A Million Little Distractions

Another day was over, and I had done it again. With sleepy eyes, I reached for the lamp on my nightstand and turned off the light. I fell asleep to the familiar feelings of guilt and regret.

I intended to spend some quality time with God that morning. I pulled my Bible out and found a nice comfy spot to sit on the couch. I intentionally made coffee ahead of time, so I already had that in hand. I even set an alarm to remind me to get started. So what in the world happened?  

The same thing that trips me up so many mornings. I got caught up in millions of little distractions.

One click on Instagram here. One “quick” email response there. And . . . oh yeah. That text message.

Distractions had stolen my attention yet again. Day after day, these little distractions were slowly robbing me of my time with God.

Avoiding the Drive-Thru

Maybe you know the feeling. Your time in God’s Word gets interrupted by millions of little distractions, too. Instead of your personal devotions feeling like a rich, hearty meal, it feels more like a fast food drive-thru. Quick and on the go. It gets the job done, but it doesn’t fill you up, doesn’t satisfy.

To be honest, this is a serious battle in my life, and I have not totally conquered the problem. But in my heart, I know that I don’t want to live in the spiritual fast food drive-thru. I want something more. Something spiritually nutritious. I’m sure you want the same thing.

Over the years, through trial and error, I’ve learned some helpful tips for staying focused and consistent in my devotional time. But you know what? These tips won’t work very well unless they’re rooted in the right motivations.

First, we must recognize that our “daily devotions” aren’t simply a good Christian habit to check off the list. Instead, our personal devotional time should be just that—devotion. This is a set-apart time of the day when we humbly come before our amazing God to worship Him, praise Him, study His Word, and seek His help through prayer.

With that mindset as your foundation, I want to share three practical tips for setting aside millions of little distractions in exchange for consistent, quality time with the Lord.

1. There are no shortcuts to loving God.

If you’ve ever thought, I wish I had a deeper, more passionate relationship with God! you’re not alone. But the truth is there’s only one way to get that: quality time with God.

The more time you spend with God, the more you will love Him and worship Him. He’s that irresistible. The less time you spend with Him, the less you will love Him and worship Him and the more time you will spend devoted to distractions.

The more time you spend with God, the more you will love Him and worship Him.

Your relationship with God will only be as deep as the time you spend with Him. If you want to love God more and develop a passion for Him, then you must spend quality, daily, and intentional time with Him.

2. Get into a consistent rhythm.

We all have a lot of natural rhythms throughout our day. We typically do similar things at similar times (when we wake up, when we eat, when we watch TV). Instead of hoping to get some solid time in with the Lord, pick the time of day that you’re going to make it happen.

Don’t squeeze God into your life; plan your life around God.

Everyone’s schedules are different, so for you it might be right before breakfast. Or maybe it’s the very first thing you do when you wake up. Or maybe it’s a block of time you set aside each night before bed.

Whatever it is, be intentional to carve out specific times and stick to them. Put those times on your calendar or they won’t happen.

3. Ask for accountability.

I am most consistent and faithful in my devotional times when I have accountability in place. As Jesus Himself said to His disciples, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matt. 26:41). My flesh is weak. Your flesh is weak.

Let’s be real—rolling over and staying in bed typically sounds a lot more appealing than getting up and opening God’s Word.

Having personal accountability in place will help you as you seek to be faithful in your time with God. Ask a mature friend, a parent, or a godly woman to hold you accountable to your quiet time schedule on a weekly basis. Ask her to text you (or email or call) once a week to see how you’re doing.

Savor the Feast

It’s time to ditch the fast food approach and feast on God’s Word.

It’s time to ditch the fast food approach and feast on God’s Word. It won’t happen by accident. The millions of little distractions will keep ringing, and pinging, and chiming. Choose to make your devotional life a priority in your day.

The more you do this, the more you will grow to love your Savior. And the more you love your Savior, the more passionate you will become to live your life for His glory.

I’d love to hear from you below.

  • Where do you struggle the most in your personal devotional life?
  • What have you found to be personally helpful for you in growing closer to the Lord?

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Bethany Baird

After a brief experience in the modeling industry, Bethany’s eyes were opened to how self-absorbed and lost her generation of young women really are. She and her older sister were inspired to start a blog (www.GirlDefined.com) and wrote a book Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity and Identity. Their passion is to help young women find God’s truth about beauty and womanhood and the freedom that comes from living a radically different life for Christ.

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  • Michaela Selway

    Personally, I find the excuses side of things hard. Often I have a super busy schedule and get to the end of the day feeling super guilty that I “didn’t find time” to do a proper devotional. But then I tick through all the small things I did do. I read the verse of the day, I prayed a bit, I read my memory verse of the day etc. my brain seems to think that that works as an excuse but I still feel guilty that I haven’t done more. Since I’m a uni student, I’m used to blocking in hours of study for certain subjects. Recently I started blocking in an hour of devotional time every day and then Wednesday morning (as it’s the middle of the week) I take off from all uni work and spend a good few hours praying and studying his word before going into uni. This has worked wonders for me and I totally recommend it to anyone who thrives off structured days. -Michaela

  • Lilian Pereira

    Hi Bethany! I’ve just read a article on Girldefined.com! So good to see you here! Thank you for this article. You expressed in words what was going on in my heart, I feel I am just having fast food with my relationship with God, and I feel miserable because of it. It is so hard in theses final year of college. I tried every morning to do it, but I just realized morning is not a perfect time, because I am so busy during the morning, but at evening sounds perfect, that is what I’m gonna do today and in the days to come.
    Thank you for your time and thank you for being such a blessing in my life!
    – Lots of hugs from Brazil!
    – Lilian

  • Heather

    Accountability, accountability, accountability!
    ^^^Yes, yes, yes!^^^ About a year ago I reached out to a young woman (30 y.o.) in my church and asked her to be my mentor. I did not know how much it would change my life! We keep each other accountable and have become great friends. She is so amazing and has great advice for every situation. I didn’t think that I would actually need a mentor, I had just heard so many people say that they were helpful, so I decided to at least try. Man, do I need her! Definitely try to find a wise woman to help you in your walk with the Lord. I promise it will help you!
    Thank you, Bethany, for this great post! I also follow girldefined.com, and I appreciate all the work you and your sister put into your blogs! Thank you so much! Oh, and congratulations on our new relationship, I am so happy for you! You definitely deserve a nice, godly man! 🙂

  • Anna Vaca

    So needed this reminder. Thank you for sharing Bethany! I’ve been wrestling with my time with God. This post spoke to my spirit!
    Indeed there are NO shortcuts to loving God!
    But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, Joshua 24:15

    • Genevieve

      So true!


    This was an awesome post. I really enjoyed all the truth you wrote. I often struggle with making my time with God more than a fast-food meal. You are absolutely right in saying that our relationship with God will only be as deep as the time we spend with Him. I really grow personally through prayer. To know that I can have a conversation with God anytime, anywhere allows me to rely on Him more and more everyday!