A Homework Assignment for the 30-day Challengers

Did you catch Nancy on ROH yesterday? She started a series titled
“Getting into the Word and Getting the Word into you.” It’s no
coincidence that that is the exact topic we’re tackling all month here

As part of that broadcast, Nancy gave an assignment to her listeners that couldn’t wait to pass on to you. Check it out.

Thirty-Day Challenge With a Twist

Several months ago, I challenged you to commit to read your Bible every
day for thirty days. Several of you agreed to do so. In fact, since the
arrival of the New Year some of you have re-committed to this challenge
as part of your resolutions.

What a great idea! In fact, I think we should join you. We could all
benefit from laying a solid foundation for 2009 by jump-starting our
prayer and devotional lives.

And, I’m willing to sweeten the deal.

Will You Be a Truth Speaker This Year?

As I think about my resolutions for this year, my thoughts keep
circling back to one key charge—be a Truth speaker. Sure I’d like to
shed a few pounds, stay more organized, eat better, sleep more…but, if
I am going to commit to focus my efforts in a direction that truly
matters, I want it to be in the area of knowing and proclaiming God’s