Summer Book Club: Dreams, Meet Diaper Rash

From the LYWB blog team: We just finished reading chapter two of Family: How to Love Yours (And Help Them Like You Back) by Jessie Minassian, but it’s not too late to grab your own copy and start the study with us. Let’s keep learning how to love our families together!

Welcome back to the 2018 Summer Book Club!

I hope you’re enjoying Family as you read along with me this summer.

I’m curious to know what you discovered about your parents as you read chapter two this week, “Dreams, Meet Diaper Rash.” Your parents are real people with real names—not just “Mom” or “Dad”—for starters!

So let’s chat about it!

Join the discussion in the comments below! Like I mentioned in the vlog, we’re answering application question #5 (from the book, found on page 37).

  • What difficulties have your mom and dad had to overcome in life?
  • What sacrifices did they make in order to become parents and to give you the best life possible?
  • (And I didn’t mention this in the video, but let’s add the final part to question #5.) How can you show your mom and dad the same grace God has shown you regarding your faults?

This week we’ll dig into chapter three, “Ouch! Learning to Forgive.”

And I’ll see you again next Monday for another installment of our Summer Book Club!

It’s time for another giveaway! Log into the giveaway, and comment with your answer to Jessie’s discussion questions to enter to win a copy of Family: How to Love Yours (And Help Them Like You Back).

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  • TLC

    Awesome! Love these! Thank you for posting! My parents have gone through several difficulties… but just one is losing my baby brother… God used it for good though and we are closer as a Family and other people where touched along the way.

    • How beautiful that you can see ways God has used that deep loss to draw you together and touch others! xo

  • hannah

    thanks for this post jessie my parents have had some hard times but have always pulled though.

  • Erika

    Thank you! It’s important to remember that our parents are sinners just like we are, and we must never expect them to be perfect.

  • Rachel Lee

    My Dad had to work over time in order for him to provide for my family. He had the stressful job of a bus driver and is now retired but is recovering from all the stress that he had to endure.

  • Hannah

    One difficulty my mom and dad had to overcome was when my brother Jotham died, and I know that was hard for them, and for everyone in our family! Thanks for this post Jessie!

  • hannah

    who won the book for last week?

    • Samantha Loucks Nieves

      “Loved” won this week’s copy of Family.
      Hope you entered Monday’s giveaway, too!

  • Loved

    My parents struggled with arguing but with God’s help they persued. Now they are happy and in a good place.

  • Brenda

    Finances were difficult for my parents .