What do you expect?

Did you know that it wasn’t until the early 1900s that America mandated that you go to school through high school? (You’re convinced you were born at the wrong time, aren’t you?!) For the first time ever, teens were consumers instead of contributors. And since then, expectations for teens have continued to diminish drastically . . .

Who’s the Bad Guy?

Could it be that the source of our struggles with beauty have nothing to do with the reality of our appearance? If truly beautiful women don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, is it possible that the root of this issue is internal?

Don’t Blame Barbie

If culture is really to blame for the frustration we feel with our own
beauty, the solution to the problem seems simple. We just turn of the
television, cancel our magazine subscriptions, close our eyes every
time we pass a billboard, and throw Barbie in the trash. Then we’d
never struggle with beauty again, right?