Look for the Little Door

From the LYWB.com Team: Hi Friends! We love hearing from readers like you. We consider it a great privilege to get to point you to the Truths found in God’s Word. We are often asked about how to deal with temptation.

“What should I do when I feel . . . ?”
“How can I overcome my temptation to . . . ?”
“How can I get unstuck from patterns of sin?”

God’s Word offers so much hope in this department! We’ve pulled this post up from our archives. Avoiding temptation isn’t possible, but fleeing it is. Just look for the little door.

Strap on your thinking caps, friends. To get God’s truth stamped into our minds and hearts, today we are going to use our imaginations. Ready?

Picture yourself in a room. The walls are covered with posters of whatever it is that tempts you to run away from God’s best.

Maybe it’s that boy who doesn’t follow Christ but still makes your heart race. He’s looking straight at you, inviting you into a relationship that isn’t what’s best for you.

Maybe it’s a different boy. He does love Jesus, and he loves you. You know you’ll be married someday. You’re practically married already in your heart. And you’re tempted to go “just a little further” physically. God’s Spirit inside you quietly urges you to pursue purity instead.

Maybe it’s a celebrity. Her hair and body are perfect. You want to look just like her. You are tempted to make beauty an idol, to obsess over how you look, to do whatever it takes to feel beautiful.

It is God’s faithfulness that helps us say “no” to sin and become more and more like Christ.

Maybe it’s your parents. They make you really mad sometimes, and you’d like to turn that picture of them into a dartboard. You want to yell and scream. You want to stomp your feet. You want to roll your eyes. You want to do the opposite of “honor your father and mother.

Maybe it’s someone else who has hurt you. I mean really, really hurt you. Sure, God’s Word calls you to forgive as you’ve been forgiven, but you just can’t do it this time. You choose bitterness instead.

Maybe it’s a picture of your group of friends. They’re all talking about someone else, playing the telephone game with other people’s stories, and you desperately want to join in. You want to share what you know about who said what. It’s just what girls do, right?

There are other posters, too, with images of all kinds of things outside of God’s best:

  • sexual sin
  • secret addictions
  • porn
  • jealousy
  • lying
  • stealing
  • gossip

How do you get out of a tempting situation? How do you escape when faced with an opportunity to rebel against God’s best (a.k.a. sin)?

Let’s snap out of the imaginary room and look at a strategy the Bible gives us for having victory over real-life temptations.

Look for the little door.

The apostle Paul wrote about temptation this way: “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it” (1 Cor. 10:13).

Let’s break that down.

This is not new.

“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.”

Flip way back in your Bible to Genesis 3, and read about the first temptation. (Don’t worry. I will wait right here.)

Satan tempted Eve with so much more than an apple. He preyed on her insecurities and her pride. Everything that tempts us can be shoved into one of those same two buckets.

Isn’t lust just an answer to our craving to be loved? (That’s insecurity.)

Isn’t anger just an extension of our desire to be right? (That’s pride.)

Isn’t our obsession with beauty a result of our need to be the center of attention? (That’s insecurity + pride.)

Isn’t gossip just another form of one-upmanship? (That’s insecurity + pride again.)

Sure, Satan is crafty (Gen. 3:1), but he isn’t very original. He is still pulling from the same bag of tricks he used to tempt Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden. Isn’t there something comforting about knowing you’re not the only girl to face these temptations?

God Is Faithful!

“God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability.”

Victory over temptation is something we can never, ever accomplish on our own.

There is always, always, always a way to choose righteousness over sin.

You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps or pep talk your way into resisting sin. Left to our own devices, we will all choose to rebel against God over and over and over. But this verse doesn’t say, “You are faithful,” or “You can do this,” but rather, “God is faithful.”

It was God’s faithfulness that led Him to pay the price for your sin on the cross. It is God’s faithfulness that gives us the Holy Spirit as a guide. It is God’s faithfulness that helps us say “no” to sin and become more and more like Christ (Titus 2:11–12).

Look for the Little Door

“With the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”

Head back to that imaginary room. The one where temptations seem to be screaming at you from every wall. It’s pretty close to how things look in real life, don’t ya think?

Think about the temptations you face to sin every day. Now look closer. There is a little door, a way of escape, crafted by God. The door leads to your holiness. God’s Word promises that this escape hatch is available in every temptation. There is always, always, always a way to choose righteousness over sin.

Lord, thank You that even in our temptation to sin, You are faithful. Give us eyes to look for the the little door. Amen.

I’d love to hear about the little doors in your world. Tell me about a time when God provided an escape hatch for temptation in the comment section below.

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Erin Davis

Erin is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker and blogger to women of all ages. Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, you can find her herding goats, chickens, and children.

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  • MoonBrightInTheNight

    I applaud your inclusion of porn in the list. I have struggled with it and it’s not just a boy thing. By God’s grace and faithfulness, I am having more victories than losses lately :D. Hallelujah and Amen. God bless you Erin 🙂

    • erinleedavis


      You’re right, porn is not just a boy problem. All of us are vulnerable to sexual sin. I’m so glad God is giving you victory in this area. He is SO FAITHFUL! I appreciate your honesty. You’ve inspired me to write a post (or a series) on girls and porn. Keep reading the blog. I will plan to tackle this in the coming months.

      Grace & Peace!


      • MoonBrightInTheNight

        A post or series would be very awesome!! Can’t wait!! xD xx

      • Anonymous Sister

        That is absolutely what I love about this blog, Erin! You wonderful women of God are not afraid to tackle the sins hidden in darkness and pull them out into the Light of Jesus’ Grace! You talk about the hard and uncomfortable subjects. But you also do it with speech seasoned with salt and grace. You speak truth, but in the most loving way possible. You have really helped me and encouraged me. Thank you soooooooo much! God Bless all you lovely ladies that are teaching young women the way of righteousness and God’s Love!

        • erinleedavis

          Anonymous Sister,

          I’m so grateful God has used this blog to encourage you and equip you to be more like Him. Keep reading! We love, love, love readers like you.

          Grace and Peace!


  • His Daughter

    You are not alone. And praise God for your victories! I too have struggled as you have. Keep strong, He is so faithful to finish the work He has started in you. Freedom is a life-long choice for every moment.
    Just today God gave me a way of escape: I was travelling with a relative, and she had her music on loud. Pop music- sensual and graphic in every way; and as I said I have struggled with porn and lust too, so the lyrics were very hard for me to ignore. I started praying and singing silently to God, to drown out the song. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the truths that God has shown me and I was able to whisper them to the Lord. Oh what joy to take my Father’s escape plan!

    • MoonBrightInTheNight

      Awww! We thank God indeed for his deliverance, I say this prayer of thanks each day (from lust) and yes the Holy Spirit is our constant and closest helper. His faithfulness gives me bright hope for my future 🙂 Keep praying and remaining in His love and trust.

  • Reeba

    Erin!! This postt was perfecttt. All so well said…. soo relatableee..so reaalll and so trueee!
    while some temptations seem so much bigger than others they’re all in the same boat. ex. a while ago i was tempted to eat a bag of cookies even though iim NOT even hungryy. Sometimes as Christians because of how small, insignificant or common some temptations seem we don’t even feel the need resist it. We just figure ‘God’s grace will forgive this one’. but noooo that should never be our mentality! Its alll a traaap of the enemy and there are consequences to pay. In december i gave into the temptation of getting a little too close with a guy who doesn’t follow Christ and must I say even though we don’t talk now I regret it! We really do give in to temptation when we believe what IT has to offer is better than what God has promised.However, if you give God the chance he will blow your mind. Don’t settle for short lived pleasure that only leads to death anyway. I find I must regularly pray for God to help me in future times so I wont act out of impulse so that I’ll do what he wants me to do.

  • Locked out

    Hi Erin.

    How would you advice us to look for that little door? Sometimes we can be so blind and not find it on time… Thanks.

    • Sarah @ Revive Our Hearts

      When you you are tempted and know something is wrong…make yourself stop and ask the questions like Erin did above. Is it based in insecurity or pride? Then pray and ask God to help you see it clearly. The “little door” is often found in talking to Him in prayer, and recalling what you know of His Word as truth. When He shows you the truth, always do what is right in His eyes, what He has already said in His Word.

  • Mare


  • Mare

    I was at a party and both groups of people were doing terrible things -even my friends who I knew. One group of friends was disrespecting God and the other group of people would rather flirt with the other girl at the table and cuss up a storm. Even when I left that table and went to my table of church friends, it was unfortunately worse. I was really sad but even though someone kept calling me loner God gave me the tiny door of escape -my phone. I texted my mom to pick me up and even though she didn’t see the text, I just started talking to my friend’s parents, his brother, and his brother’s friend. It was extremely hard (and pretty depressing to feel like an outsider in both circles), but it was worth it to be an outsider. This happened to me just last night and I wouldn’t have ever realized God’s faithful hand in giving me a door of escape unless I read this! Hallelujah

    • You have experienced the reality of 1 Cor. 10:13: “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” Thank you, Mare, for seeing that there was a way out from this temptation and for taking it! You honored God and He is already using it in your life to teach you about His faithfulness. I’m so very, very proud of you. Thank you for holding to a higher standard for God.

  • Lily

    Hi. I’m Lily. Before I start, I feel kind of awkward because im about to ask someone i dont know about my personal life. But then again, sometimes I feel like I have no one to talk to. But here we go. I HATE my body. I’m short, I’m fat, and I’m ugly. The only good thing people say about me is that I have nice set of boobs. I have had a few people tell me that’s the only thing they like about me, they said I have no personality whatsoever, and I couldn’t tell if they were kidding or not. What’s even worse is I still hang around them. I feel like it’s the only way people will be my friend. I sometimes even think the only reason(s) i have a boyfriend is because of it and probably cuz he feels sorry for me. I can’t remember the last time I felt good about myself. Can someone please help me?

    • Lily,

      We are glad you felt comfortable enough to share with us and ask your questions. You are very brave and I love that quality about you! I’m sure there are many more, too, because God says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14).

      God tells us that our outward “beauty” is temporary and is fading away (2 Cor. 4:16-18). Because that beauty is fleeting, He tells us to focus on our inward beauty (1 Pet. 3: 3-4). It is our character and our firm grip on the reality of who we are in Christ – a princess, an adopted daughter, a chosen one of God – that is the beauty we need to focus on.

      I know you say that you can’t talk to anyone, but would you talk to your mom about how you are feeling? She can encourage you, pray for you and help you process your emotions with truth. It is a lie from Satan that we have to be beautiful to be loved and accepted.

      I want to refer you to several blogs that we have in our archives that address our insecurities about our beauty. I encourage you to read through Psalm 139 over and over until your feelings are brought in line with the truths of God’s view of you there. Will you do that? I’m praying for you, Lily!

      3 Verses on Beauty Every Girl Needs to Know http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/3-verses-on-beauty-every-girl-needs-to-know/

      You Were Made to Shine http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/you-were-made-to-shine/

      Broken Windows and Your Beauty http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/broken-windows-and-your-beauty/

      3 Truths about Fitting In http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/3-truths-about-fitting-in/

      God’s View of Beauty http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/gods-view-of-beauty/

      Hollow Beauty vs Heavenly Beauty http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/hollow-beauty-vs-heavenly-beauty/

      What to Do When You Feel Ugly http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/feel-ugly/

      If Only I Could Be More Beautiful http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/if-only-i-could-be-more-beautiful/

      • Lily

        I already said I can’t share with anyone……my parents are divorced, my mom is always working and i don’t even think she cares about me, my dad abuses me and my siblings and i always fight. Thanks for the other blog posts……i will definitly check them out……at least i can talk to god…… he’s the only one i can talk to right now.

        • Lily

          That last one was somewhat helpful…..but i know i will always be the uglies of my days……no one is as ugly as me, god should’ve made me a guy…..i sometimes wonder that if i ran away if someone would miss me……..i feel so lonely……..i don’t know what to do…….

          • I’m glad you found help in one of the blogs, Lily! It makes me sad to hear how you feel about yourself. You have bought into the lie of the enemy about beauty. The beauty that is most attractive to others and is most pleasing to God is your internal beauty – being kind to people, being encouraging to others, being respectful and supportive of others. Can you work on choosing to respond to others in these ways. It is as we do these actions that we can lead our emotions.

            I know you say that you don’t have anyone to talk to. But I really don’t think that’s true. It may FEEL like you don’t have anyone, but there are people who know you and care about you – a counselor or teacher at school, a woman at church, a grandparent, a friend’s mom. You need to talk with someone. Will you please join me in praying and asking God to show you who you can talk to?

            I would love to send you the gift of a free resource that I hope will encourage you. If you are interested, please send me your US postal address to info@ReviveOurHearts.com and I’ll get it out to you right away. I’m praying for you, Lily.

          • Lily

            I’m sorry…..I can’t…..thanks for praying for me tho…..i know at least someone out there cares about me…..talk to you soon. :3

          • Carrie @ Revive Our Hearts

            Our team is praying for you today, Lily.

            Please do contact a school counselor if you are suffering abuse at home. The counselor will know what steps to take in getting the help you need.

            Grace and peace,
            Lies Young Women Believe Team

    • Carla

      Hi Lily! Reading what you wrote took me some years ago in my life….when I felt exactly what you feel (sometimes still do). Beauty is soooooo overapreciated in this world. The system has made us believe that it is the ONLY thing that matters, and we believed it without asking. Trust me, I know how it feels, thinking that nobody likes you (not even yourself). But as the post say, we have to look for the little door! If you havent`t found it yet I lend you mine until you do….WE ARE NOT FROM THIS WORLD…Jesus said it and I believe it, don`t you? Rules about beauty don`t apply to us….do you know why? Because we are childs of God! The God that created EVERYTHING, who is FAITHFULL, POWEFUL AND ETERNAL is our Father and He created us….He doen`t make ugly things Lily….you are beautiful…not because you have perfect skin, or awesome hair or a perfect body….You are beautiful because of WHO you are in Christ!. (I know I sound convincing but I`, struggling with this like you). We have to shut up the voices of the world (bad friends, media, even relatives) that try so hard to let us down and learn to listen to the only voice that matters: God`s. He is besides you and He thinks you are perfect and beautiful….He is the only opinion we should listen and believe. I hope that you see this….see yourself in Jesus….after that, everything changes. Blessings from Argentina! (I`m here if you want an earto hear you or some eyes to read you =))…even when you are faaaaaar away and I don`t know you….=D…you are so brave!

  • Melissa

    I need some advice… My boyfriend and I are getting pretty serious and marriage is definitely in the question. We have been friends for a very long time, but there was a time when we grew apart and didn’t see each other as much a couple of years ago. Now that we are older and more mature, we have gotten more intentional with our relationship. He recently shared that he has things he has a lot he needs to share with me, regarding his past. I have prayed that the Lord give me an understanding heart and not one to judge. However, I myself have been struggling with masturbation and porn since I was little, and still find myself slipping up now and again. I want to share this with him too, but I feel so ashamed about it and afraid he might not see me the same way again. I’ve shared it with my mother and sister and a few close friends, in order to have accountability, but I have never told a guy before. Is this appropriate to talk about now with him, or should I wait?

    • Carrie @ Revive Our Hearts

      Your willingness to confess your sin to those closest to you speaks loudly of your love for God and your desire to walk in His ways, Melissa! Press on in that battle, friend.

      And if, indeed, you and your boyfriend are moving toward marriage, ask the LORD to help you walk humbly and courageously in sharing honestly with him. Though sharing specific details of your battle would not be appropriate for either of you, humbly acknowledging the battle and the steps you are taking to fight sin seems good and right and necessary, Melissa.

      Oh, friend, I am praying for you both today. May your hearts both grieve over the deceptions and captivity of sin and rejoice that as followers of Christ we make war on sin as justified, forgiven sinners—redeemed and set free from sin’s power through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!

      Grace and peace,

      P.S. This short video clip has been so helpful to me, personally. I pray it will be for you too, Melissa.


  • Eva

    Hi I’m 15 and even though I have everything I could ask for from my wonderful family, and I have God in my heart, and I am saved, I still have a horrible feeling everyday. Satan comes takes over my mind and i get scared, think why am I alive what is my purpose? I know I have one, but then all I want is to die. Life is so hard! I hate living so far from all my friends and not being able to see them much. I’m lonely. Many people say I’ve got Jesus to comfort me but I feel no comfort.

    • Emma

      Hi Eva,
      I am just a reader of this blog and I apologise if I’m not meant to comment or reply to the admins/owners of the blog. Please delete if not appropriate! But I couldn’t scroll past your post as I read this great blog.
      You are in the middle of a battle and I know you can make it through it! You sound like a strong woman and it is ok to reach out for help. You are not alone. When you said all you want is to die, that worried me. I know you said that you live quite far from your friends, but is there a way that you can reach out to them via facebook or texting or Skype or call them? Even if it is just to say “hey I am having a bad day, will you talk with me?” I am not sure where in the world you are, but you can access helplines for people to talk to in each country that will talk to you when you feel so low. It’s very brave of you to admit that you do have those awful moments. Have you spoken to Jesus about feeling lonely and not feeling comforted? There are some really great posts on this blog about comfort, and if you google ‘bible verses for comfort’ there are some wonderful verses you can access straight away.

    • Kind of the same, except older.
      This sort of situation requires a long, well-thought out answer. I probably need to write a short story to figure it out. I’ll reply again if I’ve come up with ideas.

    • Carrie @ Revive Our Hearts

      I’m sorry this is a tough season for you, Eva. Being separated from your friends can be really hard. It’s ok to admit that—to be honest about feeling sad and lonely. Let your family know how you’re feeling so they can pray for you. You don’t need to pretend everything is great—when you’re struggling.

      Talk to Jesus about how you feel. Ask Him to help you. Begin spending time today in the Psalms… try reading a modern version. Write out the different emotions the Psalmists expressed and the circumstances they were experiencing.

      I’m thankful you recognize the devil’s lies, Eva. He is a liar and an accuser. His primary goal is to cause you to doubt the goodness and greatness of your God. It’s what he did in the Garden of Eden…it sounds similar to the accusations he is throwing at you today.

      Take time daily to write out promise of God from His Word. Keep it in a place where you can see it, think about it, maybe even memorize it throughout the day. Consider what it means for you personally that that particular promise is true for you.

      Fill your mind with the truth of God’s Word, friend—in song, in reading His Word, in thinking on His truth. Check out Erin’s post on loneliness at https://www.reviveourhearts.com/true-woman/blog/antelope-hunting-how-loneliness-makes-us-vulnerabl/. You might also check out these posts: http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/?s=lonely.

      I’m praying for you tonight, Eva.

      Grace and peace,

      P.S. Because life is sacred and God always has a purpose for your life, should you ever have suicidal thoughts, please call the
      National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or go to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital. If these are not possible for you, call 911.

  • Esther

    Thanks so so Much. Your write-up is always blessing me.
    Am a young girl, and have gotten to the age of marriage. But instead of men to wait for sex after marriage,they want it before marriage.One gave me this same condition and I almost yielded to it, but when God strengthened me to say NO; we broke up and I almost loose focus. But thank God, am seeing the reason why God made me to say no. Though am still single, but I don’t regret ever saying no or overcoming that temptation.

  • Carla

    Hi!!!!! so I`ve found this blog and It`s really amazing. I really like reading the posts where you let me know that I`m not the only human being that has this spiritual issues =). This one in particular is specially personal for me. Temptation is always present I think….but there are moments where I feel literally atacked by it. It feels so awful….I feel I can`t resist or fight. God has shown me the little door =) (He is so faithful). Something I fight a lot is my mind, there are times where it is full of lustful toughts (It`s horrible and sooo strong), but I remember one time in particular where I just couldn`t fight back….I didn`t know what to do….and then, the little door! God shown me that I was trying to fight alone, and of course I was never going to win that way. So in the worst moment of the temptation I told Jesus: I can`t, I won`t defeat this without you….please fight for/with me. It was one second later (even less I believe) that the temptation was completely gone. He is besides me in every step. Another little door in my life is the word of God. When Jesus was tempted he replied in that way and it is one of the most poweful weapons He gave us to fight back! Again, thanks for the post! It was really helpful !

  • GraceofGod

    This is a great article, I have struggled with temptation for a long time. This was supper helpful and encouraging to me, thank you so much! 🙂

  • Winnie

    I need some help!

    I have been struggling with sexual sin for about seven years now, and I think God has been granting me recovery, little by little. I thank Him that He has helped me to genuinely grieve over my sin, to build up defences from the Word.
    About half a year ago, I thought I had overcome sexual sin once and for all. Recently, I entered a relationship. He is a wonderful guy whom I know without a doubt has submitted his life to Christ and genuinely strives forward in faith and obedience. Before we got together, we both confessed our sexual sin to each other, because we thought it was important for each other to know before entering a relationship together. I know he is actively fighting it. He is accountable to several other men in the church, he has CovenantEyes installed, and he is honest with me and continues to ask for my prayer. (I am very blessed to have him.) However, at that time when we confessed to each other before getting together, I was in that period when I thought I had overcome it once and for all. So he thinks (and I did at that time) that it was in the past. But recently I have fallen again. Previously, when I tried to overcome it, I never told anyone I was struggling. Now, however, with my boyfriend’s example, and so many God-given articles like these on the web, I know the Spirit has been nagging at me to tell someone. This is very difficult for me, because I am ashamed, but I know that it shows I prize my pride or reputation above seeking God’s healing for my sin through other people. Not good. But that is not my main question. Should I tell my boyfriend about my continuing struggle? I have been wondering if it is wise, or will cause him to fall more, or even stir up temptation between us. But I am not sure if this is just an excuse for me.

    Please help!

    • We are grateful for your honesty and are happy to speak into your situation.
      Sexual sin is often an ongoing battle to overcome. It rarely is overcome on one’s own. It is won little by little. Falling back happens but you get back up and press on toward victory.

      We want to encourage you to take a look at this blog and pray through it. Ask the Lord what your triggers are and what you can do to remove those triggers from your life. Perhaps you need to, like your boyfriend, install some software to limit your access to internet sites or at least keep your computer in a public setting so that the temptation is not there.

      We appreciate your sensitivity and desire to protect your boyfriend. We would not recommend that you speak with him about this at this point in time. You need to speak with a trusted older godly woman who can encourage you, support you, pray for you and hold you accountable by asking you the hard questions. She can be someone you can call to pray for you when the temptation seems stronger than your resolve to take that open door to avoid the temptation. If you don’t know of someone to talk to, perhaps your pastor/youth pastor can suggest someone to meet with you.

      We have paused and prayed for you today, Winnie. We’ve asked God to guide you to just the right woman for you to talk to so that you can bring your sin out into the light. There’s something very freeing when you do that. The power that our enemy seems to have over us in this area of temptation is greatly diminished as we share with another woman about our struggles. Will you talk to someone soon, Winnie? Praying that the Lord continues to lead you toward victory.

      In His Grace,