Dannah’s NYC Romance Continues…

If you posted for our giveaway, you may have guessed that Meg Ryan
was the actress (opposite Tom Hanks) in ‘You’ve Got Mail,” my favorite
romantic comedy. However, that is not Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks in the
picture to the left. It’s me and Bob! He had a friend Photoshop us into
the DVD cover art. He even had our friend take the movies starring
canine, “Brinkley,” out of the photo and added my own labradoodle,
“Stormie!” Our winner of the contest posted for a copy of And the Bride
Wore White and a $10 card for Starbucks, selected by random drawing, is
Jessica Baarbe.  

And now you know that my 20th anniversary celebration was a
three-day trip to New York City with a “You’ve Got Mail” theme. Can you
think of anything more romantic?

In 2009, is it okay to want to be a wife and mom?

This is Rachel. She’s bright. And beautiful. And talented. She loves
Jesus and wants to pursue His plan for her life. But, she’s also torn.
In one ear she hears the messages of the culture telling her to order
her life so that pursing a career is clearly her first priority.
Marriage and motherhood should not be her focus. “That’s so
old fashioned.” But, in the other ear (and in the depths of her heart)
she hears another voice. That voice says that she was created with the
roles of wife and mother in mind.  When she reads the account of the
Garden of Eden she sees that Eve was made to be a helper to the man and
the mother of children, and she wonders what that means about her purpose.

Can Pencils Be Romantic?

I got a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils for my twentieth wedding
anniversary. It was one of the most romantic gifts my husband has ever
given to me. In fact, I wish every single one of you a twentieth
wedding anniversary celebration half as romantic. I believe God dreams
for marriages to be this sweet twenty years after they begin.

Are you in a tug of war with sin?

Does the power of sin within you ever sabotage your best intentions? Do
you decide to do good (to read your Bible, to pray more often, to get
more involved in ministry in your church) only to drop the ball? Do you
decide not to do bad (to gossip less, to stop lying, to be nice to your
parents) only to fall flat on your face? Do you ever feel like you
can’t overcome your sin?

Can Satan Read Our Thoughts?

“Can Satan read our thoughts?” It’s a question you’ve been asking on the blog
lately and a question many Christians have asked in the past. I can
understand why the answer seems important. Admittedly, it is
frightening to consider the possibility that anyone, especially an evil
being bent on our destruction can have access to our inner thoughts.

But it’s a tough question and tough questions rarely come with easy answers.