Love Defined: A Love Story Worth Fighting For

Imagine a love story that’s lasted over fifty years and is still going strong. They still love each other. They still want to be married. They still like holding hands and kissing each other.

Imagine the faithfulness.

Imagine the self-sacrifice.

Imagine what a beautiful picture of true love a marriage like this would represent.

This is what we long for. A love that truly lasts. A love that can stand the test of time and the rocky waters of adversity and come out stronger on the other side!

Many of us have experienced the heartache and pain that comes from a broken marriage. Either our parents, or someone that we know and love, has ended a marriage and it hurts. We see the brokenness, we feel the pain, and we wonder if true and lasting love is still attainable.

Thankfully, God isn’t done writing beautiful love stories.

He is still in the business of building beautiful marriages and Christ-centered families. Despite the crumbling marriages we see around us, there is hope because we serve the Creator of marriage. He continues to work in amazing ways.

In our brand-new book, Love Defined, my sister Kristen and I interviewed four godly women who have been married for over thirty, forty, and fifty-plus years. That’s a lot of years of marriage! These women are so godly and have graciously shared some of their best marriage advice with us.

Here’s what they had to say.

Yvonne Welch (married since 1966)

Q: How can I, as a single woman, best prepare to be a helper to my future husband?

A: When you, as a single woman, learn to take all your cares, fears, and concerns to the Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis, your heart will be strengthened. You will be preparing yourself to be a godly helpmate to your future husband.

Kimberly Wagner (married since 1981)

Q: What is one character quality you would encourage me, as a single woman, to start developing now in preparation for my future marriage?

A: Demonstrating appreciation (appropriately) to the men in your life now, as a single woman, will develop a heart that serves to help others be all God created them to be. We are designed as an essential strengthening counterpart (see Genesis 2:18). Whether you’re single or married, you’re designed to come alongside others and strengthen their efforts by being a type of “life-giver.” Appreciation does that; it breathes life into those we serve.

Heidi Baird (married since 1982)

Q: What are some practical ways I can build a strong relationship with God now, as a single woman?

A: I encourage you to do what a wise mentor and Titus 2 woman encouraged me to do many years ago. Grab your Bible, a notebook, and a pen, and settle into a quiet spot (closets are my go-to choice) to begin writing out as many character qualities of God that come to your mind. Then meditate on one of those a day. Look up verses that teach you more. Spend time thanking God for who He is. I encourage you to do this for the next few weeks each morning. Like I did, I bet you’ll see a transformation in your quiet time and love for the Lord.

Barbara Rainey (married since 1972)

Q: What practical homemaking skills would be helpful for me, as a single woman, to develop?

A: Most importantly, may I encourage you to learn the number one homemaking skill? That skill is surrendering your heart to Jesus every single day. My friend, Miss Kitty, lived a life surrendered to Jesus. It was His presence in her that greeted us every time we went to her house. Cooking and decorating classes abound. You can take one or more anytime, anywhere. But creating a warm home that even little children recognize is possible only when your heart is completely His.

Grab a copy of Love Defined to catch the full dose of their wisdom. We asked each one of these women, “What caught you by surprise during your first year of marriage?” You definitely do not want to miss their answers!

I hope these women have inspired you with their wisdom and their lives. True and lasting marriages still exist. These women are proof.

Let’s choose to raise the bar and ask for the Lord’s help to build future marriages like these amazing ladies.

To help you continue learning and growing in your understanding of love and romance, I hope you’ll grab a copy of Love Defined: Embracing God’s Vision for Lasting Love and Satisfying Relationships. Log on to the giveaway widget below before leaving a comment for your chance to win a free copy. Then feel free to tag me @girldefined and #girldefined when you get your copy so that I can see you and say “Hi!”

Let’s keep talking. Who is the godliest woman that you know? What do you most admire about her? Tell me about it in a comment below!

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  • Tera V.

    My mom is one of the godliest women I know. She isn’t perfect of course, but she works on her imperfections. She is a very giving person and I admire that very much about her.

  • Lillian

    Both of my Grandmas are very godly women and have encouraged me in my walk with the Lord, always stressing the importance of scripture memorization and study. They were also both married for over 50 years, one 58 years when my Grandpa passed away on their anniversary. Their example has shown that love can last for decades when one truly has her focus on the Creator.

  • A

    My mom is the godliest lady that I most admire. She is faithful in the little things and follows hard after Christ

  • Rachel Lee

    My childhood pastor is the most godliest woman I know. She loves God so much and has a huge desire and passion for the salvation of others. She isn’t afraid to speak the truth to people even if it temporarily wounds them. She is bold in her faith but whenever she prays and worships to the Lord, she always weeps because He is soo good.

  • MidnightCity

    I have so many godly women in my life. I have my mom, my nana, my pastor’s wife, and other women in the church. These women show so many fruits of the spirit and inspire me in my own life!

  • I would say my grandmother. I admire her tenacity and liveliness. She had 10 children and she used that energy to bring them all up in the Lord. She was a wonderful lady, even though I never got to meet her.

  • Holly

    I love to hear from the older generations! What wonderful wisdom they can impart to us! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenna Liz

    I think I will take Heidi Baird’s advice right now and do that for the next few weeks. Thank you for writing this!

  • Lydia Sparlin

    I love that. I love the idea of giving God my heart. And I am going to do that. He created me and His plan is the best for my life.

  • Jewels

    Both my mom and my grandmother are amazing. My mom is a constant blessing and encourages me to do right. My grandmother often encouraged me to serve and follow God.

  • Julia Held

    I unfortunately did not grow up with many Godly women, but coming to college I had many professors and mentors show me an example of Biblical womanhood. I think the trait that’s stuck out most to me and that I need to work on is level-headedness and being slow to anger.

  • Hannah B

    Our preachers wife from my home town.
    I have always been astonished at how she lives with grace. Even when things aren’t going well she seems so peaceful and able to respond with grace. It’s in away that makes you know it is from God

  • KC Travels (KeDOlly)

    Thank you for this. Its nice to read some advises from these amazing woman ❤️

  • Sarah

    What an encouragement to hear from those who have gone before! The most Godly woman I know is a lady who I mentoring/counseling me. She has a relationship with Jesus like I’ve seen in no one else.

  • I’d have to say the most godly woman I know is my grandmother. She’s been through so much, but her faith is so strong. I really admire her courage, and her ability to keep going!

  • rebeccavanmiddelkoop

    Thank you for sharing this amazing advice!

  • Erika

    Thank you so much for this post Bethany!

  • Isabel Becerra

    What a beautiful post. It is nice to be reminded that there are godly women out there.

  • Leanna

    Thank you for sharing this advice! So grateful for older women that are willing to share with us young ladies advice on how to do it right.

  • I love Girl Defined! Speak about relationship is so cute, and help us to follow the God’s best for our life.

  • His♥Forever

    I can’t wait to read “Love Defined”… it is on my list of books to read!!!

  • starzine

    Beautiful love stories.

  • Lois

    A couple of the godliest women I know personally would probably be my mom and my Oma 🙂

  • Eve

    Thank you for writing this book! I can’t wait to read this. Especially during this season in my life where I will be facing different and new challenges. I hope I win the giveaway!

  • Sylvie Swanson

    Makes me think of my grandparents who were married for over 60 years. Love this advice and I can’t wait to read the book!

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