What Are You Fishing For?

My little brother is obsessed with fishing. When l say obsessed, I don’t mean he goes fishing every once in awhile and has a couple different types of hooks. He’s got every different kind of lure you could imagine, several different rods, and who knows how many different books on what kind of thingamajig you should use to catch a such-and-such kind of fish. (Obviously, I’m super into all the terms and technicalities. HA!)

Now, you might be asking, “Why is Liza telling us about thingamajigs and such-and-suchs that don’t have anything to do with anything?” Because I have a hunch that you and I have done our fair share of fishing, too.

I didn’t think l was the fishergirl type. But then I had to think again. No, I don’t strap on my waders and fishing gear every morning and march down to the pond. But lots of times, I’m tempted to go fishing in a completely different way.

Gone Fishing

What are you fishing for? We are far too often told that our bodies are our worth, that they are what give us beauty. It’s not a pretty thing to say, but everywhere we look we get the message to use our bodies as fishing lures. And I’m not just talking about what we wear. Yes, that’s part of it, but it’s just a small part. There’s more to this conversation than hem lengths and necklines.

Listen to Peter’s words in 1 Peter 3:4:

But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Just before this verse, Peter talked about our outward appearance (in a word, that we should dress respectfully). But here, Peter mentions how we dress our hearts.

Dressing in a way that doesn’t reveal the secret beauty of our body that God has given us is extremely important. But if our heart attitude is focused on fishing, whether for compliments, admiring looks, or a guy’s attention (can we all agree that the last one is probably the most likely?), we’ll be fishing no matter what we’re wearing. You might not be flaunting skin, but if your goal is to snag all the attention for yourself, what you’re wearing won’t change your heart.

How we carry ourselves and our body language can be just as seductive as a skimpy bathing suit. If we fish with our bodies, we can’t expect to catch anything but body-snatchers (a term l borrowed from Andy Stanley in his sermon series Love, Sex, and Dating).

Fishermen use the bait that’s going to attract the fish they want to catch. Girl, don’t use your body to get what you want (whether it’s a boyfriend, guy’s attention, compliments, etc.). It’s not worth it. Your body is a beautiful treasure from the Creator of the universe. It’s not a piece of meat for eyes to feast on. And that’s not just about your clothing but more about the way you carry yourself.

Leave Your Pole at Home

If you, like myself, struggle with wanting to fish in all the wrong ways for all the wrong things, here are a few things to remind us that that’s not why God made us.

1.We aren’t meant to get our fulfillment from anything but Jesus.

Nothing else can satisfy us, and when we go fishing, we’re basically saying to Jesus, “Yeah, You’re great, but l need compliments, attention, and affirmation to really feel fulfilled.” When that doesn’t work, it’s time for us to realize that Jesus is the only One who can satisfy us.

2. Fishing becomes a habit.

It may seem harmless to swing your hips a little more when that cute guy walks onto the dance floor, but fishing becomes a habit. Over time, we begin to depend on fishing as our only way to get attention.

3. Jesus wants something better for you.

His love doesn’t have to be fished for; it’s already ours. Why do we run after things that we think will satisfy us? Why do we chase things that will disappoint? Let’s use our energy to run after Him and leave the fishing to the guys with hooks and poles.

So take some time to consider with me: Are we using ourselves as lures to get the attention we crave? What do you find yourself most often fishing for? What are you fishing with? Let’s talk in the comments section!

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Liza Proch

As a Jesus-follower, blog-loving writer, and coffee-drinker, Liza is constantly looking for new ways to inspire and encourage other young women in their walk with Christ. She recently launched a hand lettering company and blog of her own (BriarberryType.com), and lives in the sunny hill country of Texas where she's in a band with her three brothers.

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  • Loved

    I struggled with “fishing” for a long time, until I realized that I wasn’t satisfied and I got prayer and healing and now I don’t have to worry about going fishing because I know that Jesus is the only one I care about when it comes to Style.

    • Heather

      Prayer is he best way to handle just about anything! I’m proud of you for focusing on the Lord! 🙂

  • Genevieve

    There’s this really cute boy at my school who for years I have been trying to get the attention of. My life at school was like a roller coaster, some days when I felt good about myself was when i would look for him in the halls to see if he noticed me. On the days that my self confidence was low, usually when my acne all of a sudden got REALLY bad or if my hair was looking a mess, than those were the days when I would try to AVOID him. I have never had a conversation with this boy, EVER. By him not seeming to acknowledge me, it made me feel like I should wear tighter school pants (we wear uniform) like the other girls instead of my usual bootcut kind-of baggy pants. Or if I should hike my skirt up higher by folding it into at my hips (which I have done) I thought that if I did those things, than I’ll get his attention. Starting at the beginning of the year, I made the decision that I was no longer going to let my “crush” have control over my physical, mental, and spiritual well being. At first I thought that maybe he was shy or like me too since he would always be looking at me, but I’ve seen him in the halls for years and he never wanted to get to know me. If he looked my way, than I felt good about myself for the rest of the day, if he ignored me than I would feel horrible and want to just escape school. Like how this article says: I can only get that fulfillment from God, He loves us and can fill the emptiness and loneliness inside of us.
    Hopefully this post helps other young women who feel like they have to go out of their way to please a boy 🙂

    • Wow, girl, thank you for sharing! It’s so encouraging for other girls to hear your testimony of how Jesus is teaching you to dwell in His love, not in the attention of a guy!

  • Heather

    ” Girl, don’t use your body to get what you want (whether it’s a boyfriend, guy’s attention, compliments, etc.). It’s not worth it.” – this! So. true.
    “Why do we chase things that will disappoint?” – also this.
    Liza, thank you so much for this post! I have been trying to get a guys attention (without anybody noticing) and you definitely helped me realize why I shouldn’t be doing that.
    I should be seeking God.
    If I am seeking God everything (and anyone) that God thinks is right for me will happen.
    Thank you for posting this.
    Thank you for turning everyone’s focus on God. We need more people like you!

    Have a merry, Christian Christmas!

    • I’m so grateful the Lord used this in your life!

  • theburritohasmyheart

    This is amazing!!

  • Faith M. Borres

    Thank you for this! I really need this! God bless 🙂