhone Making You Lonely?

Posted on 09-Sep-13 23:06 by Erin Davis

I have a hunch that many of you are lonely. In fact, I've often said that if I could label your generation, I'd call you The Lonely Generation. Which is weird because you are the most connected generation that has ever existed. You've got Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and people to send a Snapchat to. But let's face it, none of that is translating into real connection the way we want it to, is it?

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What They Don't Want You To Know

Posted on 04-Sep-13 23:00 by Erin Davis

Ever been having a good day, where you feel pretty great about how you look and who you are? That is until you pick up a magazine. As you start flipping through the pages, you begin to think critically about your hair, your clothes, your skin, your . . . everything. Why does this happen? What flips the switch to make us feel insecure? Would you be surprised if I told you that that sense that you're not good enough is actually the result of a well-planned marketing strategy?

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No Offense But . . .

Posted on 02-Sep-13 09:05 by Erin Davis

I know you probably have today off of school (Yay! Labor Day), but I was hoping you wouldn't mind taking a little quiz. Don't worry everyone gets an A for effort.

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You're A Loser

Posted on 27-Aug-13 15:38 by Erin Davis

Following Jesus means you will be a loser. I don't mean the kind of loser who is unpopular and cast out (although that's a possibility), but I want you to know that being sold out for Him will cost you something. You will lose, but you will also gain more than you could have hoped for.

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Do You Know About The "One Thing"?

Posted on 26-Aug-13 17:42 by Erin Davis

Have you ever heard the story of Mary and Martha? The Bible tells us that while Martha was working her fingers to the bone, Mary wasn't exerting any effort at all. She was just sitting there at Jesus' feet. Martha yanked herself this way and that way trying to find meaning, but Jesus said she only needed one thing—Him.

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Clean Water. A Talent Show. And A Moment of Inspiration.

Posted on 26-Aug-13 07:44 by Erin Davis

I don't know about you, but when I hear about other people doing BIG things for God's kingdom, it makes me want to do BIG things, too. That's why I thought I would pass along a few stories of girls who are making a difference.

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It's Good To Be A Girl

Posted on 18-Aug-13 15:35 by Erin Davis

The fact that I don’t fit most lists of what girls should be like has always caused me some angst. While my twin sister was playing house, I was pretending to be the boss. Other girls are so naturally sweet they come across like little cocker spaniels. I’ve always been a bit more like a bulldog. It’s not that I’m masculine, but I’ve spent plenty of years wondering if it’s okay to be me. Specifically, I longed to know if it was possible to be the kind of girl God wanted me to be if I had no desire to live in Barbie’s dream house.

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Who Do I Look Like?

Posted on 18-Aug-13 15:27 by Erin Davis

I've always thought God made us look like the members of our family so we knew where we belonged. Did you know that gender is like that? When we turn to God's Word to see why He made men and women in the first place, we find that gender is not really about what makes us different as much as it's about showing us who our true family is.

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Time To Dream A New Dream

Posted on 12-Aug-13 22:34 by Erin Davis

I bet there are things you've always wanted to be. I bet you have a long list of great goals and important plans. But I want to encourage you to dream a new dream. I hope to inspire you to want to be something you may never have even thought of, though in fact, it's something you already are . . .

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Catching Up With Friends

Posted on 04-Aug-13 17:48 by Erin Davis

Do you sometimes feel so connected to the other readers of this blog that it feels like we're close friends? Me too! Maybe that's why I wanted to take a minute just to let you know what's new in my world and find out what's happening in yours.

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Five Extra Reasons To Celebrate

Posted on 02-Jul-13 16:27 by Erin Davis

I do love the Fourth of July. It's great to celebrate our freedoms as a nation, but this year I've been thinking of some of the even greater freedoms we have—freedoms that don't belong to Americans alone—those that are promised to us by God because we are His children, citizens of His kingdom.

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There's A Hole In My Sidewalk

Posted on 25-Jun-13 14:23 by Erin Davis

If you're in a pit of sin, whether you've fallen in willingly or unwillingly, it's so important for you to understand that you don't have to stay there. But just like avoiding a hole in the sidewalk, it's also important for you make the hard choices necessary to avoid the sin pit the next time it's in your path.

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Snapshots of Persecution Happening Right Now

Posted on 19-Jun-13 16:17 by Erin Davis

Persecution is a reality that gives me the willies. I don't like to think about the persecution the disciples faced after Jesus' death. I squirm when I consider Jesus' words that persecution is a blessing, because it's hard for me to see it that way. And so sometimes I try to convince myself that persecution is a thing of the past. But the reality is that Christians are being persecuted right now. Here are a few of their stories . . .

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Should I Submit To My Boyfriend?

Posted on 10-Jun-13 15:35 by Erin Davis

Since a boyfriend is not the same as a husband, isn't submission in that relationship a bit misplaced? Part of me thinks yes! But since I see dating as preparation for marriage (as opposed to just having fun), is it reasonable to think a girl could disregard what the Bible teaches about submission while dating then suddenly flip a switch after saying "I do"? Hmmm ... that's a little trickier.

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A Soldier's Wife Redefines Marriage

Posted on 05-Jun-13 16:45 by Erin Davis

The first time I watched this video, I thought it was simply a Hallmark-card-like take of a soldier's wife who understood sacrifice, patriotism, and loss. I suppose it is a story about those things, but one thing that the soldier's wife said landed like a dart in my heart ...

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I'm Sending You On A Scavenger Hunt

Posted on 02-Jun-13 21:58 by Erin Davis

Are you ready for a special LYWB scavenger hunt?

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Should You Play Sports?

Posted on 14-May-13 15:43 by Erin Davis

Lots of people are going to church less so they can play sports more. Why does that matter?

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What's The Big Stink About Submission?

Posted on 13-May-13 08:22 by Erin Davis

For a lot of people in our culture, "submission" has become a dirty word. Why? And what does God say about it?

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Sticks And Stones And Broken Hearts

Posted on 09-May-13 09:39 by Erin Davis

Today, let's talk about words, bullying, and hope.

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A Radical Way To Pray For Mother's Day

Posted on 06-May-13 21:07 by Erin Davis

More and more young women are saying "no thanks" to the idea of becoming mothers. What about you?

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Can You Honor Mom If You Can't Get Along?

Posted on 05-May-13 21:31 by Erin Davis

If it's hard for you to express love to your mom this Mother's Day, here are a few points to ponder.

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The Big Mistake Your Tongue May Be Making

Posted on 01-May-13 14:15 by Erin Davis

Do your words bless and build up, or do they start fires by cursing and tearing down?

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From The Archives: Excuse Me, Your Tongue's On Fire

Posted on 30-Apr-13 12:18 by Erin Davis

Have you ever been burned by the words of others? Or wounded someone with just your words? Yeah, me too. 

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Don't Hit The Snooze On This

Posted on 08-Apr-13 18:09 by Erin Davis

When it comes to prayer don't back off, don't break off, don't call it a day. Just talk to God.

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A Wise Checklist

Posted on 08-Apr-13 08:35 by Erin Davis

What does it means to be a girl gone wise? Let's check it out . . .

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A Foolish Checklist

Posted on 02-Apr-13 16:05 by Erin Davis

Do you treat foolishness like a good friend? Do you let her influence the way you live?

 |  read more > Makes Big Announcement

Posted on 01-Apr-13 17:22 by Erin Davis

After more than five years of replacing lies with God's truth, we've decided to switch directions ...

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What's The Big Deal About Sunday?

Posted on 27-Mar-13 08:55 by Erin Davis

Being familiar with the Easter story makes it easy to go on autopilot. But that day changes everything ...

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Strap On Your Mining Hats, We're Digging For Treasure!

Posted on 19-Mar-13 18:40 by Erin Davis

Are you ready to be a diamond cutter and study the treasure God gives us in His Word?

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Who's Having The Best Sex?

Posted on 12-Mar-13 16:52 by Erin Davis

Does practice make perfect when it comes to great sex? Or is it best to wait? The answer may surprise you.

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Is "Born-Again Virginity" Possible?

Posted on 11-Mar-13 22:50 by Erin Davis

Once someone has lost their virginity, can it ever be reclaimed? Is it possible to be a "born-again virgin"?

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Bachelor Buzz: Is Virginity "Ridiculous"?

Posted on 10-Mar-13 21:52 by Erin Davis

The culture may call God's standards ridiculous, but God's Word writes a different story.

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A Place For All Those Tears

Posted on 04-Mar-13 21:48 by Erin Davis

Where is God when your tears start to flow? He sees you … and He has a plan for all those tears.

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Walking With The Wise

Posted on 04-Mar-13 09:30 by Erin Davis

Who you're hanging out with can be an indicator of where you're destined to end up.

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New Labels

Posted on 26-Feb-13 21:59 by Erin Davis

What are your labels? Do you wish you could rip them off and replace them with something new?

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Posted on 25-Feb-13 16:54 by Erin Davis

When we try to live our lives to please others, it's like walking into a trap.

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Are You A People Pleaser?

Posted on 25-Feb-13 00:02 by Erin Davis

Are you a people pleaser? Take this quiz, and find out more . . .

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A Call To Pray For Your College Campus

Posted on 19-Feb-13 12:11 by Erin Davis

Are there things at your school you'd like to see God change? Join with others in prayer on this special day.

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More Than Waiting Well

Posted on 12-Feb-13 16:05 by Erin Davis

When it comes to love, I want you to wait well. But waiting well doesn't work like a magic formula.

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Worth The Wait

Posted on 12-Feb-13 15:40 by Erin Davis

Stephanie knows what it's like to wait for love. And she knows the rewards of waiting with her eyes on Jesus.

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I Want To Be Noticed!

Posted on 05-Feb-13 12:05 by Erin Davis

So often we think if we were loved, noticed, and cherished more, it would be enough. But it never is . . .

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Best Of: I've Got A Fever And The Only Cure Is . . .

Posted on 15-Jan-13 11:53 by Erin Davis

Here is your spring survival kit—a few doses of God's Word to help you wait for love in the right season.

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Best Of: Being The Girl That No One Wanted

Posted on 15-Jan-13 11:40 by Erin Davis

Have you ever felt like the girl that no one wanted? But there is Someone who does . . .

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Best Of: I've Never Been Exposed To Satanic Activities

Posted on 15-Jan-13 11:27 by Erin Davis

It's easy to become comfortable with evil when we are exposed to it casually or repeatedly.

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Best Of: To Those Wrestling With Lesbianism

Posted on 14-Jan-13 12:24 by Erin Davis

Since the Bible is so clear on homosexuality, why has the issue become so cloudy in the minds of so many?

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Best Of: What If I've Blown It?

Posted on 14-Jan-13 10:16 by Erin Davis

When it comes to being physically and emotionally pure, many of you feel you've blown it. But there is hope ...

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Best Of: Looking For "The One"

Posted on 13-Jan-13 21:40 by Erin Davis

The idea that there's one person out there for us is certainly a romantic one. But I'm not sure it's biblical.

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Best Of: Have You Been Hurt By A Leaving Youth Pastor?

Posted on 10-Jan-13 15:35 by Erin Davis

It's great to have an awesome youth pastor. But it's important to realize they are not your connection to God.

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Best Of: I Need A Boyfriend

Posted on 09-Jan-13 15:51 by Erin Davis

When you look to a relationship with a guy to make you happy, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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Best Of: Vampire Craze

Posted on 09-Jan-13 15:40 by Erin Davis

These aren't just books. New Moon isn't just another hit movie. We need to talk about it.

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Best Of: Are You Hinting?

Posted on 08-Jan-13 17:36 by Erin Davis

God’s standard for purity isn’t as simple as a big black line just before sex. The truth is, it’s much higher.

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Best Of: What Is True Friendship?

Posted on 07-Jan-13 12:14 by Erin Davis

What makes a good friend? I challenge you to focus more on being a friend than having the right friends.

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Best Of: Are Beautiful Girls Really Worth More?

Posted on 06-Jan-13 13:48 by Erin Davis

What messages are you receiving about your own beauty? What you believe will be determined by where you look.

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Best Of: Low-Cut Shirts And Turtlenecks

Posted on 03-Jan-13 12:15 by Erin Davis

Do your fashion choices matter? Here's a guy's perspective on the topic . . .

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Best Of: To Date Or Not To Date?

Posted on 02-Jan-13 09:49 by Erin Davis

Does God care if you date? Does He care who you date? Is dating even okay?

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Best Of: But Why Can't I Look Like Her?

Posted on 01-Jan-13 18:20 by Erin Davis

Playing the comparison game is a dangerous trap, one that has been carefully set by our enemy.

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Happy Birthday To Us! Happy Birthday To Us!

Posted on 31-Dec-12 16:40 by Erin Davis

We're celebrating our fifth birthday this month, and we have some fun things planned to celebrate.

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Write A New Story in 2013

Posted on 30-Dec-12 15:42 by Erin Davis

As we close the book on 2012, it's a chance to let God write a brand-new story with your life.

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They Really Were Wise

Posted on 22-Dec-12 15:18 by Erin Davis

We don't know all the details about the wise men, but their story teaches us a few things about being wise.

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Posted on 21-Dec-12 17:18 by Erin Davis

As we look at the Christmas story with new eyes, it's worth looking at what happened after Jesus arrived.

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Lean In. Look Closely.

Posted on 21-Dec-12 17:01 by Erin Davis

We tend to embellish the Christmas story, but maybe Luke kept it simple so we would see what's most important.

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Letting Mary's Story Read You

Posted on 20-Dec-12 15:45 by Erin Davis

The Christmas story hasn't changed in more than 2000 years, but that doesn't mean God can't change us with it.

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Where To Sit At A Wedding

Posted on 19-Dec-12 16:13 by Erin Davis

Where you choose to sit at the table might just tell a little bit about your heart.

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Set Free From Anorexia

Posted on 18-Dec-12 09:01 by Erin Davis

I've struggled with anorexia and never thought I was good enough for God to love. But I've found freedom . . .

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A Story Of Hurt And Healing

Posted on 16-Dec-12 23:13 by Erin Davis

Girl meets boy. Boy falls in love—with someone else. Been there? Find encouragement through this story.

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You Did It. You Hid It. You Will Never Be Rid Of It.

Posted on 12-Dec-12 22:01 by Erin Davis

You may feel like the only one who doesn't have a fairytale story to tell. If so, this video is for you.

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The High Cost Of Treasure

Posted on 10-Dec-12 16:52 by Erin Davis

It's lovely to think of being a Christian is like striking it rich, but don't miss the rest of the story.

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There's Just Something About A Story

Posted on 09-Dec-12 16:32 by Erin Davis

Sometimes the best lessons are woven into great stories, the best sermons are preached through lives changed.

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Forgiving Him

Posted on 20-Nov-12 16:05 by Erin Davis

So what should you do if you've been hurt by a guy, even if he won't even acknowledge his mistakes?

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Ridiculous Service

Posted on 19-Nov-12 16:44 by Erin Davis

In the midst of all of your Thanksgiving activities today, I'd like to propose you do something ridiculous …

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Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?

Posted on 19-Nov-12 16:20 by Erin Davis

Sometimes we look down our nose at great men because they aren't perfect men.

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Tony The Tiger And The Gospel

Posted on 19-Nov-12 15:21 by Erin Davis

When I was seven, Tony the Tiger taught me an important lesson—always be ready to give an answer.

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If You Had A Crystal Ball

Posted on 13-Nov-12 12:40 by Erin Davis

If you want to see your future, you should take a hard look at your life right now.

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Thinking Beyond The Screen

Posted on 13-Nov-12 12:32 by Erin Davis

Limitations on our media usage are wise, but how can you know which media to partake in and what to ditch?

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Back To The Book: It's Not A Waste Of Time . . .

Posted on 12-Nov-12 21:07 by Erin Davis

The truth is our days are numbered. But God's Word urges us to make the best possible use of our time.

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Becoming God's True Woman . . . While I Still Have A Curfew (And A Freebie!)

Posted on 11-Nov-12 21:38 by Erin Davis

How can girls understand God's design for them? Check out this book  . . . and maybe even get a freebie.

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Mess Into Message

Posted on 05-Nov-12 21:52 by Erin Davis

There may be areas of your life that you're tempted to toss out with the trash, but God wants to use them.

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From The Archives: Three Things God Can't Do

Posted on 30-Oct-12 22:16 by Erin Davis

The list of words that we could use to describe God seems endless. But did you know that there are three things He can't do?

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God Is Good: A Dog Tale

Posted on 29-Oct-12 09:03 by Erin Davis

Trusting God is good doesn’t mean He’s a genie in a bottle. But He is good. It’s a promise we can cling to.

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A Lies Guide To Halloween

Posted on 22-Oct-12 15:06 by Erin Davis

As Christians, should we celebrate Halloween—or not? And if so, how?

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Back To The Book: I Need A Boyfriend

Posted on 22-Oct-12 14:17 by Erin Davis

Most girls say they would feel better about themselves if they had attention from a guy. But that feeling isn't the whole problem . . .

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From Sin Cage To Free Bird

Posted on 15-Oct-12 22:57 by Erin Davis

Coming clean and owning up to the seriousness of your offense against God is the first step toward setting things right. But watch out—it's possible to get stuck in the 'fessing up stage.

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Posted on 15-Oct-12 08:08 by Erin Davis

Coming clean hurts. It's not easy to tell God that you have sinned and need His forgiveness. But acknowledging your sin and repenting is a critical first step toward breaking free.

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Back To The Book: I've Never Been Exposed To Satanic Activities

Posted on 03-Oct-12 15:30 by Erin Davis

It's easy to become comfortable with evil when we are exposed to it casually or repeatedly. And while casual exposure alone may not destroy your faith and values, you need to be aware that exposure plus a lack of awareness of what you're exposed to can be dangerous.

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Back To The Book: When I Don't Agree With My Authority

Posted on 28-Sep-12 17:48 by Erin Davis

Since no one in authority is perfect—and let's face it, some people in authority are really, really not perfect—what should we do when we think our authority is wrong?

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Memorize James With Me

Posted on 28-Sep-12 17:33 by Erin Davis

Join Erin in memorizing the most practical book in the Bible this fall.

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Paper Prayers Said From Prison

Posted on 21-Sep-12 22:17 by Erin Davis

Coming to you LIVE from True Woman '12, Indy . . .

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Back to the Book: I'm My Own Authority

Posted on 13-Sep-12 22:16 by Erin Davis

Tell me I'm not the only one. When your parents give you a chore ... when your teacher makes you re-do an assignment ... when your youth leader points out an area of sin, isn't your first response to push back? But just because that is our natural response doesn't mean it is the right response.

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A Fierce Women Checklist

Posted on 10-Sep-12 16:47 by Erin Davis

How do we know if we are the kind of fierce women that others will be drawn to?

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A Fierce Answer To A Lunchroom Pick-up Line

Posted on 10-Sep-12 16:38 by Erin Davis

What is a fierce woman? And what is it about our fierceness that appeals to the guys around us? Is being fierce a good thing?

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Back to the Book: God Is Not Enough

Posted on 10-Sep-12 15:53 by Erin Davis

If I were to ask you to identify the biggest lie young women believe, what would you say? In my opinion the lie catching the most girls in its net is this—God is not enough.

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Moving Truck Reflections

Posted on 30-Aug-12 09:03 by Erin Davis

Everything I own is in sitting in a truck. And you know what? I'm doing just fine without it.

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Psst . . . We're Giving Away Free Books Again!

Posted on 21-Aug-12 07:45 by Erin Davis

As much as I love all of the supplies in your backpack, they aren't the most important thing you'll be toting to school this year. Nope. Your biggest accessory is God's truth.

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Does God Still Reveal Whom We Should Marry?

Posted on 15-Aug-12 15:29 by Erin Davis

When God wants to, He is capable of revealing exactly when and whom we should marry. But is that His standard operating procedure? Should single gals (and guys) everywhere be looking for a sign or waiting for God to download the name and location of a future spouse directly into their brains?

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From The Archives: Should You Get A Tattoo?

Posted on 12-Aug-12 15:39 by Erin Davis

The world increasingly says that we have the right to do anything to our bodies that makes us feel beautiful and accepted, including piercings and tattoos without limits. But what does God's Word say?

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How God Is Working In The Wake Of Aurora

Posted on 02-Aug-12 21:47 by Erin Davis

There has been such a great outpouring of love! It shows that light is more powerful than darkness, that love is stronger than hate, and that He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.

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So You Still Believe In A Merciful God?

Posted on 02-Aug-12 21:32 by Erin Davis

We all watched in horror three weeks ago as news reports of an attack by a single gunman in a movie theater poured into our TVs, radio waves, and Twitter feeds. While searching the news hoping hope will float up, I found this post by Aurora shooting survivor Marie. Marie was in the theater with her two daughters when the shooting started. What's been her takeaway? God is merciful.

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Keep On Prayin'!

Posted on 01-Aug-12 18:24 by Erin Davis

It takes work to persevere in prayer. It requires effort to continue to pray day after day and determination to continue to believe that God will keep His promises to work on our behalf. But while we are busy with that busyness, God is still working, asking us to keep praying.

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When Headaches Mean Something More

Posted on 29-Jul-12 19:22 by Erin Davis

Sometimes a headache is just a headache. MBut sometimes a headache is a physical manifestation of something more. It's your body's way of saying, "Something is wrong here!" It is possible for chronic pain, patterns of broken relationships, constant fear, ongoing depression, or daily exhaustion to rise as a result of believing lies.

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When The Pain Won't Go Away

Posted on 29-Jul-12 19:05 by Erin Davis

Chronic pain can be a real mind bender. When it seems like relief is impossible, feelings of despair, frustration, and even depression like to show up and taunt. If you have pain that hits you day after day after day, your faith can begin to feel pretty beat up. Or ... that very same pain can be the water God uses to grow your faith into full bloom.

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A Miraculous Way To Pay For College

Posted on 21-Jul-12 13:54 by Erin Davis

The culture says the only way to attend college is to accrue tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. But we think God is able to provide in the area of college funding just like He is able to provide in every other area of your life. Want proof? Check out Talia's story.

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Six Reasons To Guard Your Eyes

Posted on 21-Jul-12 13:15 by Erin Davis

So what if porn is everywhere? Why does it matter if you go with the flow and watch, read, and listen to sexual content? That, my friends, is a million-dollar question. Here are six reasons why exposing yourself to porn (remember porn simply means the depiction of erotic behavior) matters.

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What Is Magic Mike Stripping Us Of?

Posted on 21-Jul-12 13:07 by Erin Davis

I want to sound an alarm. In movies, books, songs, and TV shows, something that was trickling into your hearts a few years ago is now being piped in at full throttle.

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I'd Like Off This Ride Please!

Posted on 02-Jul-12 16:55 by Erin Davis

Mountaintop syndrome is a common condition. It happens when we gorge ourselves on Jesus/the Bible/worship/Christian fellowship once or twice a year and then starve ourselves of those things during the fifty-one weeks between camp experiences. God seems so close to use during camp, but we just can't seem to keep it that way. 

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Why You Can't Stay At Church Camp Forever

Posted on 02-Jul-12 07:44 by Erin Davis

Mountaintop syndrome is a common condition. It happens when we gorge ourselves on Jesus/the Bible/worship/Christian fellowship once or twice a year and then starve ourselves of those things during the fifty-one weeks between camp experiences. God seems so close to use during camp, but we just can't seem to keep it that way. 

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Is God Just Like My Father?

Posted on 25-Jun-12 22:01 by Erin Davis

Matthew 7 tells us that we can trust our heavenly Father like we've learned to trust our earthly dads. But what should we do if that analogy gets broken?

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From the Archives: But What About Stepdads?

Posted on 10-Jun-12 21:49 by Erin Davis

We hope you're making plans to bless your dad this coming Sunday, but we recognize that for some of you, Father's Day is ... complicated. That's because you have a stepdad. I know from experience that having stepparents can be tough, but it's important to honor your stepdad, too. Here's why.

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Dannah Weighs In On Shopping For Swimwear

Posted on 06-Jun-12 16:56 by Erin Davis

Summer is quickly approaching and that means the dreaded swimsuit shopping adventure. Let's just face it. Swimsuits are not modest, period. Nothing about them is. But if you're going to the beach this summer, keep these tips in mind. 

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Now That You Know You've Got It, What Should You Buy?

Posted on 03-Jun-12 22:07 by Erin Davis

It's summertime, and the livin' is supposed to be easy. But one thing that can really pull the breaks on a carefree summer is swimsuit shopping. I do know that finding a suit that is body flattering and affordable is really tough. Add to that God's desire for us to dress modestly, and the waters of swimwear fashion can get muddy in a hurry.

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The Science of Bikinis

Posted on 03-Jun-12 21:30 by Erin Davis

It's summertime, and the livin' is supposed to be easy. But one thing that can really pull the brakes on a carefree summer is swimsuit shopping. I do know that finding a suit that is body flattering and affordable is really tough. Add to that God's desire for us to dress modestly, and the waters of swimwear fashion can get muddy in a hurry.

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I've Got A Fever And The Only Cure Is . . .

Posted on 16-May-12 16:50 by Erin Davis

No one knows what it is about spring that gets us all revved up for love, but I know that for a girl committed to God's plan for her love life a sudden burst of romantic feelings can be painfully tough to deal with. So here is your spring survival kit—a few doses of God's Word to temper your heart as you wait for love in the right season.

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Let The Dog Off The Leash!

Posted on 16-May-12 15:53 by Erin Davis

And lately I've been learning a tough lesson. Our insatiable (as in insistent, quenchless, unappeasable, urgent) desire for others to like us, to approve of us, to compliment us, to think we are pretty ... is a trap. Because sooner or later we start to cater to that craving.

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I Just Have To Tell!

Posted on 07-May-12 16:44 by Erin Davis

You know that feeling that if you don't tell someone you just might burst? Someone tells you something really important, or really exciting, or really terrible. After gushing all of the gritty details, they punctuate their story by saying, "But you can't tell anyone." Argh! Now you're stuck right between a rock and a hard space.

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Being The Girl That No One Wanted

Posted on 03-May-12 08:19 by Erin Davis

In this week's Jesus Storybook Bible, Erin discusses the author's favorite story to write that focuses on what God sees when no one else does.

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Iceberg Right Ahead!

Posted on 29-Apr-12 08:33 by Erin Davis

The book of James describes the tongue as a fire. That's certainly true. But it's also just the tip of the iceberg, revealing something bigger and deeper in each of us.

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Free Stuff For Our Tweeples

Posted on 27-Apr-12 15:38 by Erin Davis

Lies Young Women Believe is happening LIVE this September in the Teen Track at True Woman '12. Dannah Gresh and I will be leading a special session for girls just like you inside a larger conference for gals of all ages. But we need help spreading the word!

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So You Want To Go On A Missions Trip

Posted on 27-Apr-12 12:29 by Erin Davis

I love mission trips. I love going on mission trips. I love organizing mission trips. I love hearing about what God has done on mission trips. But as summer approaches, I wanted to remind you that missions and ministry are a lifestyle—not a trip to block off on your calendar each summer.

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Am I Pretty Videos Are Asking The Wrong Question

Posted on 24-Apr-12 15:59 by Erin Davis

The occasional compliment is nice, but if you depe nd on the words of others to know if you are beautiful, if you matter, and if it’s okay to be you, you’re gonna spend your whole life chasing the next positive stroke. 

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Is It Okay To Attend A Secular College

Posted on 24-Apr-12 08:54 by Erin Davis

For me, going to school on a secular campus felt like Christian boot camp at times. I had to learn the hard way exactly how tough I was as I sought to live for Christ. I faced conflicts that made me even more committed about what I believed and why I believed it. 

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Who Is The Bible Really About?

Posted on 20-Apr-12 10:37 by Erin Davis

As you participate in the Daily Bible Reading Challenge, ask yourself this question: Who is the Bible really about?

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When Humor Isn't Funny

Posted on 17-Apr-12 09:48 by Erin Davis

I am blown away by how many of you confessed sins of the tongue yesterday and gave the rest of us permission to hold you accountable. Many of you expressed that you struggle with sarcasm. One reader asked a great question, one I thought deserved its very own post: "Is sarcasm wrong if it's just your sense of humor?"

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My Tongue Is A Weak Spot In The Area Of . . .

Posted on 15-Apr-12 19:41 by Erin Davis

How many of you have been badly burned by the words of others? How many of you have deeply wounded others with just your words? In fact, I think our tongues are a lot like a pile of kindling, just waiting for a spark to burst into flames and cause us to sin.

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A Boost For The Daily Bible Challenge (And Freebies!)

Posted on 11-Apr-12 23:19 by Erin Davis

In January, we issued the Daily Bible Reading Challenge and asked you to read your Bible every day in 2012. Well, if your Bible reading could use a boost, check out video posts from Erin, Paula and others as they discuss The Jesus Storybook Bible. Does every story really whisper His name?

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Can Walking Scream Loudly?

Posted on 04-Apr-12 23:38 by Erin Davis

Few things create a head-in-sand response stronger in me than the abortion debate. The numbers are too staggering for me (42 million worldwide each year). The politics are too complicated for me. The stories are too heartbreaking for me. And so most of the time I ignore abortion altogether. But then, this little video found it's way into my inbox.

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SAT: Blow It Off Or Hit It Hard?

Posted on 02-Apr-12 09:02 by Erin Davis

The SAT is one whopper of a test, and it can feel like everything hinges on it. With counselors, teachers, and parents pushing hard for you to do well and college admission on the line, how should you respond to the test?

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No Ordinary Week

Posted on 01-Apr-12 15:19 by Erin Davis

This week marks the most significant events that history has ever seen. And yet, for most of us, Easter will look very ordinary, except for the addition of some new dresses, Easter baskets, and sugary treats. But it doesn't have to be this way.

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What To Do If Prom Turns Sour . . .

Posted on 01-Apr-12 14:46 by Erin Davis

It may happen that you will go to prom with plans for a fun night, beautiful dress, and happy memories, and find yourself in a situation where you are tempted or pressured to compromise. What then? Look for the way out. It's there. I promise. Well, actually, God promises!

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Planning For A Pure Prom Night!

Posted on 31-Mar-12 21:34 by Erin Davis

Prom is a night when curfews are lifted, inhibitions are often abandoned, and romance is in the air. All of that can create the perfect storm that can lead prom-going couples to compromise in the area of purity.

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On The Hunger Games And Riding The Next Big Wave

Posted on 26-Mar-12 15:53 by Erin Davis

There are plenty of potential land mines out there when it comes to books we can read, movies we can watch, shows we can turn on, and songs we can listen to. Even so, I'm less interested in placing these pop culture phenomena into the categories of "good" and "bad" on this blog and more interested in helping you squeeze everything the culture throws at you through the grid of God's Word.

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A Few More Reasons To Tithe (And A Few Reasons Not To)

Posted on 18-Mar-12 15:30 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I gave you four reasons to give a percentage of all of the money you make back to God through tithing. Just in case you're still not convinced that you should part with your hard-earned cash, here are a few more reasons to tithe. (And a few reasons not to.)

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Too Young To Tithe?

Posted on 17-Mar-12 17:04 by Erin Davis

Whether you make a little money or a lot, the Bible urges us as Christians to give back a portion of all of the money we make. But parting with it can be tough, especially if you don't have a steady job or hefty income. And yet the Bible gives us lots of reasons to tithe, regardless of our age range or income bracket. 

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I Wouldn't Have Chosen This, But ...

Posted on 12-Mar-12 23:03 by Erin Davis

No one likes to go through hard times, rough patches, or difficult circumstances. None of us would choose pain, suffering, rejection, or loss. But ... God is in the business of taking those things that we would never choose and turning them into something for our good.

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The Golden Rule Is Tarnished

Posted on 10-Mar-12 15:50 by Erin Davis

We want friends, but we don't know where to find them. We have friends, but we don't know how to really connect. We lose friends, and it's hard to understand why. It's enough to make a girl want to throw in the towel and give up on friendships all together.

But ... then we look at Jesus. There are so many places in God's Word where Jesus shows us the value of relationships with others.

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Four Friends Every Girl Needs

Posted on 07-Mar-12 21:06 by Erin Davis

Should we accept being lonely or do something about it? I vote for option B. In fact, I want to encourage you to do the hard work (and it is hard work to find new friends) to create an inner circle with each of these four types of friends

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I'm Lonely, Too

Posted on 05-Mar-12 21:03 by Erin Davis

As I've given voice to my own desire for deep friendships, I've uncovered an unexpected epidemic. Girls everywhere, many of whom are surrounded by friends, feel largely alone and disconnected. So what's a lonely girl to do?

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What To Do With A Mentor

Posted on 04-Mar-12 21:30 by Erin Davis

Learning from a mentor doesn't have to look like a weekly appointment at Starbucks. In fact, mentoring is at it's best when two people weave their relationship into the fabric of their everyday, normal lives.

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(Wo)Men At Work

Posted on 29-Feb-12 15:59 by Erin Davis

On Tuesday I encouraged you to seek out a mentor who is a great wife and mom. So many of you expressed your desire to live out your unique calling as women in this way. But connecting the dots between wanting to be a true woman and knowing how can be tough, right?

That's why I'm super-stoked to announce the release of True Woman 101: Divine Design by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian.

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The Secret To Being A Great Wife And Mom

Posted on 27-Feb-12 21:10 by Erin Davis

If you don't have wifedom and motherhood all figured out yet, that doesn't mean you're not cut out for that path. When it comes to these vital roles, we all need great teachers. The Bible tells us that those teachers should be other Christian women.

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On Lingerie, Modesty, And Giving Each Other Grace

Posted on 21-Feb-12 18:39 by Erin Davis

If you're like me, you don't exactly associate Victoria's Secret with modesty. That's why I couldn't help but notice when the lingerie company shared headlines with the virtue in the national news last week.

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More With The Miller Girls

Posted on 20-Feb-12 12:44 by Erin Davis

On Tuesday I introduced you to Emily, Hannah, and Christy Miller, three young filmmakers who are using their talent and resources to teach others about Jesus. Here's the second part of their interview and the trailer for their latest film, Worth Saving.

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Teen Filmmakers Ask If You Are Worth Saving

Posted on 20-Feb-12 12:30 by Erin Davis

I am thrilled to introduce you to three sisters—Hannah, Christy, and Emily Miller, three young filmmakers who are boldly telling the story of Jesus in an industry that makes doing so especially tough.

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Let's Do Something BIG!

Posted on 15-Feb-12 18:15 by Erin Davis

The new year is a good reminder to set our sights on big goals, but the reality is that God is in the business of challenging us to do big things 365 days a year. In fact, God loves to stretch His people to do bigger tasks than they ever could have imagined, and the result is often a God-sized victory for the Kingdom.

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Redefining V-Day

Posted on 13-Feb-12 16:00 by Erin Davis

It's taken me thirty-one years, but I think I finally have Valentine's Day all figured out. It's not really about chocolate, roses, or tiny candy hearts. It's not about cards or balloons or stuffed teddy bears. It's not about romance or relationships or having a date for the dance. It's not even about love, at least, that's not all it's about.

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Keeping Your Prayer Train On Track

Posted on 05-Feb-12 19:44 by Erin Davis

If you're like me, your prayer life can be a lot like a train. You chug along really well for a while, remembering to praise God, to confess your sin, and to wait quietly while you listen for Him to speak to your heart. But then, before you know it, you're off the track, talking to Jesus like He's a genie or a vending machine where you can plug in your requests and have Him spit out the answers you want.

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Do I Have To Tell?

Posted on 01-Feb-12 17:07 by Erin Davis

In response to last week's post about overcoming sin, several of you shared your fear about confessing your sin to others. You have legitimate concerns, but I have to wonder, do they justify continuing in sin? Is the possibility of gossip or strong emotions really a good enough deterrent to remain in bondage?

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The Difference Between Your Bible And Your Science Homework

Posted on 30-Jan-12 13:14 by Erin Davis

God doesn't want you to just check Bible reading off your to-do list. He wants you to be changed by it. Here's a prayer to help you get there.

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A Few Items To Check Off Your To-Do List

Posted on 28-Jan-12 16:39 by Erin Davis

I hate to go all mom on you, but I wanted to hop on the blog to pass along a couple of important reminders. Here ya go ...

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A Quiz for Overcoming Sin

Posted on 25-Jan-12 12:33 by Erin Davis

If you are locked in a pattern of sin that you can't seem to break free from, you know what it's like to be in bondage. You may feel tied to your sin or like you're stuck in rut of trying and failing to overcome sin over and over again. As part of our Truth Boot Camp, I want to encourage you to take finding victory over your sin seriously this year.

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Letting Truth Rule When It Comes to Forgiveness

Posted on 19-Jan-12 14:20 by Erin Davis

You've blown it. You've messed up. Maybe you keep sinning over and over and over. And then Sunday comes. You go to church. You sing about God's forgiveness. You hear sermons about God's forgiveness, but inside you secretly suspect that God's promise to forgive stops just short of where you are and what you've done. As a result you feel suffocated by the weight of your own sin.

If this describes you, I have good news for you. This can be the year where you find freedom.

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How To Talk To A Friend About Homosexuality

Posted on 11-Jan-12 12:41 by Erin Davis

Last month I wrote a post specifically for those who wrestle with lesbianism. As a result of that post, I discovered that there is a whole group of you who do not struggle with homosexuality yourselves but who have friends who do and you're wondering how to talk to them.

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What Do You Want To Learn At True Woman 2012? (Plus A Giveaway!)

Posted on 10-Jan-12 21:35 by Erin Davis

Erin Davis and Dannah Gresh will be putting their heads together to plan the Teen Track at True Woman 2012. Help shape their teaching topics for your chance to win the complete DVD set from the 2010 conference.

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Sixteen Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

Posted on 03-Jan-12 10:32 by Erin Davis

To some degree, tension between parents and kids is a normal part of the teenage years, but just because it's normal doesn't mean it's best for you or your parents. Here are sixteen resolutions for teenagers from Pastor John Piper that you can put into practice today to improve your relationship with your parents.

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Enter Our Truth Boot Camp

Posted on 02-Jan-12 15:35 by Erin Davis

The Bible is more than just a book. It isn't just words on a page or a boring homework assignment from heaven. The Bible is living and active. It is the words of a living God who longs to be active in each of our lives.

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A Really BIG Bible-Reading Challenge (And A Chance To Win Some Freebies!)

Posted on 02-Jan-12 10:03 by Erin Davis

We start every new year with a 30-day challenge, asking you to read your Bible every day for 30 days. But this year we wanted to do something ... bigger! Take our 365-day challenge and win free resources to help you get into God's Word in 2012.

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We Want YOU To Write For Our Blog

Posted on 28-Dec-11 14:34 by Erin Davis

Since this blog is all about encouraging young women to abandon lies and choose truth, we've decided to invite you to contribute.

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Girls Helping Girls Realize Their Worth

Posted on 26-Dec-11 20:41 by Erin Davis

I'd like to introduce you to three girls who run the website We Are Jewels. News of their project came across my desk several months ago, and I thought it was so cool I wanted to pass it on to you.

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From The Archives: Not Feeling It

Posted on 20-Dec-11 07:56 by Erin Davis

Some years I get all caught up in the warm fuzzies of Christmas. My eyes tear up during candlelight service on Christmas Eve. I read the Christmas story with wonder. But some years the story seems too familiar. My to-do list seems too important. I want to get caught up in Christmas cheer, but I find myself thinking, I'm just not feeling it.

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From The Archives: How Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

Posted on 20-Dec-11 07:38 by Erin Davis

Between Santa and jingle bells, Christmas parties, and presents to buy and hope for, I think most of us struggle to keep our attention focused on the baby in the manger. I've worked hard to make this a Christmas where I had time to consider the sacred. That's why I keep wondering how Jesus would celebrate His birth.

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To Those Wrestling With Lesbianism

Posted on 15-Dec-11 14:44 by Erin Davis

Since God's Word is so clear on the subject of homosexuality, why has the issue become so cloudy in the minds of so many?

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Hope For The Bullies

Posted on 15-Dec-11 07:39 by Erin Davis

I doubt that any of us would actually label ourselves as bullies. No one sets out to be the mean girl at their school, church, or home. Even so, I bet there are some of you who are the source of pain, rejection, or violence in the lives of someone else.

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Hope For The Bullied

Posted on 14-Dec-11 22:36 by Erin Davis

If you feel picked on, misunderstood, tormented, or ignored, you are in good company. Jesus Himself endured these very things, and His Word is not silent on your circumstances. In fact, the Bible is chock-full of words of hope and encouragement just for you.

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Being The Right Person For Love

Posted on 06-Dec-11 22:19 by Erin Davis

Erin and her husband, Jason, weigh in on being the right person for true love in this video blog.

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How Can I Know If A Person Loves Me?

Posted on 04-Dec-11 21:49 by Erin Davis

True love isn't easy to define, and it isn't always easy to recognize. Our feelings can be especially tricky in this area. We can feel something that seems like love only to discover later that it was something closer to lust or infatuation. If we can't trust our feelings, how can we know if someone truly loves us?

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What Is Love?

Posted on 03-Dec-11 16:46 by Erin Davis

I wish I could boil love down into a single, simple definition. If I could, I would most certainly have a hit song on my hands! But love is a complex emotion, and it involves so much more than our feelings. Fortunately when looking for love, God's Word provides all the wisdom we need.

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What Love Isn't

Posted on 01-Dec-11 17:29 by Erin Davis

Love. It's makes the world go round, right? But what is love exactly? And what does God's Word say about the kind of love we should be looking for and living out?

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Yep, Romance Is God's Idea

Posted on 30-Nov-11 17:38 by Erin Davis

Romance is God's idea, and there is some very romantic stuff found right in the Word of God. But not all romance is the same. And not all forms of love are God-honoring.

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Why Twilight Isn't Good No Matter How You Slice It

Posted on 29-Nov-11 14:43 by Erin Davis

When it comes to our media choices, God's Word doesn't urge us to ask "Are parts of this harmless?" but rather "Is this holy?"

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The Dangers In Breaking Dawn

Posted on 28-Nov-11 23:01 by Erin Davis

I'm not a Twilight fan. Actually, I feel more strongly than that. I would say that Twilight has done more to deceive young women and distort God's truth than any other book or movie in recent years.

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The Bare Facts: Is It Too Late For Me?

Posted on 27-Nov-11 23:12 by Erin Davis

While it's true that the majority of you seem to be saving sex for marriage, for those of you who have sinned in this area we need to answer the question, "I'm not a virgin. Is it too late for me?"

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What's The Big Deal About Giving Thanks?

Posted on 24-Nov-11 07:09 by Erin Davis

Over and over again, the Bible encourages us to be thankful. But why? Why does it matter if we thank God or not?

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Reasons Not To Fast

Posted on 21-Nov-11 12:52 by Erin Davis

Fasting is a theme we find woven throughout the entire Bible, and there are good reasons to do it. But there are also plenty of wrong reasons to take a break from food.

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A Crash Course On Fasting

Posted on 20-Nov-11 21:44 by Erin Davis

Several months ago, one of you left me a comment asking for my advice about how to deal with a difficult situation. My response was to set aside some time to fast and pray. Your reaction surprised me. Many of you left comments saying that you wanted to know more about fasting ...

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The Bare Facts: How Far Is Too Far?

Posted on 14-Nov-11 17:34 by Erin Davis

Have you ever thought purity would be a lot easier to attain if the Bible clearly said, "Here is exactly how far you can go physically and remain pure"? Does it seem that if God drew a hard line in the sand, it would make it easier for you to know how to behave?

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Posted on 14-Nov-11 15:45 by Erin Davis

Has anyone every bailed on you? They said they would call, but the phone never rang. They said they'd help you with your homework, but they never showed up. It's not much fun to be on the receiving end of a broken promise, but we all have a tendency to bail.

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The Bare Facts: Why Are God And the Bible So Negative About Sex?

Posted on 04-Nov-11 21:16 by Erin Davis

When it comes to God's view of sex, many people, including Christians, have mistaken God's serious approach to the subject to be negativity toward the subject. God does take sex very seriously. But the picture He gives of sexuality is more intense, vibrant and well ... sexy ... than the view taught by the culture.

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Taking Your Questions About S-E-X

Posted on 03-Nov-11 16:34 by Erin Davis

We live in a culture where sex is everywhere and purity has lost its meaning, leaving young women just like you to face tremendous sexual temptation without an understanding of God's truth on the subject.

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Two More Reasons To Pass On Halloween

Posted on 29-Oct-11 09:52 by Erin Davis

It's hard to completely gloss over the fact that Halloween brings with it plenty of focus on unholy things and we tend to vote to keep those things coming back year after year with the way we spend our money and time around this holiday.

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Something Other Than Candy To Chew On

Posted on 29-Oct-11 09:42 by Erin Davis

Let's take a minute to put Halloween through the filter of God's Word and see if we can come up with some answers for how, as women committed to living out God's truth, we should respond to this holiday.

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For A Lifetime, Part 2

Posted on 24-Oct-11 21:05 by Erin Davis

So often we as young people have visions and dreams that are so exciting they make us lose sleep and do all kinds of crazy things. It's the nature of the beast. These early years in our lives will define who we are for the rest of our days here on earth.

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For A Lifetime

Posted on 24-Oct-11 15:47 by Erin Davis

I can't quite get the image out of my head of the elderly couple sitting across from each other holding hands at the restaurant last night. Maybe I'm sentimental. Maybe I'm a little emotional. Or maybe it just reminds of a deeper truth.

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Why I Got Kicked Out of Church

Posted on 18-Oct-11 08:32 by Erin Davis

As we explore what the Bible says about how we should respond to church authority, I don't want you to feel like I'm pointing the finger at you. I've had trouble with church authority myself, and I know that this is an area where our backs naturally want to arch. But I've also learned that the way I respond to human authority correlates to my willingness to submit to God's authority.

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Talk To Your Pastor And Win A Free Book

Posted on 16-Oct-11 21:55 by Erin Davis

Because we know your pastors still need a pat on the back and because we want to push you to connect with your pastors in a new way this month, we are going to issue a second challenge to reach out to your pastors.

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Why You Need A Pastor And Your Pastor Needs You

Posted on 08-Oct-11 15:03 by Erin Davis

Being a pastor is a pretty big job with huge stakes. Maybe you've never considered the task God has assigned to your pastor. You may also not realize how difficult it is to lead a church.

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The Trouble With Secrets

Posted on 07-Oct-11 15:00 by Erin Davis

After months of pure misery, Serena couldn't keep her secrets any longer. They were tearing her life apart piece by piece. Every secret she kept only made it harder for her to reveal what was really going on in her life.

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Power Puff Girls and Sugar And Spice

Posted on 03-Oct-11 17:18 by Erin Davis

The Power Puff Girls. Do you remember them? The cartoon showed Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup taking on the world. They were created by Professor Utonium in an attempt to create the perfect little girl using a mix of "sugar .. .spice ... and everything nice" but instead added "Chemical x" which created the "perfect little girl" who was dominating, invulnerable, and super strong.
That might make for a cute cartoon, but have you stopped to think about whether or not the messages you've received about your girlhood, even since you were little, line up with what God says about how He created you?

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Posted on 03-Oct-11 07:48 by Erin Davis

Welcome to Michigan! I'm glad you're here. Well, I know that you're not actually here with me, but I want you to feel so much a part of what is happening here over the next few days that it almost seems like you're here.

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Spiritual Eating Disorders

Posted on 26-Sep-11 11:39 by Erin Davis

You may not have a strained relationship with food, but it's possible that you still struggle with a spiritual eating disorder. Many of us binge and purge on Jesus or fast from Him altogether, and our souls quickly become malnourished.

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What Does The Bible Say About Food?

Posted on 26-Sep-11 10:59 by Erin Davis

The Bible is far from silent on the issue of food. In fact, if we take a hard look at all that is written about food in God's Word, it becomes very clear that our patterns of disordered eating should not be ignored.

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Taming The Tiger In The Box

Posted on 26-Sep-11 10:31 by Erin Davis

The statistics about eating disorders are alarming, but the disordered eating habits of most young women do not fit into the blanket categories of anorexics or bulimics. In fact, it is my experience that while we don't all have eating disorders, many of us have disordered eating.

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Broken Glass And Why Beauty Matters

Posted on 23-Sep-11 15:27 by Erin Davis

When we feel broken, we live in a way that invites others to throw stones at us. But a girl who knows who she is according to God's Word and understands that she has value because the God of the universe created her and proclaims His love for her will guard herself against damage.

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More Tips To Start A LYWB Bible Study

Posted on 19-Sep-11 14:36 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I gave you four tips for how to launch a LYWB Bible study with girls from your school. Here are a few more ideas to get you started.

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How To Start A LYWB Bible Study At Your School

Posted on 19-Sep-11 10:18 by Erin Davis

Knowing and applying God's Word can help you tackle whatever challenges you face this year. No matter where you go to school or what challenges come your way, you need to be grounded in God's Word and you need to be sharing God's truth with other young women just like you. That's why we want to encourage you to start a Lies Young Women Believe Bible study with some girls from your school.

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Forgiving Our Parents

Posted on 13-Sep-11 21:35 by Erin Davis

Here's a news flash: Parents aren't perfect. But I'm not interested in creating a forum for us to vent all of the ways our parents have messed up. I am interested in highlighting an important truth about the way we relate to our parents—it's our responsibility to forgive them.

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Thoughts On Suicide From One Of Its Victims

Posted on 12-Sep-11 16:28 by Erin Davis

In yesterday's post, eighteen-year-old senior, Will Jaggers opened up about the impact of his father's suicide, fifteen years ago. Check out the second half of his interview here. (Note: Pay close attention to where Will finds hope.)

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From Tragic Loss To Fully Rooted Faith

Posted on 11-Sep-11 23:02 by Erin Davis

Many of you responded last month to our interview with Kim Jaggers, whose husband committed suicide fifteen years ago. This month, Kim's son Will opens up to us about how his dad's suicide impacted his life.

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I'm Committed To Purity Until . . .

Posted on 06-Sep-11 16:41 by Erin Davis

I've noticed something lately among the young women we hear from here on the blog. Many of you are committed to purity—meaning you're willing to wait on God's timing for love, romance, and physical intimacy. That is until you're tested and then it seems, all too often, those plans for purity fly right out the window.

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Eight Reasons Not to Worry

Posted on 05-Sep-11 21:58 by Erin Davis

At a recent girls' ministry forum I attended, someone asked a pair of psychologists what problems they see young women dealing with the most often in their clinic. I expected to hear horror stories of sexual abuse, eating disorders, or thoughts of suicide. Instead, the psychologists looked at each other and said together, "Anxiety."

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What Worries You About This School Year? (And A Freebie!)

Posted on 27-Aug-11 23:01 by Erin Davis

The goal of this blog is to help young women, just like you, recognize areas of deception and replace them with God's truth. Whether it's mean girls in the lunch room, boys who wait for you by your locker, or the trying to decide how to balance church, school, and home, we want to write about the things that concern you about the coming school year.

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Another Chance To Win Uncompromising

Posted on 27-Aug-11 22:49 by Erin Davis

We're pretty stoked about our new book club and having conversations with you about topics that matter in this new way. And we think God's going to use it to each you A LOT about Him! That's why we want you to share the scoop with all of the young women you know.

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Set Free From The Need To Be Liked

Posted on 21-Aug-11 17:09 by Erin Davis

The need to be liked is a common problem for girls. We have a natural, God-given desire to be pursued, loved, and wanted. We know God loves us and values us. But we often aren't satisfied with that—we want human love.

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Join Our Very First Book Club

Posted on 21-Aug-11 16:48 by Erin Davis

In just two weeks we will launch our first book club! What does that mean? It means that together we will read through and discuss a specific book with the goal of learning to live out God's truth more fully. And what better book to read together than one written by one of our very own bloggers!

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How Was Our World Made?

Posted on 18-Aug-11 10:13 by Erin Davis

The reality is that evolution is not a proven fact, but in order to stand up for what you believe in in your science classrooms this school year, you do need to know what the facts are

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The Lasting Impact Of Suicide

Posted on 14-Aug-11 16:36 by Erin Davis

Your life is a gift from God, and you don't have the right to end it. What would you miss if you chose to die ... a wedding one day? Kids? Christmas mornings? Seeing your child go to kindergarten? Friends and family who love you?

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An Important Perspective On Suicide

Posted on 14-Aug-11 16:12 by Erin Davis

Suicide is a permanent decision based on what is likely a very temporary problem, and it leaves a path of destruction in the lives of those impacted that cannot be undone.

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Awkward Situations

Posted on 10-Aug-11 00:14 by Erin Davis

It's tough and sometimes a little awkward saving my body for one man's eyes alone. In fact, I had to face a tough situation recently when I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a longtime friend's wedding. How exciting was that? There was only one problem; her bridesmaids' dresses were strapless.

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Another Movie Break

Posted on 07-Aug-11 16:24 by Erin Davis

Yesterday, I posted a series of thought-provoking videos on subjects ranging from hell to tornados to boyfriends. Let's keep the discussion going with two more videos today.

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A Good Reason To Pop Some Popcorn

Posted on 07-Aug-11 16:03 by Erin Davis

I've gathered a collection of videos that I found thought-provoking. They don't have a common theme, but they will all help you think about God and the world around you in new ways.

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A Rare Beauty

Posted on 06-Aug-11 15:11 by Erin Davis

In our world, people are constantly saying how you have to look and dress and act. They are constantly pressuring us to conform to what they say is beautiful. Tell me, who are they to say what is beautiful? Who are they to say what is worth more? God's creation is beautiful, and He doesn't make mistakes.

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The Reason For Our Wimpiness

Posted on 01-Aug-11 17:13 by Erin Davis

Is it possible that the battle you face today is a reminder that God is strong, you are not, and depending on Him is the only way to win the war?

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You're A Wimp!

Posted on 01-Aug-11 16:01 by Erin Davis

Here's the bad news. You can't handle it. You can't handle your circumstances. You can't handle your sin. You can't handle the challenges you face today or the challenges that lurk right around the corner.

At least not on your own.

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A Fresh Look At Rejection

Posted on 01-Aug-11 15:32 by Erin Davis

I'm twenty-five years old and have never had a date. Why I don't know the reason, what is clear to me is that the Lord, for a reason only He knows, has guarded my heart and emotions from any boy. He is building in me something beautiful and is sanctifying me through and through and molding me into the woman I am to be one day to my future husband.

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Should you get a tattoo or piercing?

Posted on 25-Jul-11 16:05 by Erin Davis

The world increasingly says that we have the right to do anything to our bodies that makes us feel beautiful and accepted, including piercings and tattoos without limits. But what does God's Word say?

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Why do I wear what I wear?

Posted on 25-Jul-11 15:38 by Erin Davis

Why do we want to wear clothes that barely cover our most sacred and intimate body parts? What is our goal in wearing such limited clothing? With an open mind and honest heart, let's answer a few questions before the summer days are over.

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Finding the Remarkable Within

Posted on 20-Jul-11 16:32 by Erin Davis

God designed each of us as a remarkable woman. You may not feel remarkable right now, but it's important that you don't let your feelings define you.

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What happens when you tell a fifty-year-old secret?

Posted on 19-Jul-11 21:26 by Erin Davis

Satan would like nothing better than to convince us that dark closets are where the skeletons caused by our sin should remain. He gets us all worked up about what people will think if we get real about our sin or convinces us that no one else has sin that they're wrestling with. The truth is, that's hogwash.

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Bandaging the Burns

Posted on 19-Jul-11 09:59 by Erin Davis

Maybe you've been playing with fire. You know that this is an area of your life that needs dramatic change. Now what? 

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Playing with Fire

Posted on 18-Jul-11 15:03 by Erin Davis

We hesitated to address this difficult subject in such a public forum, but your questions and comments kept coming. So we decided to respond, using God's Word as the standard of Truth.

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Erin's Story: A Story of Freedom

Posted on 10-Jul-11 20:53 by Erin Davis

A reader recently asked the blog team (Paula, Hannah, Lindsey, and I) to share our stories. Since the best stories are those that tell how God has worked in our lives, we decided we would each share our testimony. Here's mine.

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Born This Way: When did God fall in love with you?

Posted on 05-Jul-11 15:09 by Erin Davis

God doesn't love you because of how you look, what you do, or even who you are. He loves you because He created you. He has loved you from the beginning, and He will love you without end.

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Born This Way: Do we need relationships?

Posted on 01-Jul-11 21:54 by Erin Davis

We were all born with a need to connect through relationships. In other words, we can't do it alone. That's the bad news. The good news is that God has a plan to meet this inherent need.

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Born This Way: Basically good or bad to the core?

Posted on 01-Jul-11 16:42 by Erin Davis

Understanding what's innate (present from birth) is a hot topic of debate. Are we born good or bad? Are we born with a sexual preference or is that determined later? Are our likes, dislikes, habits, and personality hardwired into our DNA or are they determined by our circumstances or experiences?

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Is this the summer of service?

Posted on 28-Jun-11 12:50 by Erin Davis

I'm all for fun summers. But I think summer also offers a unique opportunity to do some serious ministry. A whole lot of free time offers a whole lot of opportunities to reach out to others and share the good news.

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Let Not This Sin Become Trivial

Posted on 28-Jun-11 12:35 by Erin Davis

In today's culture we are being pressed from all sides to agree that impurity is okay. However, the Bible clearly states that we are to steer clear of impurity. But how do we do that when we live in a culture where sexual impurity is accepted as normal?

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Bilingual Lessons in a Bathroom

Posted on 23-Jun-11 08:42 by Erin Davis

While leading the LYWB Bible study, I realized that I had not yet fully accepted a very basic principal in my own Christian walk ... Satan is not bilingual! Only God speaks truth to us. Anything else is simply a lie from the Liar.

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The Power of a Kiss

Posted on 20-Jun-11 21:06 by Erin Davis

Psychologists and scientists are discovering that when we have intimate contact with another person even through kissing, our brains have a chemical reaction that causes a bond to seal.

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LYWB Goes Dutch

Posted on 20-Jun-11 08:59 by Erin Davis

Several months ago I was contacted by a young woman named Nadine de Goede about how the book Lies Young Women Believe and this site have impacted her in the Netherlands. I interviewed Nadine about the role of LYWB in her life and her ministry to young women half a world away. I hope her answers inspire and encourage you to know that there are young women everywhere choosing to grab hold of God's truth and that you will become as passionate as Nadine has about sharing that truth with others.

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One Reader's Take on Real Beauty

Posted on 15-Jun-11 17:00 by Erin Davis

It started weeks ago when I happened to see a makeup commercial. It wasn't the actual commercial that bothered me, but what the spokesperson said in the very beginning: "Inner beauty is important, but outward beauty is even MORE important."

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A Lesson on Becoming an Affirmer

Posted on 13-Jun-11 16:31 by Erin Davis

I've heard it said that it takes seven compliments to undo a single criticism. If that's true, we should be complimenting others-a lot. Honestly, this is an area where I need a lot of work. So I decided to pick the brain of someone who makes a habit of complimenting others.

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What To Do When the Compliments Don't Come

Posted on 13-Jun-11 09:20 by Erin Davis

I don't mind confessing that when my praise tank doesn't get filled up, it leaves me feeling pretty bummed. So what can we do when the compliments don't come and our craving for affirmation remains? I've been searching for my own answers to those same questions lately, and here's what I've come up with.

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Goodbye, crutches!

Posted on 08-Jun-11 21:51 by Erin Davis

When the Lord Jesus saved us, He gave us a new life, a fresh start. We are chosen, adopted, redeemed, and forgiven, but some days we forget who we are. We go back to crutches, allowing our sin to cripple us.

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Should Christians use anti-depressants?

Posted on 06-Jun-11 17:14 by Erin Davis

One recent study showed that around 10 percent of 13 to 17-year-olds have been prescribed antidepressants. That means that if our readers are a representative sample of American teenagers, one out of 10 of you have been given anti-depressants by your doctor. With thousands of you reading this site, that represents a significant number—which makes it worth asking, "Should Christians take antidepressants?"

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Are my emotions making me sick?

Posted on 05-Jun-11 22:02 by Erin Davis

Have you ever considered that your chronic pain or headaches or exhaustion is just the leaves and that there is a root that needs to be yanked up? Or is it possible that the root is a lie that you've believed that is contrary to God's truth, and the fruit that lie is bearing in your life looks like feeling crummy?

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What's the big deal about sexting?

Posted on 02-Jun-11 14:08 by Erin Davis

Sexting is a growing trend among teenagers. Most teens see sexting as nothing more than high-tech flirting. They reason, "It's just innocent fun. I'm not hurting anyone."  That simply isn't true.

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From Double Life to Single-Minded

Posted on 30-May-11 22:39 by Erin Davis

I first wrote about Aly's story in March. Back then she had just been caught living a double life. Because of God's grace, she's not in that pit anymore. Check out her radical story of redemption.

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Tornados and Theology

Posted on 30-May-11 09:48 by Erin Davis

This is why theology matters. This is why we all need to know what we believe about God and build a foundation of faith straight from His Word. Hard times will come. Circumstances we didn't expect will take things we didn't want to lose. Storms will roll in, winds will blow, and we will suffer loss. But you don't have to feel hopeless. You don't have to wrestle with disillusionment or fractured faith when life doesn't turn out like you've planned. If you know who God is, you can face the storm knowing that you serve a good God who is always working for your good and His glory.

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Boyfriends vs. Boy Friends

Posted on 23-May-11 10:51 by Erin Davis

The older I get, the more people inform me that I can't "just" be friends with a guy. They keep telling me that every guy/girl relationship has an underlying current of romance. While I'll agree that a relationship can easily turn that way, I don't think that all relationships are destined to do so.

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Why did God give you siblings?

Posted on 18-May-11 23:14 by Erin Davis

Our culture touts sibling rivalry as "normal" and says that friends, not siblings, are the natural choice for support. But does that line up with God's plan?

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Good News: Good Girls Are En Vogue and Hollywood Is Listening

Posted on 17-May-11 21:45 by Erin Davis

It turns out that these days stars who are known for good behavior are the only ones getting movie deals, magazine cover shoots, and million dollar contracts. Actresses who are wild can't get a break and are no longer getting paid. Why the shift? Because of you!

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How many times has the Bible been through you?

Posted on 15-May-11 15:40 by Erin Davis

I've been a Christian for eleven years, and I have to admit, I have not yet gotten through the whole Bible.

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Weighing in on The Beebs

Posted on 11-May-11 15:42 by Erin Davis

As is often the case, when we put pop culture through the filter of God's Word, we rarely find an answer that is black and white. Instead let's look at some biblical principles together and see how they speak to girls on both sides of the Bieber fence.

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How to Spot an Idol

Posted on 06-May-11 11:09 by Erin Davis

As Christians we need to be careful not to offer our extreme devotion to anything but Jesus. But doing so isn't always automatic.

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How should we respond to the death of Osama bin Laden?

Posted on 06-May-11 10:35 by Erin Davis

Since this is a blog about lies and truth, I wanted to take the time to address Osama's death in light of God's Word. As you consider the world event, I want to urge you to keep God's Word in mind. More importantly, as you talk about the death of Osama Bin Laden with your family, in your classes, and among your friends, I hope you will seize the opportunity to point others toward God's truth.

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Isn't modesty the guy's problem?

Posted on 04-May-11 10:49 by Erin Davis

If you're a little like me—you don't understand why modesty matters, you don't know for sure if your clothing is modest or not, and you don't fully grasp why what you wear matters to the guys your around—consider this a wake-up call. After reading this post and watching the video, you will have to face the fact that what you wear matters and that immodesty is truly everyone's problem.

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The Story of One Reader's Healing (Inside and Out)

Posted on 19-Apr-11 17:15 by Erin Davis

When she first wrote to us, Ruby was a teenager fighting cancer without a relationship with Jesus. But that's just the beginning of her story. In fact, Ruby's story is one of the reasons we keep writing away on this blog. God used this site to heal her in more ways than one. God used you to speak to her heart in a huge way.

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I've made my list and checked it twice. Now what?

Posted on 19-Apr-11 16:53 by Erin Davis

Christ's death provided a way for us to be alive in Him. He forgave our sins, gave us hope, and awarded us an inheritance that can never be taken away. But so often, we trade in the freedom that God gave us on Good Friday for sin and bondage.

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From the Archives: Don't Roll Back the Stone

Posted on 19-Apr-11 16:32 by Erin Davis

Christ's death provided a way for us to be alive in Him. He forgave our sins, gave us hope, and awarded us an inheritance that can never be taken away. But so often, we trade in the freedom that God gave us on Good Friday for sin and bondage.

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Why This is the Most Important Week of the Year

Posted on 17-Apr-11 21:48 by Erin Davis

Something huge and important happened every day this week more than 2,000 years ago, and all of it pointed to the two most significant events in all of history—Jesus' death and resurrection. As believers, this should be the most important week on our calendars.

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Why are girls fighting?

Posted on 14-Apr-11 15:54 by Erin Davis

Girls are fighting, and their friends are recording it. It's an alarming trend, which brings me back to you. What should you do if you get into an altercation with a friend that makes you mad enough to want to throw punches?

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Hope When Relationships End

Posted on 14-Apr-11 15:42 by Erin Davis

Think of one person who has walked into your life and touched your heart. Suddenly, due to death, distance, or a broken relationship, this special person is no longer there. You feel torn and lost. Why did God take this dear person from you?

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Show Off Your Modest Formal Wear

Posted on 13-Apr-11 20:54 by Erin Davis

Dresses can be a potential danger zone for girls who strive to stick to God's plan for modesty. From too-short hemlines to too-low necklines, a shopper with modesty in mind can start to feel like a burlap sack is her only option. That's why we want to take the time to encourage you that modesty matters and modesty is possible. We know that dresses that are cute and modest aren't easy to find, but they are out there.

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Who is praying with you?

Posted on 12-Apr-11 15:15 by Erin Davis

I don't know about you, but I want a prayer life that has the power to shake walls and save lives. That means I have to be serious about genuinely praying with other believers.

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What MTV's "teen moms" aren't telling you about motherhood

Posted on 11-Apr-11 21:53 by Erin Davis

The more I see teen motherhood celebrated, the more I worry about you. Our culture has a tendency to churn out big fat lies about what life and love are really like, and I don't want you to take the bait.

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What To Do With Your Doubt

Posted on 06-Apr-11 21:03 by Erin Davis

There are constructive and destructive ways to deal with doubt. You can dwell on it, look to unwise sources for affirmation, choose to ignore them, or walk away from your faith entirely simply because you have some big questions. Or you can own up to your doubts and think critically about what questions you're really asking. More importantly, you can take your doubts to Jesus.

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Meet Some of My Favorite Doubters

Posted on 04-Apr-11 16:48 by Erin Davis

Doubt has a way of isolating us from other believers. That's why when it comes to doubt, I think it's helpful to realize you're not alone. In fact, some of the greatest men and women of the Bible experienced seasons of doubt.

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Is doubting God a sin?

Posted on 04-Apr-11 16:27 by Erin Davis

Many of you have commented lately that you are wrestlingwith feelings of doubt and discouragement in the area of faith. Some of youmention doubt casually as if it's a companion you've always known. Others ofyou seem practically panicked when doubts hit you as if your faith has alwaysbeen rock solid and your doubts about God have caught you off guard. One of the most importantquestions to consider when it comes to doubt is, "Is doubt a sin?" Let's seehow God's Word answers that question.

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How To Know If a Media Choice is Wise

Posted on 28-Mar-11 22:56 by Erin Davis

Over the years I have found two biblical principles to be extremely helpful as I seek to make wise media choices. In fact, they have helped me so often that I thought I should pass them on to you.

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What do I really think about Facebook?

Posted on 28-Mar-11 22:42 by Erin Davis

I shut down my Facebook over a year ago. I don't think it would be an overstatement to say that it is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Here are the five reasons why I'm so glad I decided to pull the plug on Facebook.

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Hot Dogs and Sin Have More in Common Than You Think

Posted on 22-Mar-11 21:57 by Erin Davis

Sometimes we choose to sin like we are choosing to eat a hotdog. We know we shouldn't do it. We know the sin won't offer us anything in theform of spiritual "nutrition." We've been warned that sin is bad for us, andyet we take a bite for a fleeting moment of pleasure, control, or self-absorption.

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Are you living a double life?

Posted on 21-Mar-11 15:26 by Erin Davis

When double lives are exposed it doesn't look like a James Bond movie. Hearts are broken. Lives are torn apart. Sin's power to deceive and destroy is on full display.

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I Want To Be a Theologian

Posted on 14-Mar-11 22:26 by Erin Davis

Girls, we've got to get the facts of our faith right. We have to know that the Bible is trustworthy, and we have to learn to filter everything through it.

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How should we respond to what's going on in the Middle East?

Posted on 09-Mar-11 23:49 by Erin Davis

Teenagers aren't known for their interest in world events. I doubt that you make a habit of catching the evening news or tracking the latest in global affairs. But you don't have to be a news junkie these days to know that the news isn't good. It's hard to escape the fact that unrest is spreading across the Middle East. Revolutions in Tunsunia, Egypt, have sparked protests in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Iran. It seems that words like "unrest" and "turmoil" have worked their way into everyone's vocabulary. 

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What if I've blown it?

Posted on 08-Mar-11 16:59 by Erin Davis

I wish that none of you had to wrestle with the pain caused by messing up in the area of romance, but since so many of you have bravely shared that you've made mistakes, I wanted to write a post to give you hope.

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How far is too far?

Posted on 07-Mar-11 12:24 by Erin Davis

Some of you have decided not to kiss until marriage. Others think kissing is okay. Some of you have said you will only hold hands. Others choose a different line. Some of you have realized you've gone too far physically only after the damage has been done. That's why I think it's wise to know how far you're willing to go long before you ever have the opportunity to act. But ... how far is too far?

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What happens when disaster strikes?

Posted on 01-Mar-11 17:00 by Erin Davis

There are so many times where we can feel inadequate and like we don't measure up. But the Word of God tells us that He will make us complete.

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Who measures up?

Posted on 01-Mar-11 16:43 by Erin Davis

There are so many times where we can feel inadequate and like we don't measure up. But the Word of God tells us that He will make us complete.

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Of Course I'm a Christian, I . . .

Posted on 28-Feb-11 17:33 by Erin Davis

If your life isn't showing any signs of Christ in you, then maybe it is time for you to examine yourself.

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But I'm Just Too Busy

Posted on 25-Feb-11 15:58 by Erin Davis

Spending time with God every day is so important. Bible class at school or chapel or church isn't enough. We need to be cultivating our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How can we expect to grow spiritually if we never even talk to the One who saved us?

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Ask Erin: "How do I interact with guys just as a friend?"

Posted on 18-Feb-11 15:57 by Erin Davis

At the beginning of this month, I asked you to tell me your most burning questions when it comes to guys and romance. One question that popped up often was, "How do I interact with guys just as a friend/Christian sister?" We also saw a lot of a similar question: "Is it okay to become friends with a guy to see if they'd make a good husband?" I am so glad you're asking these questions! I want you to understand the difference between standing firm in your commitment to purity (a very, very good thing) and being standoffish toward the guys in your life (not such a good thing).

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Ask Erin: "How can I stay emotionally pure?"

Posted on 10-Feb-11 23:01 by Erin Davis

God asks us to be in complete control of our thought life. We don't get a permission slip to keep our actions pure but to allow our thoughts to dwell on love and romance and intimacy outside of God's timing.

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What's the Difference Between Courtship and Dating?

Posted on 06-Feb-11 15:43 by Erin Davis

Last week, I asked you to give me your most burning love questions. You did! More than 100 of you left us a comment with a question about love and romance.Here’s one that caught my eye. Mars asked, “I hear the word "courting" a lot in opposition to "dating." What are the differences between the two and which relationship is the better of the two?"

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When You Don't Have a Valentine

Posted on 02-Feb-11 16:28 by Erin Davis

If you're struggling with feelings of loss, anxiety, loneliness, or frustration this Valentine's Day, this post is for you. I want to encourage you not to dwell on your negative feelings about romance. (And don't even think about eating an entire box of Valentine's chocolate all by yourself!) Instead, turn your heart toward these specific truths straight out of God's Word.

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Is it okay to date just for fun?

Posted on 02-Feb-11 15:48 by Erin Davis

One of you recently asked, “Is it okay to date just for fun?” In a word—yes.The Bible doesn’t specifically condemn dating. That being said, I think there is a more important question we should be asking. Is it wise to date just for fun? In two words—maybe not.

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Freedom From the Need for a Boyfriend

Posted on 02-Feb-11 15:29 by Erin Davis

Let me introduce you to my friend, Brita. For years she struggled with the ramifications of believing the lie "I need a boyfriend." The good news is Lies Young Women Believe played an important role in exposing this lie in Brita's life and pointing her toward truth. Since I know a few of you are wrestling with this lie as well, I invited Brita to share her story.

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I Need a Boyfriend

Posted on 02-Feb-11 15:08 by Erin Davis

When you look to a relationship with a guy to make you happy, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you are using dating (and marriage in the future) as a means to validate your worth, the consequences will be even more severe.

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Man Whisperer vs. True Woman

Posted on 02-Feb-11 13:09 by Erin Davis

First there was the dog whisperer. Then there was the ghost whisperer. Now comes the controversial new dating and relationship guide: The Man Whisperer.

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Are crushes okay?

Posted on 02-Feb-11 12:01 by Erin Davis

There is one question that has been asked on this blog more than any other—are crushes okay? It seems that many of you are serious about your commitment to remain physically pure until your wedding day, but that hasn't stopped your heart from racing when a certain fella walks into the room. And you're wondering, Are these feelings okay?

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Sexual Purity Means Using Protection

Posted on 28-Jan-11 17:03 by Erin Davis

When we found this post by Diane Montgomery on, we knew we wanted to pass it on to you. It's longer than our usual posts, but stick with it. It's chock full of great insight into the issue of purity.

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Is it okay to date non-Christians?

Posted on 27-Jan-11 16:44 by Erin Davis

I understand the temptation to believe that dating non-Christians is okay. In fact, I get why so many young women have been deceived into thinking that it is a potentially wonderful missions opportunity. But since I now understand how important it is that we understand God's truth on this subject, I decided to recruit a friend of mine to be a voice of reason. Here's what he had to say . . .

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To Date or Not to Date?

Posted on 27-Jan-11 15:59 by Erin Davis

The blog has been buzzing on the topic of dating. Some of you have come to the site seeking advice on the subject and several of you have weighed in with some great thoughts! It is obvious you are wondering, does God care if you date? Does He care who you date? Is dating even okay? If you’re among the young women asking these questions, you are not alone.

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I Want to be Your Love Doctor

Posted on 27-Jan-11 15:53 by Erin Davis

I know that for girls who are committed to pursuing God's standard for purity, all of the hype about love and romance that the world is going to dish out this month can make waiting for God's timing and sticking to His standards feel like missing the party. That's why I want to equip you with some great advice on love and romance throughout the month.

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You're Almost There! (You Deserve Some Free Stuff)

Posted on 26-Jan-11 21:41 by Erin Davis

It's been 29 days since I originally issued the 2011 30-day challenge. Nearly 100 of you accepted that challenge and agreed to read your Bibles every day for 30 days.

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My Hormones Have Me in a Tailspin

Posted on 17-Jan-11 22:15 by Erin Davis

I have all the telltale signs of a hormonal overload. My skin has betrayed me. There isn't enough chocolate in Hershey to satisfy my cravings. Worst of all, my emotions seem to have stamped their ticket for a rollercoaster ride where there are no exits.

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I Want What They Have

Posted on 17-Jan-11 21:58 by Erin Davis

I think every girl has felt a tinge of longing after being around loving couples or watching a great romance unfold on the big screen. But it isn't always harmless to want what others have in the area of romance.

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I Need to Vent

Posted on 10-Jan-11 16:28 by Erin Davis

It's a widespread belief that every once in a while we all need to blow off steam and that holding anger in is dangerous. But researchers have actually discovered that venting is not an effective way of controlling your anger.

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Another Giveaway for the 30-Day Challengers

Posted on 10-Jan-11 16:16 by Erin Davis

I would love to hear specifically what God is teaching you through the 30-day challenge. What specific Scriptures have jumped off the page at you as you've been reading? Has God used a specific passage to encourage, equip, or challenge you? What's your game plan for reading God's Word every day?

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The Final Push Toward Unblocked Prayer

Posted on 10-Jan-11 15:45 by Erin Davis

If we go to God with our hearts out of whack, our pipeline to Him is going to get clogged.

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Why Reconciliation Really Matters

Posted on 08-Jan-11 11:27 by Erin Davis

What's another reason why our prayers can sometimes be blocked? The Bible shows that clearly there is a connection between our relationships and the effectiveness of our prayer lives.

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A Giveaway for the 30-Day Challengers

Posted on 05-Jan-11 16:36 by Erin Davis

If you're looking for a plan to help you complete the 30-day challenge and develop the discipline of reading God's Word regularly, choose one of the plans above and start reading!

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Is God opposing you?

Posted on 04-Jan-11 22:14 by Erin Davis

Is it possible that pride has become a prayer blocker in your life? Do you go to God with a list of all that you are doing for Him, expecting Him to do things your way in return? Or do you come to Him with an attitude of repentance and the clear understanding that He is God and you are not?

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Prayer Blockers: Sin, Disobedience, and Disregard

Posted on 02-Jan-11 15:55 by Erin Davis

We're going to be exploring these "prayer blockers" over the next few days. Today, we are going to focus on three biggies that seem to work together to jam up our prayers: sin, disobedience, and disregard for God's Law.

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When Prayer Doesn't Work

Posted on 02-Jan-11 15:37 by Erin Davis

Have you ever felt like when you pray, your words get stuck somewhere between your mouth and God's heart?

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Start 2011 with a 30-Day Binge

Posted on 30-Dec-10 11:55 by Erin Davis

Every New Year starts the same way—with a massive push to purge. Everyone commits to purge their lives of bad habits, bad food choices, or too much stuff. There’s nothing wrong with using a new year to think about what needs to go in your life, but I want to encourage you to start this year with a 30-day binge. What do I want you to feast on? The Word of God.

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Eight More Ways to Change in 2011

Posted on 29-Dec-10 18:10 by Erin Davis

Earlier this week I challenged you to take 13 specific actions toward living out God's truth this year. Here are eight more steps you can take in 2011 to allow God's truth to change how you live. 

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Will You Resolve to Choose Truth in 2011?

Posted on 28-Dec-10 13:47 by Erin Davis

YesterdayI challenged you to resolve to put God's truth into action in 2011. I gave you five action steps based on the truths Nancy and Dannah write about in “Lies Young Women Believe.”


Here are eight more ways you can live out God's truth in 2011. 

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Twenty-One Resolutions for 2011

Posted on 27-Dec-10 14:20 by Erin Davis

There's nothing wrong with making the choice to be healthier or try new things at the start of a new year. But this year I'm feeling motivated to make changes that truly matter. I want the same for you. 

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Not Feeling It

Posted on 22-Dec-10 21:29 by Erin Davis

Some years the Christmas story seems too familiar to me. My to-do list seems too important. I want to get caught up in Christmas cheer, but I find myself thinking, I'm just not feeling it.

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Remembering the Good News

Posted on 21-Dec-10 15:46 by Erin Davis

What is the good news? That Jesus was willing to do whatever it took to become our Savior. What did He save us from? That is the question you should be asking this Christmas season.

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How would Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Posted on 18-Dec-10 15:10 by Erin Davis

Between Santa and jingle bells, Christmas parties, and presents to buy and hope for, I think most of us struggle to keep our attention focused on the baby in the manger. I've worked hard to make this a Christmas where I had time to consider the sacred. That's why I keep wondering how Jesus would celebrate His birth.

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God is My Good Luck Charm

Posted on 15-Dec-10 21:34 by Erin Davis

Is Jesus your good luck charm or the God you trust in all circumstances?

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Redefining the Blogosphere

Posted on 12-Dec-10 15:17 by Erin Davis

We're passionate about our blog because we see it more like a mission field. It excites us to see God use this website as a tool to draw young women toward Him. But we need your help.

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Will he be a good husband?

Posted on 08-Dec-10 22:24 by Erin Davis

I think it is great advice to stop looking for the perfect guy and to ask God to bring you a fella who is working toward becoming more like Jesus. But how will you know if an imperfect guy will make a great husband?

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The Jesus Standard

Posted on 07-Dec-10 15:53 by Erin Davis

If you're waiting for a guy who is without sin, communicates perfectly, and has his faith all figured out, it's going to be a long wait.

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Finding Freedom from the Lies

Posted on 06-Dec-10 15:55 by Erin Davis

What might have been different had Eve chosen to surrender to the truth? Everything! How might our lives look different if we would surrender to God's ideas rather than our own?

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Don't forget!

Posted on 01-Dec-10 23:07 by Erin Davis

Here's what I love: Jesus has never let me down. Here's what I hate: Forgetting that fact time and time again.

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Meet the new writers!

Posted on 30-Nov-10 14:42 by Erin Davis

I'm dying to introduce you to our new writing team.Of course, you already know these writers pretty well. That's because I'mtalking about YOU!

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Keeping the Peace at Church

Posted on 28-Nov-10 15:08 by Erin Davis

It is so important that we all work to be peacemakers in our church because the world is watching. If we are at odds with each other within the church walls, how can we shine like stars in the sky?

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Being a Peacemaker vs. Keeping the Peace

Posted on 27-Nov-10 21:26 by Erin Davis

As Christians, we shouldstrive to have peaceful friendships. But that is only half of the equation.When it comes to friendship, there is a difference between being a peacemakerand keeping the peace at all costs.

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Making Peace at Home

Posted on 22-Nov-10 23:08 by Erin Davis

Peace is a free gift that God gives us as His children, but it's not a gift we should keep to ourselves. God tells us to work live at peace with those around us.

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Glee and Northern Pike

Posted on 18-Nov-10 16:27 by Erin Davis

So often, the modern media offers us choices that seem safe and satisfying. We are swimming along with themes and messages that seem easy to digest. But too often, that doesn't stay true. By the time we are fully immersed in the lies of the culture, we've fallen for the lies hook, line, and sinker. It is a pattern that can starve us of our appetite for the things of God.

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Homosexuality: A Story of Redemption Part 2

Posted on 03-Nov-10 16:19 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I introduced you to Rene. She's a woman who was involved in the homosexual lifestyle for more than 11 years. Today she is living proof of God's power to change hearts and lives.

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Homosexuality: A Story of Redemption

Posted on 03-Nov-10 16:00 by Erin Davis

Meet Rene. She is a former homosexual now serving Jesus in full-time ministry. I couldn't wait to pass her story on to you because it is a beautiful testimony of God's ability to redeem all things.

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Is homosexuality a sin?

Posted on 03-Nov-10 15:28 by Erin Davis

Amidst the swirl  of messages sent to us about homosexuality by the world, there's one key issue that begs to be addressed: What does God say about the issue of homosexuality?

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We Need to Talk

Posted on 03-Nov-10 15:13 by Erin Davis

There's something I've been wanting to talk about with you for years, but I just couldn't get the first sentence out. Until now.

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Is your light on?

Posted on 02-Nov-10 21:15 by Erin Davis

When people look at you, is it obvious that you love Jesus? Can they easily tell that you are a Christian or does your "front porch" look like every one else's on the block?

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An Incentive to Keep Us on Top

Posted on 02-Nov-10 21:09 by Erin Davis

Can you help us get Lies Young Women Believe into the hands of other young women who need it?

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Hope for the Brokenhearted

Posted on 21-Oct-10 23:18 by Erin Davis

If your heart is wounded, you may find that others dismiss the pain you are feeling or treat you like you're childish for feeling the way that you do. But that is not the Lord's response to your pain.

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What advice would you give a friend with a broken heart?

Posted on 20-Oct-10 22:22 by Erin Davis

What advice would you give a friend whose heart has been broken by a guy?

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Trusting God with the "Small Stuff"

Posted on 19-Oct-10 15:38 by Erin Davis

I think I always assumed Philippians 4:6 meant "everything" as in everything spiritual or everything I wouldn't be too embarrassed to mention in my Sunday school class. But everything, everything?

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Posted on 18-Oct-10 23:22 by Erin Davis

Do you have your laptop or a pen and paper handy? Good, ‘cause we want to invite you to submit a blog post to us!

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Choosing to Stay in the Pit

Posted on 16-Oct-10 15:31 by Erin Davis

As I've watched the rescued miners, I've been struck by how often we choose the pit of sin. We know it isn't what's best for us. We get that sin ultimately leads to bondage and that Christ died to set us free, but we make the choice to head back down the shaft toward sin just to make sure we're not missing out on anything.

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LIVE from Ft. Worth: Three Questions About Your Trial

Posted on 15-Oct-10 22:33 by Erin Davis

What trial are you facing right now? What did you write about on your 3 x 5 card? You have a choice. You can wallow, or wail, or complain, or fold or you can ask the three questions that each point to one answer—Jesus. Only He is able to redeem what you’re under and reshape it into…pure joy.  

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LIVE from Ft. Worth: News and Updates

Posted on 15-Oct-10 22:21 by Erin Davis

Whew! What a day. So much has happened today at the True Woman Conference. I’ve been anxious to update you

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LIVE from Ft. Worth: Who is “Walking” in Your Life?

Posted on 14-Oct-10 20:45 by Erin Davis

I’m in an arena in Ft. Worth, Texas. Don’t worry, I’m not alone. In fact, I am joined by more than 3,5000 women from across the country and around the globe. As I write this post, we are literally less than 15 minutes into the conference and the coolest thing just happened, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. 

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Where My Ministry Counts the Most

Posted on 12-Oct-10 21:51 by Erin Davis

Since I often write about ministry trips here on the blog, I can see how you might get the impression that traveling and speaking and writing books is the best gig I have going. But the reality is, my most important ministry happens at home.

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Goodbye Performance . . . Hello Grace!

Posted on 30-Sep-10 18:31 by Erin Davis

Our performance culture tells us that on our good days God smiles on us, and on our bad days he frowns at us. But the gospel tells us something different.

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Is the grass really greener?

Posted on 30-Sep-10 17:39 by Erin Davis

Life without Jesus is anything but easy. Appearances deceive us when the lives of unbelievers seem easier and more carefree than our own.

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Posted on 30-Sep-10 17:25 by Erin Davis

God is teaching me a new meaning for Sabbath. He is showing me that it's so much more than a day of the week or a routine involving church.

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Naming Our Exes

Posted on 30-Sep-10 17:19 by Erin Davis

As the adopted daughters of the King of Kings we need to have some exes in our lives.

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More with Save Our Sisters

Posted on 27-Sep-10 11:47 by Erin Davis

Let me tell you more about Save Our Sisters—a cool ministry made even cooler by the fact that it is the dream of a group of passionate teenagers.

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What Four Girls Are Doing to Change the World

Posted on 27-Sep-10 11:00 by Erin Davis

I have been dying to introduce you to the ministry of Save Our Sisters. It's an amazing organization dedicated to freeing young women from the international sex trade.

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LIVE from Indy: No Long Goodbyes

Posted on 25-Sep-10 09:04 by Erin Davis

Taking time to feast on God through conferences, retreats, youth rallies and church activities is great. But it is far more important to have a steady diet of His Truth throughout your days and weeks.

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LIVE from Indy: Praise the Lord! (and P.F. Chang’s).

Posted on 24-Sep-10 20:02 by Erin Davis

I’m giddy. Truly, I could burst into a belly laugh at any moment. I am tickled pink over what God did in the Teen Track of the True Woman Conference today. More than 400 young women joined Dannah and I in that session today. More importantly, God joined us in that place. 

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LIVE from Indy: Haz-mat and the Holy Spirit

Posted on 24-Sep-10 00:02 by Erin Davis

Jesus didn’t encourage His followers to hide away in their own Christian community. He didn’t pray that God would remove them from the world in order to protect them from the influence of evil. He has called us to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13). He has challenged us to teach the Good News to those who need to hear it (Matthew 28:19). He does use us as bearers of hope, and peace and truth

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LIVE from Indy: Silly Pics, As Promised

Posted on 23-Sep-10 23:10 by Erin Davis

Silly pictures of bloggers in Indianapolis. 

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What Are You Excited About?

Posted on 23-Sep-10 08:31 by Erin Davis

Erin's first update from the True Woman 2010 Conference. 

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My True Woman Story

Posted on 21-Sep-10 21:36 by Erin Davis

Twenty-one-year-old Erin wasn't bad. She knew the Lord and was doing her best to serve Him. But she had no understanding of her unique design as a woman.

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Weighing the Cost

Posted on 20-Sep-10 21:43 by Erin Davis

If you are willing to live like Jesus calls you to live, if you are committed to base your choices on His truth, if you desire to love the world less and love Him more and more, there will be a cost.

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Change Your Status

Posted on 15-Sep-10 16:35 by Erin Davis

How would your life change if you fully understood the truth about who God says you are?

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Do Your Man Some Good

Posted on 15-Sep-10 16:31 by Erin Davis

The idea that a godly woman is supposed to be a blessing to her husband isn't new. But I'd never considered when that blessing should start.

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Anger's Major Motivator

Posted on 08-Sep-10 15:47 by Erin Davis

The mastermind behind our anger is our own selfishness. We will continue to be easily angered until we get a firm grasp on how God sees us and how He calls us to treat the people around us.

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Meet Jealousy's Hostile Sidekick

Posted on 07-Sep-10 21:59 by Erin Davis

Sweet Christian girls don't get angry, right? Or they throw the occasional angry fit and then go on with their day like it's no big deal. But anger is a big deal.

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How well do you know the green-eyed monster?

Posted on 06-Sep-10 17:36 by Erin Davis

Jealousy will mess you up. That's why Shakespeare calls it a monster and why God's Word warns us so strongly against it.

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Pursue Him!

Posted on 05-Sep-10 18:10 by Erin Davis

Every time we feel like God is far away we have a choice to either believe His truth or continue to suffer under the shadow of lies.

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He Must Bear Fruit

Posted on 30-Aug-10 12:28 by Erin Davis

Is he the one? You can't just trust your feelings and you shouldn't assume the answer is yes, just because a guy is a Christian. But the Bible does give clear insight into what a godly husband will be.

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He Must Pray

Posted on 30-Aug-10 12:20 by Erin Davis

Choosing whom you will marry is more than selecting who will look great standing at the end of an aisle in a tux. When tough times come, you need to align yourself with someone who understands the importance of prayer.

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He Must Be a Leader

Posted on 29-Aug-10 22:47 by Erin Davis

The bottom line is that God knew what He was doing when He outlined biblical marriage. Having a guy who can make tough decisions and is learning to lead like Jesus is far better than trying to run the show ourselves.

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Is he the one?

Posted on 26-Aug-10 15:21 by Erin Davis

Is being a Christian all that God requires of your future mates? Does that automatically make a guy good husband material? Does God's Word have anything else to say on the subject?  

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A Homework Assignment for You and Your Mom

Posted on 25-Aug-10 15:42 by Erin Davis

When I was a teenager there were times when I was disrespectful to my parents despite being totally on fire for Jesus. It's something I wish I had done differently.

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Do you respect your parents?

Posted on 24-Aug-10 16:24 by Erin Davis

Do you treat your parents with respect? Take this quiz and find out.

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Posted on 23-Aug-10 08:57 by Erin Davis

A new school year offers more than an opportunity to stock up on shiny new school supplies—it's a chance to create a brand-new you.

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From the Archives: But why can't I look like her?

Posted on 17-Aug-10 11:16 by Erin Davis

We do feel the need to compare, don't we? Often that comparison leaves us feeling like we don't measure up. When we start to use others as our standard for beauty and worth, the results are often disastrous.

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Are you Miss Fix-It?

Posted on 17-Aug-10 10:18 by Erin Davis

As girls, we seem made to intervene. We love to show compassion and come up with solutions. But when we feel like the problems of the whole world are ours to solve, we can end up feeling stressed, tired, and frustrated ourselves.

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Stop Praying Wimpy Prayers

Posted on 11-Aug-10 22:31 by Erin Davis

God cares about even the most minor of circumstances. But He teaches us to move beyond the small stuff when we pray.

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My Rooster Just Crowed

Posted on 11-Aug-10 09:03 by Erin Davis

I want to be more like Peter. I want to be bold for Jesus. I don't want to hear another rooster crow and feel the regret of sticking to what's comfortable.

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I'm Uncomfortable

Posted on 09-Aug-10 21:10 by Erin Davis

If I want God to use me, I'm going to have to let Him squeeze me, stretch me, and mold me in ways I may not like.

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Hope For Those Who Cut

Posted on 03-Aug-10 22:05 by Erin Davis

God never intendedfor you to take out your stress on yourself. His Word is rich with promises ofhope and practical guidance for how to cope with the pressures of life.

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How important is the local church?

Posted on 28-Jul-10 11:46 by Erin Davis

Does hospitality sound like it's out of the pages of your grandma's magazines? Think again.

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Too young for lemonade?

Posted on 28-Jul-10 11:39 by Erin Davis

Does hospitality sound like it's out of the pages of your grandma's magazines? Think again.

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Posted on 27-Jul-10 17:16 by Erin Davis

Sin, like yeast, is potent. It has a way of working itself into every corner of our lives.

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Do I have a gentle and quiet spirit?

Posted on 23-Jul-10 16:22 by Erin Davis

Have you ever asked yourself, Do I have a gentle and quiet spirit? Here's the scoop about what it means to possess that kind of a spirit.

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Do we always have to be happy?

Posted on 20-Jul-10 22:54 by Erin Davis

Sometimes we get the message that because we have tremendous hope in Christ, we should never allow ourselves to feel emotions like sadness, anger, fear, or even depression. But this isn't what the Bible teaches.

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Make-Up Free Week

Posted on 17-Jul-10 15:39 by Erin Davis

There's nothing wrong with make-up, but sometimes make-up becomes a mask. It makes us feel beautiful. We worry about what others would think if they saw us au natural. When that's the case, we've clearly lost sight of the source of true beauty.

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Boredom Busters

Posted on 09-Jul-10 11:41 by Erin Davis

Summer vacation is great for hanging out with friends, catching up on sleep, and checking out some great summer flicks, but as the weeks pass all of that free time can lead to trouble.

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How to Hear God's Voice, Part 2

Posted on 09-Jul-10 11:06 by Erin Davis

Here are two more ways the Bible teaches we can hear from God.

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How to Hear God's Voice

Posted on 09-Jul-10 10:47 by Erin Davis

Most of us don't hear from God with our physical ears. So how can we hear from God? How can we make sure that we are hearing from Him and not listening to our own voice or the voices of others around us?

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The Book Behind the Blog

Posted on 07-Jul-10 15:04 by Erin Davis

This may seem like a silly question, since you're reading this as a visitor to, but have you heard of the book Lies Young Women Believe?

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Posted on 07-Jul-10 14:43 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I gave several tips for how to navigate a breakup with grace. Here are a few more points to ponder.

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Ten Tips for a Good Breakup

Posted on 06-Jul-10 23:49 by Erin Davis

Breakups hurt. There is something uniquely excruciating about a broken heart. I guess that's why we spend so much time urging you not to date until you are ready for marriage. We truly want to spare you the unnecessary hurt of a painful breakup. But I know that when you are in the midst of a breakup, the last thing you want to hear is "I told you so." So here are ten tips for how to navigate a romantic disappointment with grace.

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Posted on 05-Jul-10 11:24 by Erin Davis

Nothing beats a good testimony. Here's mine.

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The Inside Scoop on "True Princess"

Posted on 30-Jun-10 08:45 by Erin Davis

Erin’s latest book, “True Princess: embracing humility in an all about me world” hits the shelves today. Get the inside scoop from Erin’s interview with LifeWay editor, Pam Gibbs. 

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Are You A Flirt?

Posted on 30-Jun-10 08:30 by Erin Davis

Take an honest assessment of your own behavior. Would you fit in well with the women of Zion? Do you use clothing, body language and attitude to draw attention to yourself and your femininity?

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A Challenge to Love on Your Family

Posted on 28-Jun-10 15:23 by Erin Davis

Do you find it easy to be Christ-like to strangers at the mall but tough to show Christ’s love to your mom and dad? Do you go on mission trips to share the Gospel, but wince at the thought of sharing Jesus with your siblings? Do you give your whole heart to Jesus in worship on Sunday mornings only to throw a huge tantrum at home after church?

We’ve all been there. There’s something about our families that brings out the best and worst in each of us

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Should Girls Pursue Guys?

Posted on 23-Jun-10 14:28 by Erin Davis

Have you ever considered what it means to be a girl? Have you ever contrasted our culture’s definition of girlhood with the one presented in God’s Word? If not, I want you to challenge you to turn your thinking toward gender. It’s so important for you to realize what the Designer intended when He created you. Specifically, I want you to consider if it's wise for girls to pursue guys or if it should be the other way around.  

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Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World

Posted on 22-Jun-10 15:31 by Erin Davis

If you pay much attention to the news, you already know that our world’s topsy turvey. From wars, to terrorists, to natural disasters, there’s no shortage of scary stuff going on.

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Posted on 22-Jun-10 15:07 by Erin Davis

Check out what happens in Genesis 39:11-12:

“ One day he went into the house to attend his duties, and none of the household servants was in side. She caught him by his cloak and said, ‘Come to bed with me!’ But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house.” 

The “he” in this story is Joseph, who at the time was a slave in the house of Potiphar. The “she “ is Potiphar’s wife who is seeking to seduce Joseph. Scandalous, I know. While the plotline is interesting (sounds like a soap opera to me), it’s not the best part of this story. I am most intrigued by Joseph’s reaction when faced with the temptation to sin.

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Erin Answers a Reader's Question About Drinking

Posted on 16-Jun-10 11:40 by Erin Davis

A reader recently asked a great question. 

“ Okay I kinda have a controversial question. Is it okay for Christians to drink alcohol as long as they don't get drunk? Are there any verses that condemn drinking? I know there are some verses that condemn drunkenness but I don't know if it's bad or not to drink a few sips. I'm 15 and I don't drink but someone at my church has a few drinks and doesn't get drunk and I'm wondering if anyone out there has found any verses or anything about this topic.”

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Is it Okay to Date Just for Fun?

Posted on 10-Jun-10 07:59 by Erin Davis

One of you recently asked, “Is it okay to date just for fun?” In a word—yes. The Bible doesn’t specifically condemn dating. That being said, I think there is a more important question we should be asking. Is it wise to date just for fun? In two words—maybe not.

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How to Hold Your Tongue

Posted on 09-Jun-10 11:16 by Erin Davis

Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Never miss a good opportunity to keep your mouth shut.”

Mark Twain said, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Good advice, fellas. But not very original.

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From the Archives: Does God's Word Allow Women to Work?

Posted on 28-May-10 09:31 by Erin Davis

In the context of God's plan for us as women, where does education fit? What about working outside the home? What is the right thing to do when kiddos come along? Even among Christian woman you will find varied answers to these questions. That's why I think we should look to God's Word as our standard as we seek to define godly womanhood.

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I Am Martha

Posted on 28-May-10 09:08 by Erin Davis

Are you feeling a bit like Martha these days? Are you trying to be the very best at everything? Do you want to be the best athlete, the best student, the best girlfriend, the best friend, the best daughter, the best Christian and the best person in the room?

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What Do Others Expect of You?

Posted on 28-May-10 09:00 by Erin Davis

Do you ever feel like people expect you to act a certain way, excel in a specific area or perform well at a set task? If so, you’re not alone. A whopping 95% of the girls we interviewed for “Lies Young Women Believe” told us that they struggle with tying their worth to the expectations of others. (I wonder if the remaining 5% didn’t admit their feelings because they were worried about how we expected them to respond.)

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The Truth About Body Image

Posted on 25-May-10 10:49 by Erin Davis

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that most young women have a distorted perception of what their bodies look like. This flawed body image can have disastrous consequences on our choices and relationships. Together, let’s examine three key truths about body image as part of our journey to unleash God’s Truth in this area of our lives.

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The Trouble With Body Image

Posted on 24-May-10 09:14 by Erin Davis

As if getting us to obsess over our bodies just the way they are isn’t destructive enough, Satan often distorts our perception to the point that our body image becomes a misrepresentation of the truth. Does he ever whisper in your ear that you are the only woman in the world who struggles with body image? Do you let him convince you that you are bigger than you really are? 

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Practical Ways to Cope with Gossip

Posted on 18-May-10 15:53 by Erin Davis

Words hurt. The words of others can leave deep wounds on our hearts, especially when they’ve been shared behind our back. Since we can’t control what others do or say, there’s no way to permanently prevent others from talking about you. But here are 5 tips; straight from God’s Word for how to handle it the next time the rumor mill starts churning out your name.   

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A New Definition of Gossip

Posted on 18-May-10 15:42 by Erin Davis

If it doesn't glorify God and highly esteem others, I hope to keep my mouth shut.

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Culture Celebrates The Fiftieth Anniversary Of “The Pill”

Posted on 18-May-10 15:31 by Erin Davis

While our culture busts out the cake and party hats to celebrate the ignition of the sexual revolution this month, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you, and to ask you to encourage each other

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Ending the Cycle of Self-criticism

Posted on 16-May-10 23:00 by Erin Davis

Most girls wrestle with self-criticism. We tend to be our own worst enemies and harshest critics. But dwelling on negative thoughts about ourselves puts us on a dangerous path. When we fail to see our own value and when we subject ourselves to a constant bombardment of negative thoughts and criticisms, it willimpact our choices and relationships

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"I'm Just So Busy"

Posted on 12-May-10 17:15 by Erin Davis

When was the last time you left your schedule clear in order to rest? 

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What Are You Waiting For?

Posted on 10-May-10 14:54 by Erin Davis

What are you waiting for God to do? 

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Is it TIme to See a Counselor?

Posted on 05-May-10 14:53 by Erin Davis

I think it’s time you seek a counselor. Don’t freak out. We all have issues, and I know just who we can turn to when we need some extra help.

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Learning More than How to Cook

Posted on 05-May-10 10:50 by Erin Davis

“ I wish every young girl could understand this. It would save them from a lot of heartache later in life. I wish someone would have told me this when I was younger.” That was the comment left by one woman after a post by Liz Lockwood on last week.  I couldn’t agree more, that’s why I’m passing Liz’s words on to you. Check it out

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From the Archives: But Why Can't I Look Like Her

Posted on 02-May-10 16:07 by Erin Davis

The irresistible need to compare seems to be a part of our fabric as women. In fact, most girls are masters at the art of comparison. And while it's true that we all compare, most of us have noticed that it leaves us feeling unsatisfied...or worse. Often times, our comparisons leave us deeply wounded. Playing the comparison game is a dangerous trap.

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Has Life Stolen Your Dance?

Posted on 29-Apr-10 10:37 by Erin Davis

Today is my birthday. It’s weird to think about, but I was born on this exact date 30 years ago (that’s right, today I’m the big three-o!). It’s hard to imagine it now but I once weighed little more than five pounds and fit snuggly into the arms of my mom and dad. I don’t remember those baby days, but I do know that soon after that first birthday, I started to dance.

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What Matters to You?

Posted on 22-Apr-10 14:36 by Erin Davis

Is there a topic you’d like to see us address? Is there a question about the Bible you’ve been dying to ask? Here’s your chance. We want to hear from you. What topics would you most like us to address on What are the issues you’d like us to be talking about?

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What You're Doing Right

Posted on 13-Apr-10 16:45 by Erin Davis

I hate teenager bashing! I spend enough time with young guys and gals to know that you’re fantastic. It bums me out when other adults or the media portray you as apathetic, mindless and rebellious. That’s why I love articles like the one I just read titled: “What Today’s Teens are Doing Right.”

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When All Else Fails ... Throw Flour

Posted on 11-Apr-10 17:19 by Erin Davis

Living out God's Truth is a choice. Stress is part of life. Bad days will come. Defeat and despair will always knock at the doors of our hearts. We can react in ways that hurt ourselves or others or we can find a way to keep going and cling to the hope God offers us in His Word. 

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Are you Mad at God?

Posted on 10-Apr-10 16:22 by Erin Davis

Have you ever prayed for healing that never came?

Have you ever faced a loss that didn’t make sense?

Have you ever desired to serve God but been denied the opportunity?

Have you ever been mad at God?

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Are Gossip and Murder the Same?

Posted on 08-Apr-10 09:46 by Erin Davis

Have you ever heard someone claim, “All sins are equal to God?” I have. For years I believed that this was a claim based on Scripture. Just like the other tough questions we’ve been tackling this week, after doing some digging I’ve discovered that it’s just not that simple.

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Looking for "The One"

Posted on 07-Apr-10 09:52 by Erin Davis

The idea that there is one person out there for us is certainly a romantic one. But to be honest, I’m not sure it’s biblical. I’ve been looking and I can’t find any evidence in Scripture that God creates one specific person to be our mate. I know that this has the potential to burst a lot of bubbles, but I still think it’s a subject worth tacklin

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Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Posted on 06-Apr-10 13:34 by Erin Davis

When faced with difficult circumstances, I often hear people say, “Everything happens for a reason.” I can understand why we want that to be true. In the midst of relationship problems, illness, death, and disappointment we want to believe that what’s happening to us has great meaning and will ultimately work out for our good. But does this belief line up with the Word of God?

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Does the Bible Really Say That?

Posted on 05-Apr-10 15:14 by Erin Davis

This week, I’d like to tackle three ideas that I hear often on the blog and in my interactions with other believers. I want to know if they are affirmed or contradicted by what we find in God’s Word. I don’t have all the answers, but I am hoping we can dig up some serious truth together. 

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Don't Roll Back the Stone

Posted on 01-Apr-10 16:11 by Erin Davis

I realize that we all struggle to be holy. But, this Easter, I don’t want you to miss out on the freedom Christ came to give. Jesus’ death and resurrection paved the way for your freedom, but it’s as if you’d rather stay in the tomb.

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Are you a mean girl?

Posted on 30-Mar-10 17:49 by Erin Davis

We often hear about what to do if you're the target of a mean girl. But have you ever considered if you are the mean girl?

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No Need for Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies

Posted on 29-Mar-10 20:35 by Erin Davis

Jesus' death and resurrection are the cornerstone on which our faith and lives are built. Every day this week is representative of a key part of Jesus' life and ministry. And yet, for most of us, Easter will come and go like every other Sunday except for the addition of some new dresses, Easter baskets, and sugary treats.

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Meet America's Next Top Bloggers

Posted on 27-Mar-10 15:05 by Erin Davis

See silly pics of your favorite bloggers! 

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Giving Teeth to True Woman

Posted on 27-Mar-10 12:34 by Erin Davis

True Woman is a movement of God in the lives of women. It is a wave of Truth starting to swell and I am hoping that you will catch the wave.

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Dannah's Take on the Top 5

Posted on 27-Mar-10 10:58 by Erin Davis

Several of you requested that I interview Dannah Gresh from the True Woman Conference. Yesterday, Dannah and I sat down to chat about what’s happening here on the blog. In fact, I got Dannah’s take on what I see as the top five issues on These are the issues I hear most often about through your comments. Dannah offered great advice for those of you wrestling in these areas. Check it out.

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I Found Your Perfect Man in Tennessee

Posted on 26-Mar-10 00:00 by Erin Davis

As you know, I’m blogging live this weekend from the True Woman Conference in Chattanooga, TN. I’m excited to report that during the first session tonight I found your perfect man. 

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Are Your Palms Up or Down?

Posted on 25-Mar-10 19:40 by Erin Davis

The first session of the True Woman Conference has barely begun and already I’m encouraged. Nancy led thousands of us in prayer a moment ago to open the conference. She asked us to participate with our hands. 

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Thinking of You in Tennessee

Posted on 25-Mar-10 18:18 by Erin Davis

Erin's live report from the True Woman Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Wanna take a trip?

Posted on 23-Mar-10 16:11 by Erin Davis

Tomorrow I'm flying to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the first True Woman '10 Conference. I wish I could take you with me.But since I can't, I'll be blogging live and I want to know, what do you want to hear about?

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Drama: Are you addicted?

Posted on 21-Mar-10 19:32 by Erin Davis

As a culture, we can't get enough of celebrity gossip and drama. It's the stuff TMZ dreams and YouTube viral videos are made of. And I'll admit I'm one of those gals who loves a juicy story and can't stop Googling the names of the latest drama-entrenched stars. But I'm beginning to see that my drama addiction is taking a toll.

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You're On the Radio

Posted on 21-Mar-10 19:10 by Erin Davis

We'll be talking about you this week on Revive Our Hearts radio.

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From the Archives: What is true friendship?

Posted on 18-Mar-10 08:39 by Erin Davis

Are you wiling to shift your focus away from having more friends—and even from the drama that your current friendships may be causing—and toward becoming a true friend to others in need? What are some ways that you can begin to reach out to others around you in the spirit of true friendship?

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Too many friends?

Posted on 16-Mar-10 20:39 by Erin Davis

Do you have gobs of friends on Facebook but feel like there's no one you can talk to about the issues that really matter? Is it possible that you've forfeited meaningful relationships for the illusion of connectedness?

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The Perks of Parents

Posted on 11-Mar-10 22:22 by Erin Davis

I know that when you're under your parents' roof, their rules can feel pretty unnecessary, constricting, and down right frustrating. But God knew what He was doing when He gave us parents.

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A Different Kind of Best-Dressed List

Posted on 11-Mar-10 21:43 by Erin Davis

I love watching the Oscars to see the beautiful stars adorned in fabulous gowns made by the world's top designers. And I'd love to have an occasion where I’d need a fancy dress, sparkling jewelry, and a beautiful up-do. But God asks us to consider a different kind of clothing.

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Does it matter what I eat?

Posted on 05-Mar-10 08:01 by Erin Davis

As I sat down to spend some time with the Lord this afternoon, my food choices suddenly caught up with me. And that got me thinking about the connection between the way I treat my body and my ability to let God work in my heart.

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True Woman Teen Track: An Interview with Dannah Gresh

Posted on 05-Mar-10 07:50 by Erin Davis

Curious about what's going on at the True Woman Conference Teen Track? Dannah Gresh gives you the inside scoop.

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Happiness vs. Holiness

Posted on 28-Feb-10 16:13 by Erin Davis

The Bible doesn't say be happy because I am happy. It doesn't say be comfortable because I am comfortable. Instead, God's Word encourages us to seek holiness because of Christ's example.

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Does God want you to be happy?

Posted on 28-Feb-10 16:03 by Erin Davis

I've heard the argument "God wants me to be happy" made often through the years. I've heard Christians defend all kinds of decisions based on the belief that God wants them to be happy. But the truth is I'm not sure that He does.

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The Spiritual Side of Sleep

Posted on 27-Feb-10 20:54 by Erin Davis

When we face difficult circumstances, when we feel like the whole world is against us, or when we've lost the desire to go on, sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is get some sleep. 

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Mothering Advice from My Mom

Posted on 17-Feb-10 14:49 by Erin Davis

Since I've got motherhood on the brain this month, I decided to sit down with my own mom to get her take on being a mom. Check it out.

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It's a boy!

Posted on 15-Feb-10 20:48 by Erin Davis

The readers of this site have become such a huge part of my life; I couldn't wait to share my big news with you. I wish you could crowd in my living room and experience the emotions of new motherhood right along with me. 

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Checking in with the 30-Day-Challengers

Posted on 02-Feb-10 15:17 by Erin Davis

In January, I challenged you to read the Bible every day for 30 days. It's been 29 days since that original post, and I wanted to take the time to see how you're doing.

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Whose time is it anyway?

Posted on 02-Feb-10 15:09 by Erin Davis

Scripture tells us that everything that's ever been made was made through Jesus. The psalmist reminds us that everything is the Lord's. That includes us—we are His; our lives are His; every second of every minute of every day belongs to Him.

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I'm Having a Baby

Posted on 31-Jan-10 22:20 by Erin Davis

As I spend my time folding tiny clothes and prepping my polka dot nursery, I can barely wait for my little bundle to arrive. I only know one word to describe how I'm feeling—blessed.

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Ministering When It's Inconvenient

Posted on 27-Jan-10 21:33 by Erin Davis

If we look closely at Jesus' life, we find an interesting pattern. We know that Jesus spent His time on earth serving others. But have you ever considered how often He ministered when it was inconvenient?

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Who's number one?

Posted on 26-Jan-10 22:11 by Erin Davis

The world loves to teach that in order to be the greatest, you have to be the best. But Jesus didn't teach us to put all of our effort toward being number one. 

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Too young to serve?

Posted on 21-Jan-10 17:41 by Erin Davis

God uses the willing to accomplish His work at all ages. If we take our cues from His Word, it seems that youth is the perfect time to do something great for His glory.

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Can colors make guys stumble?

Posted on 21-Jan-10 17:27 by Erin Davis

Following God's standards means realizing that the words we say matter, even when they seem like just good fun.

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Do you want to be free?

Posted on 18-Jan-10 16:13 by Erin Davis

I think it's possible that some of you are like me. You know God's truth. You understand that He created you on purpose and for a purpose. You even realize that the world's beauty standards are a sham. But for some reason you've not yet chosen to abandon beauty lies and believe God's truth.

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The High Cost of Beauty Lies

Posted on 18-Jan-10 16:07 by Erin Davis

Believing lies in the area of your beauty and worth won't likely cost you your life, but it does come at a cost.

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From the Archives: I Can See Into Your Future

Posted on 13-Jan-10 21:51 by Erin Davis

Like it or not, what you choose to do now will either form habits you have to break in the future or habits that are helpful to you. In other words, "you are what you are becoming."

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Will you start a Lies Young Women Believe Bible study? Winners Announced!

Posted on 11-Jan-10 21:26 by Erin Davis

I want to push you out of your comfort zone this year by asking you to launch a Lies Young Women Believe Bible study in your community. I want you to take the truth that God has been teaching you and pass it on to other young women in your circle of influence.

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Posted on 11-Jan-10 21:14 by Erin Davis

We wait for the passion to read God's Word before we will get serious about reading it often. Maybe a better course of action would be to start reading the Bible regularly and watch what passion God uses His Word to create.

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Will you take our 30-day challenge?

Posted on 04-Jan-10 21:53 by Erin Davis

You can't be the woman God made you to be without receiving regular doses of truth from His Word. Neither can I. So, I am committing to take a 30-day challenge and asking you to join me.

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Does your car have a steering wheel?

Posted on 04-Jan-10 15:10 by Erin Davis

Trying to live out your faith without regularly reading God's Word is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. Sure, you're in the driver's seat, but it's impossible to control where you're going.

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A Change Could Do You Good

Posted on 04-Jan-10 15:05 by Erin Davis

Have you ever noticed that being a Christian requires a lot of change? In fact, God calls us to constantly turn away from our old self and to seek to be more like Him.

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Eight Ways to Change in 2010

Posted on 28-Dec-09 22:35 by Erin Davis

How will you live out God's truth in 2010? Here are eight more steps you can take to allow God's truth to change how you live.

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What's your New Year's resolution?

Posted on 28-Dec-09 21:57 by Erin Davis

Yesterday, I challenged you to resolve to put God's truth into action in 2010. I gave you five action steps based on the truths Nancy and Dannah write about in Lies Young Women Believe. Here are eight more ways you can live out God's truth in 2010. 

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Twenty-one resolutions for 2010

Posted on 28-Dec-09 14:58 by Erin Davis

There's a difference between knowing God's truth and fully embracing it. I can't imagine the ways your lives would change if you chose to believe all God says about you and your life in His Word and allowed that truth to change the way you live.

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Is God a good King?

Posted on 27-Dec-09 21:23 by Erin Davis

You may realize that God is capable of changing your circumstances, but when He doesn't, do you ever secretly doubt that He's a good King? 

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He Can Handle It

Posted on 27-Dec-09 21:13 by Erin Davis

I don't know about you, but sometimes—especially when life gets tough—it is hard for me to remember what a capable King we serve. 

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A Different Kind of Kingdom

Posted on 22-Dec-09 22:08 by Erin Davis

Tomorrow we will worship our baby King. We will celebrate the fact that He was born of a virgin and born in a manger. We will reflect on the fact that His birth was announced by a host of angels and a bright shining star that only add to the mystery of wonder of His humble arrival. When we think about Jesus' birth, one thing is clear—we don't serve an ordinary King.

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What happens when a King walks among us?

Posted on 22-Dec-09 22:01 by Erin Davis

God had a plan all along to save the citizens of His kingdom, but when it came time to put that plan into action, He didn't just send a messenger. He didn't announce a royal edict. He became the message. 

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Our Approachable King

Posted on 09-Dec-09 21:54 by Erin Davis

We serve a King who is simultaneously powerful and accessible.

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Be a Shepherd

Posted on 09-Dec-09 21:33 by Erin Davis

It is so difficult to keep Jesus as the focus of our lives. Even in December, when all signs should point back to our King, we get wrapped up in a million other things and forget to make Jesus the center of our celebrating.

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Is your throne getting cluttered?

Posted on 09-Dec-09 20:38 by Erin Davis

Jesus is certainly worthy of our worship, but so often we put other things on the throne of our hearts.

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Introducing Lindsey Wagstaffe

Posted on 09-Dec-09 19:40 by Erin Davis

Monday I introduced you to new blogger, Hannah Farver. Now meet fellow founder of Beauty From the Heart (and new blogger) Lindsey Wagstaffe.

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Introducing Hannah Farver

Posted on 06-Dec-09 21:17 by Erin Davis

Allow me to introduce the newest member of the blog team—Hannah Farver.

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Who's really on the throne?

Posted on 30-Nov-09 16:05 by Erin Davis

So often, we live in a way that screams "it's all about me." The reality is, we're not the ones on the throne. 

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What kind of King do we serve?

Posted on 30-Nov-09 15:59 by Erin Davis

I'm learning that ignoring God's role as King means missing a huge part of who He is. More importantly, when I forget that God is the One who sits on the throne, my focus tends to become all about me when it should be all about Him.

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What are your good and perfect gifts?

Posted on 21-Nov-09 14:37 by Erin Davis

Amid turkeys and trimmings, football and family gatherings, it can be easy to forget to be thankful for the good things God has given us on days like today.

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From the Archives: Does Twilight lead to an unholy fantasy life?

Posted on 20-Nov-09 17:35 by Erin Davis

Many of you have written about how difficult it is to wait on God's timing for romance. And several of you have been honest about the heartache you've experienced when you've made the decision to link your life with someone other than the man God would choose for you. Surely an obsession with a fictional character, who seems to have it all, does nothing but muddy these waters.

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From the Archives: Twilight—Does it have the power to desensitize us?

Posted on 20-Nov-09 17:18 by Erin Davis

There are several reasons why I think Twilight is an unwise media choice. One of the most compelling reasons is that the books get progressively more dark, violent, and sexual.

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Vampire Craze

Posted on 20-Nov-09 17:04 by Erin Davis

As millions of young women everywhere take in the Twilight movies and tune in weekly to vampire shows, I can't help but wonder if this fascination with the dark, dangerous, bad boys featured in these series is fitting for girls who love Jesus.

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From the Archives: Should we avoid dark themes?

Posted on 20-Nov-09 16:55 by Erin Davis

As millions of young women everywhere take in the Twilight movies and tune in weekly to vampire shows, I can't help but wonder if this fascination with the dark, dangerous, bad boys featured in these series is fitting for girls who love Jesus.

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What's your favorite verse?

Posted on 18-Nov-09 20:44 by Erin Davis

When you are battling lies, you need to get practical. Look for specific verses in God's Word that counter those lies. Then saturate your life with God's truth.

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Where do you need freedom?

Posted on 16-Nov-09 21:22 by Erin Davis

In what areas of your life do you need freedom? Are you stuck wrestling with hopelessness or depression? Are there areas of your life that you can't stop thinking about, such as boys, food, or your appearance? Do your emotions feel out of control? These are the symptoms of bondage, and they are all rooted in lies that are contrary to God's truth. 

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Freedom from what?

Posted on 16-Nov-09 21:06 by Erin Davis

Do you need to be reminded of your freedom? Are you living like a slave, tied to old habits, old sins, and old ways of thinking when Jesus has purchased your freedom?

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Are you using your sword?

Posted on 09-Nov-09 20:49 by Erin Davis

God's Word is the sword we must use to defend ourselves against the lies told by the world and by the evil one. It is also the shovel we must use to uproot lies once they have taken root in our hearts. We cannot live lives committed to God's truth without loving and reading God's Word.

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Are you a target?

Posted on 02-Nov-09 16:28 by Erin Davis

Scripture gives us plenty of evidence that when it comes to lies, Satan has you in his sights.

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Who's lying to you?

Posted on 02-Nov-09 16:00 by Erin Davis

If you're going to dig up the lies in your own life, you need to know who's lying to you. Otherwise you'll waste your time and energy and efforts fighting the wrong enemies.

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Two Truths and a Lie

Posted on 02-Nov-09 15:49 by Erin Davis

I've realized that the process of deciphering lies from truth is a difficult one. We rarely fall for something that we know is a lie. Instead, we are deceived.

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Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

Posted on 29-Oct-09 08:43 by Erin Davis

If you've been following the blog at all this month, you've probably realized that I love the church. But lean in close, I want to tell you a little secret—I haven't always felt this way.

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What does the church look like beyond your backdoor?

Posted on 28-Oct-09 11:01 by Erin Davis

I'm sure you realize that Christians live all over the world, and you probably already know the church didn't start here and isn't contained to the lower 48. But have you taken the time to consider how God is using the church worldwide?

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Will you be a statistic?

Posted on 26-Oct-09 15:54 by Erin Davis

I have to admit was once a church dropout. I was among the 94 percent of teenagers who loved Jesus but ditched His church shortly after my high school graduation. In fact, I didn't attend church regularly or seek a church home for more than three years. As I look back on that season of churchlessness and as I consider ways to encourage you to make a different choice, I think it's helpful to think through the reasons why I left.

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What role should your youth pastor play in your faith?

Posted on 20-Oct-09 21:49 by Erin Davis

Many would like it if their youth pastor was more like a vending machine. You put in a quarter, and you get out whatever it is you think you need at the time. But it is not like that.

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Have you been hurt by a leaving youth pastor?

Posted on 20-Oct-09 15:04 by Erin Davis

As I interviewed many young women for research for Lies Young Women Believe, nothing evoked a more emotional response than the topic of youth pastors who leave. 

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Remember who fills the lamps

Posted on 14-Oct-09 11:34 by Erin Davis

God has ordained and established the Church as His plan to carry and to shine the light of Christ into the darkness of this world. His goal is for the Church to fulfill God's purpose in the world. And the Church is to be part of that plan moving toward the consummation of God's eternal redemptive program.

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Who's holding our churches?

Posted on 14-Oct-09 11:16 by Erin Davis

Tragically, many believers today are walking away from the Church. To walk away from the Church is to walk away from Christ and from what He is doing in the world today.

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Can you love Christ and not love the Church?

Posted on 14-Oct-09 10:43 by Erin Davis

Have you ever considered whether or not it is possible to love Jesus and not love His church? It is certainly a question worth asking.

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Are you playing church whack-a-mole?

Posted on 13-Oct-09 22:03 by Erin Davis

I know your churches aren't perfect. Neither is mine. God knows that too and yet He calls her His bride.

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Meet Mrs. Jesus

Posted on 07-Oct-09 14:33 by Erin Davis

Have you met Jesus' wife? Oh, I bet you have. You just might not have realized that they were hitched.

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LYWB goes digital!

Posted on 06-Oct-09 16:07 by Erin Davis

You are a vital part of the body of Christ. Just like eyes and ears and hands and feet serve a vital function in the human body, you serve a vital function in the church.

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Why the Church Needs You

Posted on 06-Oct-09 15:59 by Erin Davis

You are a vital part of the body of Christ. Just like eyes and ears and hands and feet serve a vital function in the human body, you serve a vital function in the church.

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Why do you need the church?

Posted on 05-Oct-09 20:56 by Erin Davis

Attending church doesn't make you a Christian any more than attending a sporting event makes you an athlete. But is it wise to try to live out your Christian faith without being a part of a church body?

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The Cost of Choosing Not to Forgive

Posted on 28-Sep-09 11:31 by Erin Davis

If we choose to ignore God's command to forgive others freely, are we the ones most likely to be hurt? Will we inevitably become hard and cold? Can unforgiveness impact our health?

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Are you an entitled servant?

Posted on 28-Sep-09 11:25 by Erin Davis

It's fairly easy for us to counsel others to forgive, but if we are the ones who must choose forgiveness the choice is rarely easy to make.

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Is there a forest growing in your heart?

Posted on 26-Sep-09 12:45 by Erin Davis

How many of you would admit that there is someone you have not forgiven? How many of you are bitter because you feel unable to let an offense (or series of offenses) go?

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More Biblical Guidelines for Dealing with Stepparents

Posted on 22-Sep-09 18:44 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I presented three biblical guidelines for dealing with stepparents. Here are three more principles straight from God's Word for navigating the trials of a blended family.

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Biblical Guidelines for Dealing with Stepparents

Posted on 22-Sep-09 18:37 by Erin Davis

If you're locked in a battle with your stepparent, you might feel like I'm preaching to the choir. You likely already know, all too well, that relationships with stepparents are difficult to navigate. You need to know what to do about it.

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Being Part of a Blended Family

Posted on 21-Sep-09 22:21 by Erin Davis

There are a lot of hurt kids who struggle to pick up the pieces of their parents' divorce, especially after their parents have moved on to another marriage. If that's where you are, I want to offer you hope.

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Are parents always right?

Posted on 16-Sep-09 20:55 by Erin Davis

Believing the lie that because you submit your parents should always make the right decisions can lead to a heap of heartache. Expecting them to never falter, never fail, never lose their cool, never make a decision on impulse, or never choose poorly isn't realistic. 

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Does submission equal silence?

Posted on 15-Sep-09 23:12 by Erin Davis

Being submissive to your parents doesn't mean that you become a mindless robot. It doesn't mean that you loose your voice. It doesn't mean that you never have the right to express another opinion.

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The Permission Slip Google Gives that Jesus Doesn't

Posted on 15-Sep-09 08:35 by Erin Davis

Scripture doesn't make exceptions for teens. You don't get a separate set of rules just because your hormones are raging. And especially when it comes to the way you relate to your parents, there is no biblical free pass for rebellion.

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How To Respond to Parents When You Don't Agree with Their Decisions

Posted on 11-Sep-09 14:11 by Erin Davis

Honoring our parents can be really tough, especially when we don't agree with our parents' decisions or rules. But check out this great advice from Nancy and Dannah …

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How to Confront a Friend, Part 2

Posted on 05-Sep-09 14:36 by Erin Davis

There's gobs of evidence in Scripture that how we approach our friends with their sin is of great consequence to God and to our relationships.

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How to Confront a Friend

Posted on 05-Sep-09 14:25 by Erin Davis

If confrontation is necessary, how should we proceed? God clearly knows that relationships can get messy, and He graciously gives us clear instructions in His Word for how to confront our Christian brothers and sisters.

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Three More Checkpoints to Pass Before Confronting a Friend

Posted on 01-Sep-09 22:02 by Erin Davis

While healthy friendships are grounded in more good times than bad, even besties will occasionally find themselves in conflict. That's normal, but it can be confusing to know when it's a good idea to confront our friends and when to keep our mouths shut.

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When To Confront a Friend

Posted on 01-Sep-09 21:55 by Erin Davis

While healthy friendships are grounded in more good times than bad, even besties will occasionally find themselves in conflict. That's normal, but it can be confusing to know when it's a good idea to confront our friends and when to keep our mouths shut.

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Who's holding you accountable?

Posted on 30-Aug-09 18:28 by Erin Davis

We've focused on the topic of friendship this month. But I'm not done yet! There's another area where I'd like you to be intentional about your relationships this month …

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Meet My Mentor

Posted on 25-Aug-09 19:47 by Erin Davis

Through many moves and changes, my mentor's consistent godly guidance has made a huge difference in my life. In fact, my relationship with her has been my primary inspiration to constantly seek to mentor others.

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Be a Mentor

Posted on 24-Aug-09 16:09 by Erin Davis

Having Christian friends is awesome. But there are unique lessons to be learned by women who have already walked the miles you have not.

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Get a Mentor

Posted on 24-Aug-09 15:54 by Erin Davis

Having Christian friends is awesome. But there are unique lessons to be learned by women who have already walked the miles you have not.

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Just Be You

Posted on 21-Aug-09 16:32 by Erin Davis

Changing who you are to fit with who you're with may not feel like hypocrisy. But trust me, it's a nasty habit that can have serious consequences. 

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The "Be a Good Friend" Challenge

Posted on 17-Aug-09 18:01 by Erin Davis

It's critical to understand that friendship is an opportunity to love and serve others rather than having others love and serve you. But it doesn't mean much if you don't put that truth into practice.

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A Pity Party Confession

Posted on 17-Aug-09 14:33 by Erin Davis

To truly see friendship as a means to love on others instead of stroking our egos or filling our calendars is radical and wonderful

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Should Christians befriend non-Christians?

Posted on 13-Aug-09 15:31 by Erin Davis

While it's true that we can influence non-Christians positively by reaching out to them and being good friends, it's also true that such friendships have the power to influence us as well.

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Can guys and girls be just friends? Part 2

Posted on 13-Aug-09 15:16 by Erin Davis

I think it’s great to have guy friends, but only for the right reasons and with the right motives.

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Can guys and girls be just friends?

Posted on 13-Aug-09 15:03 by Erin Davis

I can't say all girl/guy friendships are a great idea, and I can't say that they're all a mistake. But God's Word does provide some interesting insight into this topic.

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A Friendship Check-up

Posted on 10-Aug-09 15:29 by Erin Davis

Before we dig in too deep to this topic, I want us to take a quick friendship check-up. 

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Five Ways to Cultivate Authentic Faith

Posted on 06-Aug-09 20:38 by Erin Davis

This year, I want you to head back to the halls of your school with a mission to live out your faith in every area of your lives.

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Does Your Closet Match Your Message?

Posted on 03-Aug-09 15:12 by Erin Davis

For many of us girls, when it comes to modesty we fail to consistently walk the talk. And we often lose sight of the truth that the heart of this issue is about pleasing God rather than protecting ourselves or others. 

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Bald Women

Posted on 30-Jul-09 16:14 by Erin Davis

The women of Zion had gotten pretty wrapped up in their outer beauty, and it showed.

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Your Body is a Temple

Posted on 27-Jul-09 22:05 by Erin Davis

Doesn't God's perspective on your body, beauty, and worth free you to focus more on the things that matter and less on the things that, well, don't?

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You Are More Than Your Body Alone

Posted on 27-Jul-09 15:00 by Erin Davis

It's great to take care of what God has given you, as long as you realize that the body is not all there is. 

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Three Truths About the Body

Posted on 27-Jul-09 14:37 by Erin Davis

Through studying what God's Word says about my body and my beauty, I discovered three truths about the body that led me to see myself in a whole new light.

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The Proof is in the Pudding

Posted on 21-Jul-09 14:41 by Erin Davis

Have God's truths about your beauty and worth changed the way that you behave and relate to others?

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God's View of Beauty

Posted on 21-Jul-09 14:26 by Erin Davis

What does inner beauty look like exactly? I want to know what you think . . .

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Do You Have a Pretty Heart?

Posted on 20-Jul-09 11:32 by Erin Davis

Do you have a pretty heart? Is it full of love for others and passion for the things of God or is your heart preoccupied with worldly beauty and the affirmation of man?

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Free Beauty Book -- Winners Announced!

Posted on 10-Jul-09 14:45 by Erin Davis

Your comments on the blog these past several days show that you're looking for a way to be Truth speakers to your friends in the area of beauty. Here's a giveaway (and some ideas) to encourage you to do that!

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Do You Have a Spiritual Eating Disorder?

Posted on 09-Jul-09 15:57 by Erin Davis

Sometimes we develop spiritual eating disorders. We binge and purge on Jesus or fast from Him altogether, and our souls quickly become malnourished.

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What's Your "It"?

Posted on 09-Jul-09 15:44 by Erin Davis

We agree that God did well when He created sunsets and zebras and ocean waves, but we secretly suspect that when He made our eye flaps or freckles or hair or shape or size He simply goofed. But this is contrary to God's Word.

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It Started in the Garden

Posted on 07-Jul-09 21:41 by Erin Davis

If we are to fight back against Satan's attack on the issue of beauty, we need to study his tactics and to put on the full armor of God so that we can win the fight.

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What's Satan's Beef with Beauty?

Posted on 07-Jul-09 16:31 by Erin Davis

I'm convinced that the heart of the beauty battle is spiritual, not physical. And as a result, I'm confident that our enemy in this fight is Satan. 

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Who's the Bad Guy?

Posted on 06-Jul-09 21:23 by Erin Davis

Could it be that the source of our struggles with beauty have nothing to do with the reality of our appearance? If truly beautiful women don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, is it possible that the root of this issue is internal?

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Don't Blame Barbie

Posted on 06-Jul-09 20:59 by Erin Davis

If culture is really to blame for the frustration we feel with our own beauty, the solution to the problem seems simple. We just turn of the television, cancel our magazine subscriptions, close our eyes every time we pass a billboard, and throw Barbie in the trash. Then we'd never struggle with beauty again, right?

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Bandaging the Burns

Posted on 01-Jul-09 15:00 by Erin Davis

Maybe you've been playing with fire. You know that this is an area of your life that needs dramatic change. Now what? 

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What's Your Summer Fun Idea?

Posted on 28-Jun-09 22:49 by Erin Davis

Many of you have made commitments to place firmer boundaries on your Internet and television usage. But I think it's important for us to brainstorm some ideas for how you can use your extra time.

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Have Romeo and Juliet Been Lying to Us?

Posted on 25-Jun-09 13:45 by Erin Davis

Do chick flicks have a hidden danger? I'm beginning to think so ...

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An Internet Quiz

Posted on 23-Jun-09 15:42 by Erin Davis

Today we're sharing a challenge that's a great litmus test to help you determine if your boundaries are strong in the area of Internet usage. 

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How Can You Use Media for Good?

Posted on 22-Jun-09 15:33 by Erin Davis

Sure, media can do some serious damage to our Christian walk. But not all media is toxic, and there are lots of ways to use media to minister to others.  

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What's Your Safety Net?

Posted on 22-Jun-09 14:42 by Erin Davis

Exposing ourselves to toxic media can leave us prone to fear. It can lead to unholy fantasy lives and desensitize us to sin. The result can be some serious bondage.

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The Father's Day Card Hallmark Didn't Print

Posted on 21-Jun-09 15:58 by Erin Davis

No matter what our experience with our earthly dad has been, we have a Father who is good and can be trusted.

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How Much Media Do You Really Consume?

Posted on 17-Jun-09 16:02 by Erin Davis

I'm not for abandoning use of all forms of media. I am for establishing limits so that your media usage doesn't do damage to your spiritual life and relationships.

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Do You Need TV Boundaries?

Posted on 16-Jun-09 23:04 by Erin Davis

We're focusing our attention on the subject of media this month. But it's really more a conversation about boundaries.

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Road Trip!

Posted on 16-Jun-09 14:57 by Erin Davis

You may have noticed my silence on the blog yesterday. I didn’t post, and I didn’t respond to any of your comments. I wasn’t ignoring you. I was on a road trip. I made the four-hour trek to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit with Nancy. In fact, we recorded several radio programs that will air sometime in 2010 on Revive Our Hearts.

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Playing With Fire

Posted on 11-Jun-09 20:57 by Erin Davis

We hesitated to address this difficult subject in such a public forum, but your questions and comments kept coming. So we decided to respond, using God's Word as the standard of Truth.

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Take Our Ten-Day Challenge

Posted on 09-Jun-09 21:12 by Erin Davis

Are you ready to take the challenge? Spend the next ten days digging into God's Word for the Truth about how He designed you to function. 

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Are You a Radical Woman?

Posted on 09-Jun-09 21:02 by Erin Davis

What's the life of a radical young woman look like? Check out what author Carolyn McCulley has to say,

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What is Feminism?

Posted on 08-Jun-09 14:01 by Erin Davis

What is feminism? Was it just a movement of hippies fighting for a woman's right to work several decades ago?

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The Impact of Feminism

Posted on 05-Jun-09 14:54 by Erin Davis

What do you think? Has the impact of feminism been largely positive or negative? 

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Singled Out for Him

Posted on 02-Jun-09 14:38 by Erin Davis

Today we're going to continue our conversation from yesterday, exploring five more commitments about being single.

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Serving Him Single

Posted on 02-Jun-09 14:23 by Erin Davis

What does God's plan for women look like when there isn't a husband to help, a home to use for serving others, and children to raise?

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Posted on 01-Jun-09 20:44 by Erin Davis

Ever dreamed of being a roving reporter? Here's your chance! We're re-issuing a challenge for you to find out what people really think about God.

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You've Got a Date

Posted on 31-May-09 21:37 by Erin Davis

How can you understand what God's plan for marriage looks like if you never see it lived out? I think I have a solution for you.

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Can You Live Out Proverbs 31 Right Now?

Posted on 26-May-09 15:38 by Erin Davis

Even if you're not married or have kids, can you still be like the Proverbs 31 woman? You betcha! Today, we'll talk about how, plus I'm challenging you to come up with your own ideas.

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Does God's Word Allow Women to Work?

Posted on 26-May-09 15:28 by Erin Davis

Is it OK for women to work outside the home? Even among Christian women, you'll get a variety of answers to that question. That's why today, we'll look at God's Word for our standard, particularly the life of one woman who has a lot to teach us on the subject.

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Why Were Women Created Anyway?

Posted on 26-May-09 15:14 by Erin Davis

So why did God create women, anyway? Today, we'll look at a consistent source of Truth for the answer (God's Word), plus talk about how to practically apply that to everyday life.

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Expressing Your Uniqueness

Posted on 26-May-09 14:58 by Erin Davis

Today, let's consider how we express our femininity in more substantive ways than time spent in malls, dressing up for dates, collecting hundreds of lipstick colors, or the love of “Southern Living” décor.

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Fearless Femininity

Posted on 25-May-09 11:22 by Erin Davis

What are you afraid of when it comes to living out your feminine design and calling?

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You Nailed It!

Posted on 19-May-09 18:38 by Erin Davis

You nailed it. Two weeks ago, I wrote a post applauding Miss California Carrie Prejean for taking a stance for biblical marriage in the Miss USA Pageant. Many of you commented that while you appreciated Miss Cali’s public stand for Truth you couldn’t help but notice a disconnect between her statement and the immodest clothing she sported on stage.

And then . . . Carrie found herself in the center of a new storm.

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Biblical Womanhood: A Young Woman's Perspective

Posted on 18-May-09 12:15 by Erin Davis

We’re talking about Biblical womanhood this month on As we examine God’s vision for your future, I see the value in highlighting the perspective if individual’s who are in a similar stage of life as most of you. While you will be hearing from lots of “older” women on this topic this month, I also wanted you to hear from someone who is young and unmarried and actively pursuing to live out God’s design for womanhood.

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One Girl's Journey to Embracing God's Plan

Posted on 18-May-09 12:01 by Erin Davis

I get it. Fitting God’s vision of womanhood into modern society can feel like shoving a square peg into a round hole. And some of us don’t even get that far. We’re still trying to figure out what God’s standards for women really are.

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What Would You Tell Your Future Self?

Posted on 06-May-09 22:48 by Erin Davis

But, what would I tell my future self? What questions would I ask about who she’s become? What do I wish for her to do differently? In what areas do I hope God has shaped her to make her different from me? I imagine, I would have a great deal to tell her, but here’s the start of that list.

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I Can See Into Your Future

Posted on 06-May-09 08:07 by Erin Davis

I know who you’ll be next year…and in 10 years…and in 20…

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Hope for the tug of war with sin

Posted on 05-May-09 16:01 by Erin Davis

Many, many of you commented on Friday’s post. The consistent theme was that when faced with Paul’s struggle with sin, you can totally relate. Sometimes, it feels like it’s impossible to overcome our sin. But, God’s Truth tells a different story.

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Are you in a tug of war with sin?

Posted on 01-May-09 13:28 by Erin Davis

Does the power of sin within you ever sabotage your best intentions? Do you decide to do good (to read your Bible, to pray more often, to get more involved in ministry in your church) only to drop the ball? Do you decide not to do bad (to gossip less, to stop lying, to be nice to your parents) only to fall flat on your face? Do you ever feel like you can’t overcome your sin?

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I Told the Truth at the DMV

Posted on 29-Apr-09 15:37 by Erin Davis

What are some practical ways that you can pursue Truth this week? What are some areas where you are struggling to choose between God’s Truth and the World’s deception?

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Can Satan Read Our Thoughts?

Posted on 22-Apr-09 16:12 by Erin Davis

“Can Satan read our thoughts?” It’s a question you’ve been asking on the blog lately and a question many Christians have asked in the past. I can understand why the answer seems important. Admittedly, it is frightening to consider the possibility that anyone, especially an evil being bent on our destruction can have access to our inner thoughts.

But it’s a tough question and tough questions rarely come with easy answers.

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Armor Up!

Posted on 21-Apr-09 10:36 by Erin Davis

Imagine you are heading into battle. What should you do to prepare? Would you just sit back and wait for the fight to come to you? Not if you’re a good soldier. An experienced soldier would know to study their enemy’s tactics, to prepare their weapons, to communicate with their superior officer…

Are you a good soldier?

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Most American Christians Do Not Believe that Satan Exists

Posted on 15-Apr-09 15:53 by Erin Davis

Does Satan really exist?
Is the Holy Spirit a living force?
Is spiritual warfare real?

These are among the questions recently asked by researchers at the Barna Group. They surveyed over 1,800 American adults who described themselves as Christians. I wouldn’t call the results of that study surprising. But I do find them alarming.

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Five little questions about one tough topic

Posted on 14-Apr-09 23:13 by Erin Davis

Does Satan really exist? Is it possible for a person to be under the influence of demons or evil spirits? We want to know what you think!

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What are the consequences of sin?

Posted on 08-Apr-09 15:35 by Erin Davis

What does the Bible say about the specific consequences we can expect to face when we sin?

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The lie Satan loves to tell about sin

Posted on 06-Apr-09 14:19 by Erin Davis

What does God's Word say about speeding and music downloads?

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Defining Holiness

Posted on 03-Apr-09 14:32 by Erin Davis

Does being holy mean following the rules?

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3 Things God Can't Do

Posted on 30-Mar-09 15:31 by Erin Davis

Did you know there are 3 things God can't do?

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Become a LYWB roving reporter

Posted on 26-Mar-09 17:14 by Erin Davis

We want you to become a LYWB roving reporter! You’re mission? To dig up the dirt on people really think about God and to capture it all on video.

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Love Versus Fear

Posted on 26-Mar-09 16:22 by Erin Davis

Does love have the power to conquer fear?

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Write Your Own Psalm

Posted on 24-Mar-09 12:41 by Erin Davis

What would your psalms be? What words would you use to express who God is?

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Is God Really Good?

Posted on 20-Mar-09 14:24 by Erin Davis

Does the turbulence of this world ever make you wonder if God is really good?

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Where Were You? God Asks and Answers

Posted on 17-Mar-09 16:51 by Erin Davis

The Hit Song that Got Me Thinking

Posted on 17-Mar-09 14:25 by Erin Davis

Do you ever feel like God created the World but now stands aloof from it?

When the going gets really tough are you tempted to believe that God is not really involved in your life?

If you ran into God on the corner, would you follow The Fray’s lead and by asking Him where He’s been?

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I Am With You

Posted on 13-Mar-09 12:35 by Erin Davis

I hope you are participating in our very first Book Club. Together we are exploring the attributes of God using A.W. Tozer’s book, “The Knowledge of the Holy.”

I thought it was important to start with Chapter 14 (sorry to skip ahead if you just started reading) where Tozer talks about God’s Omnipresence. Perhaps this is because the Truth that God is with me and with you at all times is the most difficult and wonderful attribute of God for me to comprehend.

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Why We Must Think Rightly About God

Posted on 09-Mar-09 15:15 by Erin Davis

Is what we think about God the most important thing about us?

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Tozer Winners announced

Posted on 09-Mar-09 13:33 by Erin Davis

Four lucky winners will receive a free copy of "The Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer.

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Free Tozer Thursday

Posted on 05-Mar-09 20:40 by Erin Davis

Your chance to win a free copy of "The Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer.

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The Genie Prayer

Posted on 03-Mar-09 13:56 by Erin Davis

I adore the movie Aladdin. I love the romance between the beautiful Jasmine and handsome Aladdin, the setting is mystical and exotic, and Abu keeps me laughing. But my favorite character in that movie is the big, blue genie.

I think there is a part of each of us that would love to discover a genie in a bottle who is willing and able to grant us at least three wishes. It’s fun to think about the ability to have riches or romance or fame by simply asking for it.

It certainly makes for a great Hollywood plot. But it’s a dangerous way to relate to God.

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What’s Your Favorite Thing About God?

Posted on 02-Mar-09 11:49 by Erin Davis

What are your top 10 favorite things about God?

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Freedom from the need for a boyfriend

Posted on 27-Feb-09 08:47 by Erin Davis

One "Lies Young Women Believe" reader opens up about finding freedom from the need for a boyfriend.

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Brienne Murk stops by to talk about “Eyes Wide Open”

Posted on 24-Feb-09 09:55 by Erin Davis

" The Bible reveals a higher standard for relationships than our culture’s standard, because unlike in magazines and movies, true purity is not connected merely to our sexuality, but to every part of our lives." 

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Is there such a thing as emotional promiscuity?

Posted on 23-Feb-09 13:28 by Erin Davis

Is possible to be physically pure but emotionally promiscuous?

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Is Conviction a Feeling? Part 2

Posted on 09-Feb-09 20:52 by Erin Davis

Yesterday I started a conversation about the role of emotion in convicting us of sin. I asked this question--just because we aren’t feeling convicted, does that mean that there isn’t sin in our lives that we should respond to?

I think the answer is clearly no.

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Is Conviction a Feeling?

Posted on 09-Feb-09 16:01 by Erin Davis

Is conviction a feeling? Should we base our choices and attitudes on whether or not we feel guilty or ashamed?

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The ugly side of girlhood: when hormones and emotions collide

Posted on 09-Feb-09 13:24 by Erin Davis

Does God's Word have anything to say about our hormones?

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What to do when God feels far away

Posted on 04-Feb-09 15:35 by Erin Davis

Do you ever feel like God has moved away? Do you find yourself wondering what happened to the closeness you once felt with Him or feel like somehow your connection to Him has been, well…disconnected?

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7 More Truths to Counteract Deceptive Emotions

Posted on 04-Feb-09 14:16 by Erin Davis

Emotions can be decieving. God's Word offers powerful Truth to counteract deceptive emotions.

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10 Powerful Truths to Counteract Deceptive Emotions

Posted on 03-Feb-09 14:05 by Erin Davis

When it comes to God, can our feelings be trusted?

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Alaska Girls Rock (Literally!) Lies Young Women Believe!

Posted on 31-Jan-09 17:06 by Erin Davis

Dannah stops by to give the scoop (and share photos) of her recent LYWB event in Alaska.

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Are You Changed?

Posted on 27-Jan-09 16:53 by Erin Davis

At the conclusion of our 30-day challenge, I find myself wondering, are you changed? Has your schedule changed? Has the quality of your time with the Lord changed? Have you spent enough time digging into God’s Word this month to create a radical change of heart?

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Youth Workers Only—Your Chance to Win a Free Copy of LYWB!

Posted on 27-Jan-09 14:27 by Erin Davis

Girls Only—Your Chance to Win a Free Copy of LYWB!

Posted on 27-Jan-09 14:25 by Erin Davis

Calling all bloggers and social networkers…check out this limited time, first-come, first-serve COOL opportunity.

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Saturate Your Life With Truth

Posted on 26-Jan-09 18:44 by Erin Davis

How can you move God's Truth from your head to your heart? Here's one idea. 

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Dannah to Discuss Truth in Homer, Alaska

Posted on 22-Jan-09 22:31 by Erin Davis

Dannah will be teaching about the power of Truth at an event in Homer, Alaska tomorrow. The event begins at 7 p.m. and will be held in the Mariner Theater. Dannah will be joined by 70 young women who have been participating in a LYWB Bible study. Go Girls!

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"Lies Young Women Believe" Now Available in Spanish

Posted on 21-Jan-09 16:00 by Erin Davis

  “Lies Young Women Believe” is now available in Spanish. You can order your copy in our online store.

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A Page from my Journal

Posted on 13-Jan-09 19:28 by Erin Davis

Ever want to take a peek into someone's journal? Here's your chance.

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10 Tips for Devotional Reading

Posted on 13-Jan-09 15:06 by Erin Davis

Looking for ways to get the most out of your personal Bible study and prayer time? Check out these 10 tips taken from Erin’s book, “Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves.

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Free Bible Study Resources--Winners Announced

Posted on 12-Jan-09 12:59 by Erin Davis

Check out this post for your chance to win a free copy of "Lies Young Women Believe" or an ESV Study Bible. 

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Spending a Year Living Like Jesus

Posted on 06-Jan-09 15:24 by Erin Davis

What would it be like to spend a year living like Jesus? Would you have to wear a beard and a robe? Would you spend your free time fishing? More importantly, how would it change your relationships, your behavior, your attitude? One man spent 2008 trying to find out.

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Is it Possible to Know God Without Knowing His Word?

Posted on 06-Jan-09 14:36 by Erin Davis

Is it possible to know God without knowing His Word?

Is it possible to love God without loving His Word?

Is it possible to obey God without obeying His Word?

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A Homework Assignment for the 30-day Challengers

Posted on 06-Jan-09 13:42 by Erin Davis

Did you catch Nancy on ROH yesterday? She started a series titled “Getting into the Word and Getting the Word into you.” It’s no coincidence that that is the exact topic we’re tackling all month here on

As part of that broadcast, Nancy gave an assignment to her listeners that couldn’t wait to pass on to you. Check it out.

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Getting Into the Word and Getting the Word Into You

Posted on 02-Jan-09 12:35 by Erin Davis

Do you hear others talk about all that God is teaching them in Bible study, and feel like you’re missing the boat? Do you sit down to read your Bible but find yourself easily distracted? Do you wonder if it is possible to have consistent, meaningful quiet time?

Me too!

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Thirty-Day Challenge With a Twist

Posted on 01-Jan-09 14:35 by Erin Davis

Several months ago, I challenged you to commit to read your Bible every day for thirty days. Several of you agreed to do so. In fact, since the arrival of the New Year some of you have re-committed to this challenge as part of your resolutions.

What a great idea! In fact, I think we should join you. We could all benefit from laying a solid foundation for 2009 by jump-starting our prayer and devotional lives.

And, I’m willing to sweeten the deal.

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Will You Be a Truth Speaker This Year?

Posted on 30-Dec-08 15:58 by Erin Davis

As I think about my resolutions for this year, my thoughts keep circling back to one key charge—be a Truth speaker. Sure I’d like to shed a few pounds, stay more organized, eat better, sleep more…but, if I am going to commit to focus my efforts in a direction that truly matters, I want it to be in the area of knowing and proclaiming God’s Truth.

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Nancy to Discuss Deception and Discernment in January

Posted on 30-Dec-08 14:23 by Erin Davis

The end of December means a wrap up of our focus on discernment (if you've missed that discussion, check it out in the archives). But Nancy Leigh DeMoss will continue this conversation with a two-week series starting later this month.

January 26 – February 6 Nancy will be discussing the topics of discernment and deception on Revive Our Hearts radio. You can listen online here. Since this is such an important topic, I will be putting excerpts from those broadcasts here on the blog.

So, mark your calendars and make plans to listen. Then hop back to this blog so we can talk about it!

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Can sin be harmless?

Posted on 23-Dec-08 20:35 by Erin Davis

Is it okay to break the rules/law if no one gets hurt? When does doing so become a sin?

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In 2009, is it okay to want to be a wife and mom?

Posted on 23-Dec-08 20:35 by Erin Davis

This is Rachel. She’s bright. And beautiful. And talented. She loves Jesus and wants to pursue His plan for her life. But, she’s also torn. In one ear she hears the messages of the culture telling her to order her life so that pursing a career is clearly her first priority. Marriage and motherhood should not be her focus. “That’s so old fashioned.” But, in the other ear (and in the depths of her heart) she hears another voice. That voice says that she was created with the roles of wife and mother in mind.  When she reads the account of the Garden of Eden she sees that Eve was made to be a helper to the man and the mother of children, and she wonders what that means about her purpose.

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Do You Ever Feel Like Everyone at Church is Judging You?

Posted on 23-Dec-08 20:35 by Erin Davis

Do churches judge more than they love?

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I Need a Boyfriend

Posted on 23-Dec-08 20:35 by Erin Davis

Would you feel better about your life if you had a boyfriend?

Do you feel better about yourself when you get attention from a boy?

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What does your cell phone company say about your parents?

Posted on 23-Dec-08 20:11 by Erin Davis

Does it seem like your parents are using rules to wreak havoc on your life? Do they have the right to enforce boundaries for you even as you grow into a teenager, then young woman, then adult?

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Where in the World is LYWB?

Posted on 23-Dec-08 12:56 by Erin Davis

Are you heading somewhere fun for Christmas break? Maybe you’re off to the mountains to ski, or on your way to grandma’s for some yummy food and family time. Why not take us with you?

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Submit your Book Review

Posted on 21-Dec-08 16:39 by Erin Davis

If you’ve been tracking our conversation on the blog this month, you know we’ve been talking a lot about discernment. More specifically, we’ve tried to hone in on how to discern truth from lies in the media we watch, read, and listen to.

This can be a difficult task. It isn’t always obvious when a media choice is feeding us lies and it can be difficult to walk away once we realize we’ve been deceived. What’s more, there are so many books, and movies, and shows available to us that finding worthwhile material can seem a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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A Great Tool for the Discerning Reader

Posted on 17-Dec-08 16:41 by Erin Davis

If you’re looking for an online tool to help you discern whether a particular book is a wise read, check out You can find book reviews, recommended reading lists by people like John MacArthur, and author interviews. You can even get the scoop on upcoming releases. Very cool!

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Learning to discern—how does it impact the way that we act?

Posted on 16-Dec-08 15:21 by Erin Davis

Here’s another segment from Nancy’s series on A New Earth. Pay close attention to how Dr. Whitney encourages us to respond when we discern an imposter of Truth. 

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Why Does Discernment Matter?

Posted on 16-Dec-08 11:25 by Erin Davis

Twilight certainly isn’t the first book, series, or movie to desensitize readers toward Truth. Many of today’s hottest media choices are laced with harmful contradictions to God’s Word.

Nancy recently tackled one such book on Revive Our Hearts radio. As part of a two-day series, Nancy examined the best-selling book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. She was joined in the studio by Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Dr. Don Whitney. That conversation contained great insights for those of us who are learning to discern, especially in the area of our media choices.

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Confessions of a "Twilight" Reader

Posted on 11-Dec-08 23:45 by Erin Davis

Admittedly, I have not read Twilight or seen the movie. I want to walk the talk and avoid this series since I’m campaigning hard for you to do the same. But, since many of you have read these books and/or seen the movie, I thought it might be helpful for you to hear from another Twilight reader.

My friend, Jessica has read all four books and seen the movie. She is a college senior and a volunteer in the youth group my husband pastors. As we started talking about this issue in our youth group, Jessica started to re-examine her opinions on the series. I asked her to share them with you.

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Dannah Stops by to Talk About "Twilight"

Posted on 11-Dec-08 23:11 by Erin Davis

As part of our focus on discernment, we’ve been talking about “Twilight” all week on the blog. If you’ve been following that conversation, you know that I’ve been upfront about the fact that I think this is a series you should stay away from. But, I don’t just want you to take my word for it. An important part of learning to discern, is listening to trustworthy voices, especially those individuals who are committed to pointing you toward God’s Truth.  Dannah Gresh is one of those voices.

Dannah is the co-author of Lies Young Women Believe. With two teenage girls at home, and lots of contact with young women through her ministry, Dannah is no stranger to Twilight. Here’s her take.

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Should we avoid "dark" themes?

Posted on 09-Dec-08 18:57 by Erin Davis

I struggle to make wise choices when it comes to the media I watch, read, and listen to. With so many ways to plug in, tune out, and be entertained it can be really tough to discern which shows, books, and movies are okay and which ones I’d be better off to avoid. Can you relate?

As part of our month-long series on discerning Truth from lies, we’ve been examining the best-selling series Twilight. With over 17 million copies sold and a growing fan base of young women worldwide, it seems that this is a series that many, many young women have given their stamp of approval.

But should they? Should you?

I’ve already given you two reasons why I think we should choose not to read these books or see the movies. Here’s one more—as Christians, it is wise to stay away from “dark” themes.

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Twilight—does it have the power to desensitize us?

Posted on 09-Dec-08 18:07 by Erin Davis

It is possible to argue that the first book is harmless. The plot stays relatively clean and the storyline is pretty simple. But, this certainly isn’t true in the subsequent books. In the final book “Breaking Dawn” there is an increasing focus on horror and the occult. Bella dies and is transformed into a vampire. How? Edward transforms her by biting her all over her body. The scene is sexually charged and violent. But, it gets worse. Bella soon gives birth to a half-vampire/half-human baby that rips its way out of her womb. This is obviously scary and violent. But, by now readers of the series are so hooked that it seems they are desensitized. This is dangerous indeed.

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Does Twilight Lead to an Unholy Fantasy Life?

Posted on 09-Dec-08 17:09 by Erin Davis

Here’s one of my beefs with this series…it seems that focusing on Bella and Edward’s romance can lead to an unholy fantasy life. I’ve personally witnessed what can only be touted asvEdwardmania among many of the young women I know. Edward (the story’s vampire protagonist) is admired by young women as the ultimate standard for a boyfriend.

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Twilight--Everyone's Reading It. Should you?

Posted on 09-Dec-08 14:52 by Erin Davis

“Twilight,” is one little word I can’t seem to escape these days. I’m sure you’ve heard of the four book series written about a teenage girl and her vampire boyfriend. Many of you have even written on this blog that you’ve read the series or seen the movie. And you’re certainly not alone. To date there are over 17 million copies of these books in print. The movie based on the series opened last month and garnered over $70 million dollars opening weekend. The announcement of a second movie seemed to be the most exciting entertainment news in weeks. There are hundreds of fan sites, and opening parties, and loads fan gear available in every mall. All of this amounts to a little more than your average best-selling novel. These books have created a cultural phenomenon. But, just because everyone’s reading (and watching) this, should you? Is Twilight something that Christians should avoid altogether?

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Announcing Discernment December

Posted on 09-Dec-08 14:15 by Erin Davis

I am thrilled to announce that we will be exploring the topic of discernment for the remainder of December. The Bible has much to say about discernment and if you are to be Truth speakers to your generation, discernment is a critical skill. But, what is discernment exactly?

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A Challenge to Act Out Against Performance Lies

Posted on 03-Dec-08 18:34 by Erin Davis

Ninety percent of the girls we surveyed for LYWB said they are or have been plagued by the lie that they have to perform to be loved and accepted. Some of them felt that their value was tied to their ability to be star athletes or students. Others were striving to earn the approval of their pastors or youth pastors by being super-Christians, involved in too many church activities. Many, many of the young women we talked to admitted that they felt the need to be good enough to earn God’s favor. Believing this lie left them feeling exhausted and like they were constantly falling short.   

God’s Word douses this lie with a serious dose of Truth! Listen to Ephesians 1:3-5. “ Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as He chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.”

According to these verses, when did God’s love for us begin? That’s right! He loved us before the foundations of the world were set. Before we were born. Before we could even breathe in and out, much less do great things for Him. His love for you is not based on your ability to perform.

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Are your emotions giving Satan a foothold?

Posted on 29-Nov-08 21:51 by Erin Davis

We certainly want you to realize the potential danger in things like horoscopes, psychics, and supernaturally themed movies and television shows (for a more in-depth discussion on this topic read our post about magic But, we also want you to realize that dabbling in dark activities isn’t the only way to expose yourself to satanic activity. Did you know that your emotions also have the power to open you up to Satan’s influence?

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The Lasting Impact of Abortion—an Interview with Kelly Roy

Posted on 25-Nov-08 13:35 by Erin Davis

Revive Our Hearts recently featured a series on abortion. Kelly Roy was one of three individuals interviewed by Nancy Leigh DeMoss as part of that series. I thought Kelly’s story was especially compelling because she is a Christian who was raised in a Christian home and yet when faced with an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 20, she decided to have an abortion.

Kelly’s story may not be as unique as you’d think. Researchers estimate that as many as 1 in 5 women who have an abortion are Christians. I see this as an important point of conversation for us here on the blog. I asked Kelly for an in-depth interview. Her honest answers are a powerful reminder of the gravity of this issue. Take a look.

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Headlines Expose Lie that Media Doesn’t Matter

Posted on 15-Nov-08 12:46 by Erin Davis

Two news headlines jumped out at me last week. The first read, “Study Links Sexual Content on TV to Teen Pregnancy.” The second was more tragic. It said, “Ontario Town in Mourning After Body Found.” Both stories highlighted a link between media choices and actions.

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Revive Our Hearts Announces Purity Conference for Tweens

Posted on 11-Nov-08 10:50 by Erin Davis

Calling all moms, grandmothers, and friends of “tweens.”

If you want to help your tween (7-12 year-old-girl) stay morally pure, but feel inadequate for the task, Pure In Heart is for you! Bring your tween to this day-long conference and captivate her heart before the world does. Ignite a passion for purity in her as she explores her identity as a beloved daughter of the King!

The first Pure In Heart conference will be held Saturday, April 18, 2009 at Harvest Bible Chapel in Davenport, IA. April may seem far off, but seats at this conference are selling quickly.  Also, Revive Our Hearts is booking more Pure In Heart Conferences for 2009.

For more information, simply follow this link,

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Don’t Miss Nancy and Dannah on Focus on the Family Today!

Posted on 10-Nov-08 22:51 by Erin Davis

Nancy DeMoss and Dannah Gresh, co-authors of Lies Young Women Believe, will be interviewed today on Focus on the Family. This is the second segment in a two-part series where Nancy and Dannah address the content of the book. Be sure to tune in to listen live through your local Christian radio station or by following this link,

Then, come back to this blog and tell us about what you learned. Did God use this broadcast to point out a lie that you’re believing? Did this broadcast inspire you to be a truth speaker to your generation? Did it lead you to a collision with specific Truth? Let’s talk about it.

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God is not enough

Posted on 07-Nov-08 10:48 by Erin Davis

God promises to satisfy our needs (Philippians 4:19). Even so, 88% of the Christian girls we interviewed agreed with the statement “God is not enough.”

Three main things consistently rivaled God for being enough to satisfy. They were:

1. Friends
2. Material objects
3. Accomplishments

What are your top three?

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Is there evidence of God's hand in your life?

Posted on 05-Nov-08 07:56 by Erin Davis

In the shadow of a major election that brought issues like economic crisis, war, and terrorism right into the center of my living room, I am feeling a little…insignificant. More specifically, I woke up this morning feeling slightly anxious and out of control, and I wondered, “God, are you watching all of this?”

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Nancy and Dannah on Focus on the Family Next Week!

Posted on 03-Nov-08 14:33 by Erin Davis

Nancy DeMoss and Dannah Gresh will be interviewed on Focus on the Family on November 10th and 11th. They will specifically be discussing Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free. Be sure to listen live through your local Christian radio station or online at

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50,000 moms and daughters take a stand for modesty!

Posted on 31-Oct-08 10:10 by Erin Davis

Are you ever discouraged at the mall? Does it sometimes feel like in order to honor God with the way that you dress you’re going to have to throw fashion out the window? Wouldn’t you love to see modest clothes featured at next year’s fashion week?

Me too!

And my friend, Dannah Gresh has developed a great plan to make it happen.

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Fighting for Life: The stories of Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca

Posted on 27-Oct-08 18:51 by Erin Davis

I just heard the most amazing program on Revive our Hearts Radio. It’s titled “Fighting for Life: The stories of Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca” and it examines the issue of abortion from three different perspectives. Today’s program was the first in a series of three that will air between now and Wednesday.

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Are Crushes Okay?

Posted on 26-Oct-08 17:25 by Erin Davis

There is one question that has been asked on this blog more than any other—are crushes okay? It seems that many of you are serious about your commitment to remain physically pure until your wedding day, but that hasn’t stopped your heart from racing when a certain fella walks into the room. And you’re wondering “are these feelings okay?”

I’ve read your questions, and realized that this is an important topic for many of you, but I’ve stayed silent for one big reason—I wasn’t sure how to answer. If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I feel as conflicted as many of you seem to.

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It's All About Me

Posted on 21-Oct-08 15:16 by Erin Davis

I saw an interesting bumper sticker this week. It said simply, “It’s all about me!” I thought to myself, “Really? That’s the one statement you want to make to the world?” Of all the things that person could have taken a stand for by their bumper sticker choice, political endorsements, a love for a certain cause, etc., they chose to announce their selfishness? I rolled my eyes and kept on driving.

But as I drove I began to feel the gentle tug of the Holy Spirit on my heart. And while I don’t have the bumper sticker to prove it, I was faced with the fact that all to often, I too live like it’s all about me.

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A "double-minded" quiz

Posted on 16-Oct-08 19:37 by Erin Davis

“Scene 1: It’s ten o’clock on Sunday morning. Sadie bounces from person to person as church is about to begin. She hugs everyone and smiles. She races toward the door when she sees Corrie, the youth pastor’s wife, who is planning this weekend’s youth retreat. She hugs her and tells her how “psyched” she is for it and that she’s really ready for a “God encounter.” She thanks her for planning it and races off to hug another needy heart. Sadie has a strong spiritual gift of mercy. She knows it and she loves using it.

Scene 2: It’s ten o’clock on Sunday night.
Sadie is parked in front of her laptop where she’s been for the last hour. Right now she’s I.M.-ing with Jake. First they talk about how “face” Corrie is. Then, the conversation gets a little sexual. Jake says he’d like to take her virginity away from her, but he’s just not sure. After all, she’s the pastor’s daughter. What would he think? Sadie says it’s none of her dad’s business.

Will the real Sadie please stand up?” (Lies Young Women Believe, 103).

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I Forgot to Write!

Posted on 11-Oct-08 22:46 by Erin Davis

Here's a collection of thoughts and photos from the True Woman '08 Conference.

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Wanna take a trip?

Posted on 09-Oct-08 11:06 by Erin Davis

My bags are packed, my boarding pass is printed and I am waiting anxiously to head off to Chicago, IL for the weekend. I won’t be vacationing, or taking in the sights—even better! I will be joining with thousands of other women (and young women) from across the country at the True Woman ’08 Conference.

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Share your Lies Young Women Believe Testimony Right Here

Posted on 01-Oct-08 15:46 by Erin Davis

Today, we release an additional resource to help you identify lies and apply God’s Truth. The Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide hits the shelves today!

In celebration of that release, I want to encourage you share your stories of how this book has impacted you right here. If you’ve already shared, we’d love to hear it again. What a powerful effect it will have to be able to access those testimonies all in one place! If you’ve never shared a personal testimony about the book’s impact, I would love for you to take a minute now to tell us about it. 

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Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide to be Released This Week!

Posted on 29-Sep-08 11:05 by Erin Davis

The Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide will hit bookstores on October 1st. We are super excited about this resource and we’re praying that it will further challenge you as you seek to identify lies and choose Truth in your own lives.

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What Can We Learn From the World’s Largest Pumpkin?

Posted on 21-Sep-08 18:20 by Erin Davis

If you’re anything like me, these kinds of records fascinate you. In fact, most of us are drawn to the idea of doing something spectacular, even if it’s as silly as choreographing the world’s largest coke fountain.

But, this idea that performance equals value can easily trip us up. It’s true that the people who are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records have accomplished something extraordinary. But does that mean that they have more value than those of us who haven’t been a part of a giant human peace sign or sat in a tub filled with rattlesnakes?

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I’m Taking a Facebook Fast

Posted on 21-Sep-08 18:06 by Erin Davis

Our media choices do impact us. With that in mind, I think it is important that we take a hard look at our choices to make sure that they do more good than harm. Otherwise, our media choices can slowly introduce us to lies that lead to bondage.

“If you are taking in regular or significant doses of music, television, the internet, and movies, you are being affected by them. The question is: Are you being influenced positively or negatively? The impact is usually not felt immediately—its more like and IV in your arm that goes drip…drip…drip…gradually pumping a foreign substance into your system. If the substance dripping through that plastic tubing is toxic or poisonous, you may not feel the results right away, but once it gets into your system, your whole body will definitely be affected!

Likewise, the consequences of taking toxic media into your mind and soul may not be realized until further down the road when it’s too late and the damage has been done” (Lies Young Women Believe, 152).

So, I’m turning off the drip. I am going to pray through my media choices, specifically my use of Facebook and I’m going to make sure that the pros outweigh the cons. I am going to strive to be especially mindful of how this particular media choice impacts my spiritual walk. Care to join me?

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The Most Important Thing

Posted on 16-Sep-08 18:44 by Erin Davis

I just got back from the funeral of a very good friend of mine. He was a youth pastor, a teacher, a counselor, a father, a husband, and a trustworthy friend. He leaves behind a wife and five kids. He was thirty-three.

Tragedies like this one have a way of bringing clarity into our lives. My friend was well accomplished. He had several degrees and an important career. But as we remembered him today, very little of that mattered. What does matter is the relationship he had with Jesus Christ.

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The Moment of Truth

Posted on 12-Sep-08 12:05 by Erin Davis

Have you seen the show The Moment of Truth? I wouldn’t exactly offer a glowing endorsement, but I have to admit I’ve been sucked in to an episode or two. In case you haven’t, here’s the premise—contestants are asked a series of questions designed to cause drama (examples include: have you ever lied to get a job, have you ever stolen anything, and do you really care about starving children in Africa?). Their answers are matched up against a lie detector test. The goal is to win half a million dollars by daring to be truthful.

The show is really about airing dirty laundry for cash and usually the contestants’ answers lead to tears and angry looks from their family members offstage.  I’ll admit, it’s intriguing but it communicates a dangerous message that Truth is destructive or that deception is somehow is the safer route. This is a lie with serious consequences

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My thoughts on your beauty

Posted on 09-Sep-08 11:14 by Erin Davis

Several of you have recently commented about your struggle to feel beautiful. This is a common area of heartbreak for young women. In fact, the challenge to embrace my own beauty and worth has been one of the most intense struggles of my life and I know that I am not alone. I have personally witnessed the turmoil that many of you experience in this area and I know how widespread those feelings are among your generation.

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Are you "hinting"? A second look at God’s purity standard.

Posted on 02-Sep-08 21:07 by Erin Davis

According to a recent study, “ teens may be replacing intercourse with more alternatives they perceive as safer. For example more than 50 percent of U.S. teens ages 15 to 19 have engaged in oral sex. This number increases to almost 70 percent for those who are 18 and 19.

And it doesn’t stop there. The girls we talked to admitted that while they weren’t having sex, they didn’t see much harm in being sexual through the way that they dressed, the way they communicated with boys (even those who were “just friends”) and the way they presented themselves through text-messaging and online.

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A locker design idea—Truth!

Posted on 02-Sep-08 14:18 by Erin Davis

Well, it’s official. Summer is waning and Fall is on its way! That means most of you have already started a new school year or will be heading back to class soon. I am praying that you will tackle this school year armed with a new set of truths straight from God’s Word!

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Nancy and Dannah on Chris Fabry Live!

Posted on 27-Aug-08 16:06 by Erin Davis

A New Trend in Fashion—Modesty!

Posted on 20-Aug-08 23:44 by Erin Davis

A recent article on addressed a staggering new trend in teen fashion. It wasn’t about a new style of jeans or the latest in accessorizing. This article highlights an even bigger (and certainly more surprising) fashion trend—modesty!

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Twilight—dangerous drama or just fun fiction?

Posted on 20-Aug-08 15:59 by Erin Davis

I’ll admit it; I’m not a teenager. In fact, I haven’t been a teenager for…a while. But, you don’t have to be an expert in teen culture to have the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer on your radar screen. It has become quite a pop culture phenomenon.

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Listen to Dannah tomorrow on WMBI Prime Time

Posted on 18-Aug-08 12:48 by Erin Davis

Dannah Gresh, co-author of Lies Young Women Believe, will be on the radio tomorrow. You can hear her on WMBI Prime Time at 10:30 a.m. (Eastern). Or log on to to listen live online or to download podcasts. I encourage you to tune in for a heavy dose of Truth!

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For those of you participating in Lies Young Women Believe Bible studies...

Posted on 15-Aug-08 14:19 by Erin Davis

Several of you mentioned that you were starting or participating in Lies Young Women Believe Bible Studies earlier in the summer. I was just wondering, how's it going?

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Nancy Talks About Discretion

Posted on 15-Aug-08 07:43 by Erin Davis

Nancy helps us understand that what we say matters! I know that this can be a difficult truth, but it is so important for us to grasp. In what way have you seen the destructive power of words in your own life? Do you sense that the Lord is asking you to change a specific way that you communicate with others? I’d love to hear about it.

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Sex and rebellion—is it what teenagers really want?

Posted on 10-Aug-08 15:56 by Erin Davis

I think it’s important that this blog be as practical as it is idealistic. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, but I’m also interested in hearing about pockets of culture that are doing things right. What shows do you watch that you think match up to a Biblical worldview? What products do you buy as a result of marketing that is wholesome instead of sexy? What can you do to convince marketers that young women, especially young Christian woman, don’t want to be exposed to so much skin? I have no doubt that you can make a difference. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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An opportunity to be a part of True Woman '08 from your room.

Posted on 05-Aug-08 11:52 by Erin Davis

The True Woman '08 Conference has sold out. More than 6,000 women will gather in Chicago October 9-11 to be a part of a counter-cultural revolution. Nancy and Dannah will join a long list of other great speakers for the event.

Even if you can’t join us, you can still be a part of what God is doing. We want you to be a part of a widespread movement of revival in the hearts of Christian women (and young women!) around the world.

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True Woman 08’ Conference almost sold out!

Posted on 31-Jul-08 12:20 by Erin Davis

True Woman ’08 is scheduled to be held October 9-11, 2008 in Chicago, IL, but don’t wait to register. The conference is nearing capacity and may sell out this week. To register or to find out more info. simply go to Hope to see you there!

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I am my own authority

Posted on 29-Jul-08 16:48 by Erin Davis

This week I want to dig into a lie that honestly, tends to be rather unpopular among young women (and young men). To be honest, it is an area where I continue to struggle. It is also an area where believing lies can be particularly disastrous.

Are you ready for it? I think we should talk about authority.

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Is it okay to date non-Christians?

Posted on 23-Jul-08 13:49 by Erin Davis

    Lately, there has been some discussion on this blog about whether or not it is okay for Christians to date non-Christians. We encountered this same conversation over and over as we did research for Lies Young Women Believe. In fact this is one of the 25 lies addressed directly in the book.

    The girls involved in the research phase of this book told us things like:

     • “ I really want to marry a Christian, but I’m not looking for marriage right now, so I don’t really care.”

     • “ I don’t really think it matters if the guys I date are Christians or not. For one, we’re just in high school. I don’t really think that religion is an         issue right now.”

     • “ If you plant a seed, it can make a beautiful flower. You’re spreading God’s word, whether it works out or not. If you can compromise, think         about it…you can impact a non-Christian.”

Some of you have made similar comments here on the blog. Specifically, it seems that some of you are wondering if it’s okay to date non-Christians. The short answer to your question is no. God’s Word urges us not to link our lives with non-believers and the consequences of choosing to do otherwise can be disastrous.

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What are you reading this summer?

Posted on 23-Jul-08 12:29 by Erin Davis

I don’t know about you, but I like to spend the lazy months of summer catching up on great reading (hopefully while laying beside the pool!) You may not have realized it, but we’ve got a list of our favorite books right here on the Lies Young Women Believe website.

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Truth or Bare Fashion Tests

Posted on 11-Jul-08 14:08 by Erin Davis

Modesty has become a hot topic here on the blog. In fact, almost 150 of you have left comments on our previous posts about the subject (if you haven’t read them yet, check out our archives).

Most of you seem to “get” why dressing modestly matters. In fact, I have been blown away by the number of you who are willing to buck the culture by taking a stand in this area. But one trip down the swimsuit aisle is enough to remind me that finding clothes that are both fashionable and modest can seem like mission impossible.

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“ I am with you” (Lessons Learned from Church Camp, part 2)

Posted on 06-Jul-08 16:57 by Erin Davis

I am wondering where you are looking for satisfaction?

Do you feel like if you can just get a boyfriend, then you will be satisfied? God promises that He will be with you.

Do you feel like if your family situation changes, then you will be satisfied? God promises that He will be with you.

Do you feel like if you can be a star volleyball player, first chair musician, or straight A student, then you will be satisfied? God promises that He will be with you.

Do you feel like if you can just be good enough, smart enough, thin enough, or pretty enough, then you will be satisfied? God promises to be with you.

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Lessons Learned at Church Camp

Posted on 03-Jul-08 10:55 by Erin Davis

This week I am blogging from church camp. I am tagging along with a group of 7-12-graders from my church as they spend the week at our local associational camp (think bugs, bunk beds, uncomfortable mattresses and cafeteria food!).

Last night the camp pastor preached from the story of Nicodemus found in John chapter 3. Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a.k.a a religious leader. One night he snuck away to ask Jesus some pretty tough questions. The truth is, I want to ask the same question Nicodemus did...what are the steps necessary to become a Christian? In other words, what does it take to be saved? 

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Posted on 27-Jun-08 16:07 by Erin Davis

Does your mind work like a computer? Mine does. Just like my computer, my mind is capable of storing unbelievable amounts of information. I can still remember my 10th birthday party, my first day of junior high, and my first date with my husband. Just like a computer, my mind is capable of filing lyrics to hundreds of songs (when was the last time you heard a song on the radio that you didn’t know the words to?) along with data on how to add and subtract, tell the difference between a pretty flower and a poison ivy leaf and diagram a sentence. And sometimes, just like a computer, my mind crashes and I find it difficult to think at all.

Our minds are like computers in another way. Just like computers, what we put into our minds is exactly what we get out. It is a basic law of computer programming that a computer cannot output something that it was not programmed to do. In other words, what goes in is what comes out.

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What is true friendship?

Posted on 17-Jun-08 18:13 by Erin Davis

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the seventh grade. I had just dialed in the combination to my locker when an avalanche occurred. Someone had filled my locker to the brim with hygiene products. When I opened the locker, it triggered the avalanche and several bottles of soap and shampoo spilled out into the hallway. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the culprits had included a note that pointed out that I “stunk” and suggested that I use the “gifts” they’d given me to take a shower. I was humiliated. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I swore I was never coming back to seventh grade.

It turns out that the shampoo bandits were my “friends.” While it’s true that the hormonal changes of puberty may have left me less than shower fresh, their tactic for dealing with it was less than friendly. In fact, it was down right mean.

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“God is just like my father”

Posted on 17-Jun-08 14:51 by Erin Davis

No matter what your experience with your earthly dad has been, you can trust that God is a good Father. In Lies, Dannah writes, “ God is a father, but He is not like any many you have ever known. The wisest, kindest earthly father is only a pale reflection of our heavenly Father. The God of the Bible is infinitely more wonderful and pure and loving than even the most wonderful father. God our Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48) and unchanging (James 1:17). Our earthly fathers cannot be those things (Matthew 7:11). Regardless of how you may think or feel, God is a good Father who dearly loves His children—including you. He can be trusted.”

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Are you willing to take our 30-day challenge?

Posted on 09-Jun-08 21:27 by Erin Davis

Will you join me? Will you commit to spending at least some time reading the Bible every day for the next thirty days? I hope so. I’ll be writing about my experience right here on the blog this month, and I want to hear from you. If you’re ready for a heavy dose of life changing, bondage breaking, freedom bringing Truth, join me by spending time reading your Bible every day for the next 30 days. Share you commitment right here so that we can spur each other on!

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Are Beautiful Girls Really Worth More?

Posted on 29-May-08 00:37 by Erin Davis

I recently saw a news story about a website that is gaining popularity at an incredible rate. In fact, the site snagged one million new members last month alone. I won’t share the web address, because it’s not a site I want to encourage you to visit (if you’re anything like me, you’d be googleing it as soon as you read it, just to satisfy your curiosity). But, I do think that it’s worth mentioning the site’s premise.

The website is designed as a place where users can play a virtual fashion game. The ultimate goal is to “become the hottest, coolest most intelligent and talented [girl] the world has ever known.” Sounds easy enough right?

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But What About Magic? What does God’s Word say about wizards and witches?

Posted on 21-May-08 11:47 by Erin Davis

You gals are sharp! You are always asking questions that stretch me and challenge me to dig deeper into God’s Word. I love that about this blog! Recently one of you asked a great question about whether or not God’s Word allows us to enjoy media focused on magic and fantasy. I think this a great question, and to be honest it is one I’ve not thought much about before. Together, let’s explore this topic and see if we can dig up some Truth.

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A Facebook Breakup: Do the benefits of media use really outweigh the harm?

Posted on 16-May-08 10:07 by Erin Davis

    A friend of mine recently endured a painful breakup. Within a few days, all 239 of her Facebook friends knew that her relationship status had changed. In fact, I was one of the hundreds of people who received a mini-feed in my inbox telling me that she was now single. Next to the newsflash was a cartoon broken heart. It seemed like harmless fun, but the reality was that she was really hurting.

    All of this made me ask a question that Nancy and Dannah address directly in Lies Young Women Believe, do the benefits of our constant media use really outweigh the harm?  

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How to start a Lies Young Women Believe Bible Study

Posted on 09-May-08 14:04 by Erin Davis

Several of you have asked us for tips on how to start a Lies Young Women Believe Bible study. We think this is a great idea! In fact, we are praying that God will use you as truth speakers for your generation. We want to help you in any way we can.

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Coming next for starting your own LYWB Bible study

Posted on 25-Apr-08 18:35 by Erin Davis

Several of you have mentioned that you want to start a Lies Young Women Believe Bible study. We think this is a great idea! We'd like to help. Check back next week for a post dedicated to this topic, complete with tips and ideas to get you started. In the meantime, be sure to check out our three latest posts!

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The Lie that didn't make the book: Its just fashion!

Posted on 24-Apr-08 18:34 by Erin Davis

Recently, several of you have been duking it out right here on the blog about the topic of fashion—specifically cleavage! Many of you are adamant that low cut shirts and short skirts are fine. Others disagree.  In fact, the debate has gotten so heated; that many of your comments haven’t made the blog because the way you presented your arguments was enough to make me blush (and believe me, I am not easily shocked or embarrassed).
    What’s interesting is that so much debate has been sparked on a topic that we barely mention in the book. But we certainly do want you understand the truth about modesty and the destructive power of immodesty. So, let’s talk about it.
    Dannah Gresh is the co-author of “Lies Young Women Believe. She is also the author of “Secret Keeper” a little book that has a lot to say about this subject. She addressed these very issues in an article for Brio Magazine several years ago. Let’s take a look. 

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Low cut shirts and turtlenecks: A guy's perspective on all the fashion hype

Posted on 24-Apr-08 18:21 by Erin Davis

    There has been a lot of discussion here on the site about whether or not our fashion choices matter. Erin sat down with 18-year-old Scott Kirchner to get a guy's perspective on the topic. Here's what he had to say.

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Erin's Story (hey that's me!)

Posted on 24-Apr-08 18:07 by Erin Davis

As you begin to search your own heart and life for lies, as you begin to replace those lies with God’s Truth, and as you start to seek freedom from the bondage lies have created in your life, are you afraid to share your journey with others? Are you embarrassed that you have been deceived? Does it seem like you are the only one who Satan has managed to trip up? If so, it is important for you to realize a few things.

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To Date or Not to Date?

Posted on 16-Apr-08 16:07 by Erin Davis

The blog has been buzzing on the topic of dating. Some of you have come to the site seeking advice on the subject and several of you have weighed in with some great thoughts! It is obvious you are wondering…does God care if you date? Does He care who you date? Is dating even okay? If you’re among the young women asking these questions, you are not alone.

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Tune In for the scoop on Lies Young Women Believe

Posted on 16-Apr-08 16:05 by Erin Davis

Dannah Gresh, co-author of “Lies Young Women Believe” will be appearing on radio shows across the country to talk about the book. She’ll be discussing issues that girls just like you are facing and presenting the liberating truth of God’s Word. I’d encourage you to check it out. Then stop back by the blog and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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But Why Can't I Look Like Her? A Look at Our Need to Compare

Posted on 27-Mar-08 23:57 by Erin Davis

I bet you’ve played a version of the comparison game. Maybe you are constantly judging whether or not other girls are smarter than you, or more popular or more athletic. Maybe you find yourself in constant competition with an older sibling or the flawless celebrities that grace every magazine cover. Maybe you’re always on the lookout to see who is taller or shorter, better or worse dressed or more or less talented than you. The irresistible need to compare seems to be a part of our fabric as women.

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Another Dose of Truth

Posted on 27-Mar-08 23:52 by Erin Davis

In our newsletter, we promised to address 17 freeing truths here on the site. Check back in the archives to read the first 10 truths along with the honest comments girls have left about the power of those truths in their lives. This week, we are going to address seven more important truths relating to issues like sin, authority, and the church. These truths are the antidote to many specific lies we encountered during our research for the book.

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Dannah and the Pure Freedom Team address purity in Atlanta

Posted on 13-Mar-08 17:20 by Erin Davis

“Lies Young Women Believe” co-author, Dannah Gresh and her team recently facilitated several events near Atlanta, GA. Literally hundreds of teenagers, young girls, and adults were recipients of messages of modesty and purity taught by Dannah and other Pure Freedom speakers. I caught up with Dannah and asked her some questions about these events. I thought I’d pass it along to give you a taste of the type of ministry Dannah does and to get you talking about the way that the message of purity is being taught to your generation. Check it out.

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5 More Truths to Set You Free

Posted on 06-Mar-08 19:55 by Erin Davis

Lies lead to bondage. Truth leads to freedom. In our newsletter we promised to post 17 truths to set you free here on the website. Last week we tackled five important truths straight out of God’s Word. Be sure to check it out and join the discussion about the power of those specific truths. This week, we will examine five more truths. God’s Word provides the truth we need to combat lies in our lives. Check it out.

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Thoughts on motherhood (from a new mommy)

Posted on 06-Mar-08 19:44 by Erin Davis

I had a baby this week. His name is Elisha and he is perfect. His little fingers and toes make me weak and I am frequently moved to tears over the miracle of his life. I am in full-on mommy mode. My days are now spent burping, changing, cuddling and feeding this adorable bundle and I’m tickled pink. But, if you had caught me a few short years ago, I would have assured you that a baby was not in the cards for me. If you had asked me about my purpose on the planet, I would have responded with an answer that centered around my career instead of my home and family. I misunderstood God’s design for me as a woman. I am not alone.

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What's the buzz about?

Posted on 26-Feb-08 09:55 by Erin Davis

As part of the instructional element of this site, new videos will be available each week featuring the authors of the book Lies Young Women Believe teaching and discussing the concepts of the book with young women like you. As you can see by our first video, we are pretty excited about the message of this book...

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Five truths to set you free

Posted on 26-Feb-08 09:54 by Erin Davis

In our newsletter we promised to post seventeen truths to set you free here on the website. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of that promise. This week, we will examine five truths taken from God's Word that have the power to challenge, heal, and deliver you.

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Welcome to Lies Young Women Believe

Posted on 26-Feb-08 09:50 by Erin Davis

Welcome to the Lies Young Women Believe blog. We are thrilled to have you as a part of our online community.

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About Erin

Posted on 26-Feb-08 09:15 by Erin Davis

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